The New Passion

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Taylor was one of the HOTTEST 19 year olds you would ever see in your life. She was 5’7, blond hair and blue eyed. She had perfect 36D size breasts, which she was defiantly very proud of.

One night, at her dorm room at UCLA, she got a call from her best friend, Kerry.

“Hey, Taytay, its Kerry.”

“Hey Kerry, what’s going on?” replied Taylor

Kerry said, “Well, just wanted to see if you wanted to go to a party tonight down in Sunset Village. You up for it?”

Now if there were one thing to describe Taylor, it would be she was a party freak. But not only did she go to these parties, she loved to fuck as many guys as she could in one night. She had a reputation on being a slut, but no one cared, fore her great personality and charisma made her loved by everyone she knew at UCLA.

Taylor said, “Haha, you know it. What time?”

“Meet me at 9 near the Sunset tennis courts. Love you, adios,” said Kerry.

Now, although Taylor was a party freak, she never expected to go to a party like this. She was sort of skeptical when she was told to go to the tennis courts, but now she knew why. There were people all over the courts, dancing, drinking, and having fun.

“C’mon Tay, lets go get our grooooove on,” Kerry said with a laugh.

“Right behind ya.”

Once the 2 girls got down onto the courts, they put down their purses. Kerry asked, “Wanna dance?” Because of the noise, Taylor could only nod as they went to the mass of people dancing.

Once they started dancing, Kerry went all out. She was everywhere, dancing so smoothly and rhythmically. Taylor saw this and felt a little tingling in her stomach. She thought to herself, “What the hells going on?” She was staring at Kerry’s body, but Kerry saw this also. Then, Kerry got an idea. She moved over to Taylor, slowly, but looking very sexy.

She had on one of the most provocative outfits you had ever seen. She had on a tight (very tight) see through pink spaghetti strap tank top, accentuating her demi-cup bra covered 34C tits, with sexy, tight, pitch-black leather pants. She looked like an innocent angel, wanting to get her dirty, slutty side on.

Walking over to Taylor, Kerry whispered in her ear, “Your looking so hot tonight, you know that?” All Taylor did was shrug her shoulders and put a grin on her face.
All of a sudden, Kerry did what Taylor thought was the most outrageous move. Kerry moved her head close up to Taylor’s, and gave her a small, soft kiss on the lips. Taylor backed away quickly, and said, “What the hell are you doing Kerry?!”

Kerry responded, “What did it look like. Don’t worry, there’s more where that came from.”

Taylor was too shocked to replay, just staring at her best friend with the most confused look on her face. The funny thing is, although her best friend made a move on her, and she yelled at her, on the inside, she loved it, and wanted more.

Kerry took her friend by the hand and led her to the locker rooms for the tennis courts. She all of a sudden pinned Taylor to the lockers and said, “You know, I saw you looking at my body, and it got me all fucking horny!” Taylor then, not controlling herself, lowered her face into Kerry’s and starting making out with her. She slid her tongue, splitting Kerry’s lips apart. They started to explore each other’s mouths, savoring the sweet taste of their mouths.

After going on for about 10 minutes, Kerry broke the kiss. Taylor had a depressing look on her face, but what she saw next totally got her wet. In fact, this was the wettest day she had ever had. Kerry moved her hand from her thighs, lightly brushing her pussy, up her tummy, and then to her chests, giving her breasts a hard squeeze (her nipples were now rock hard). She then moved her hands briskly above her spaghetti straps, pushing them off her shoulders. Reaching down to the bottom of her shirt, she swiftly pulled it off, also removing her bra.

Her breasts bounced a little from the removing of her bra. She then started playing with her nipples, arching her back from the pleasure. Taylor couldn’t take much more of this

“O my god you are so FUCKING hot!!!” said Taylor. She moved up to her new lover and plunged her head into Kerry’s breasts. Kerry was startled, but did not complain one single bit. Taylor went all around Kerry’s tits: going from the left tit, to the areoles, to her left nipple, to the right tit, to the areoles, to the right nipple. Kerry’s nipples were super sensitive, as she let out a loud moan of pleasure.

“O yea just keep on sucking my tits. FUCK baby that feels SOO GOOD!”

Taylor kept on going at this for a few more minutes, when Kerry then told her, “Well, you’ve pleasured me enough, now its your turn!” winking as she said this. With that said, Kerry took off Taylor’s top, but when Taylor thought she was going to get her boobs ravaged, she was wrong. Kerry took her thumbs, hooked them around Taylor’s pants and red lace thong, and swiftly pulled them off in one motion. The air on Taylor’s now wet pussy made her moan with pleasure.

Kerry then moved Taylor over to a wide bench and laid her down. She took two fingers, and lightly rubbed them against Taylor’s pussy lips. Taylor though to herself, “Why have I never had these feelings before?” She was now shaking, and Kerry noticed what she was thinking. She planted a light kiss on Taylor’s lips, telling her, “Don’t worry, no one has to know about this.” This stopped tailors shaking, and with that, Kerry plunged her two fingers into Taylor’s moist cunt. Taylor moaned so loudly that it just encouraged Kerry as she slipped a third finger in. The in and out rhythm of Kerry’s 3 fingers was just to much for Taylor to take, and she had the biggest orgasm of her life. All of her pussy juices landed on Kerry’s fingers, and she licked up half of it, and stuck her 3 fingers for Taylor to taste the other half of herself.

Taylor said, “That was fucking amazing. I’ve never had an orgasm like that!!!”

Kerry just smiled, and then plunged her face into Taylor’s cunt. Taylor screamed with pleasure. Kerry found Taylor’s clit and started flicking and wrapping her tongue around it. This sent Taylor on the edge and towards her second orgasm, splashing all of her juices on Kerry’s face. Kerry just loved the taste of Taylor’s cum, and she wanted more. But this time, Taylor took matters into her own hands….

Lifting Kerry up, Taylor spun her around so the two were in a 69 position on the bench. Both of them plunged into each other’s pussies, licking, biting, and sucking at their lips and clits. Kerry was the first to speak.


“ME TOO!!!!” responded Taylor.

In unison, both of them came, relieving them of their tension. Collapsing on one another, Taylor whispered in Kerry’s ear, “I love you.” Kerry returned the favor by passionately kissing Taylor, and then they got dressed and went back up to the party

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    great story, keep them coming

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