Too Much to Drink ?

My wife, Jean, would go out with her friends on Friday night after work. So there I was at home, waiting for the return of my drunk wife . At the time Jean was in her mid-twenties, beautiful redhead, great 36C breasts, and an ass that would bring men to their knees.

I had a serious panty fetish and would nake sure Jean’s panty drawer was always full with the best Victoria’s Secret had in terms of satin panties. So I knew every pair she had, and by process of elimination, I would know what panties Jean had on, while she was out with the girls. I would jerk off all night in Jean’s panties and slips, waiting for her to come home.

Jean never disappointed. She’s come in afetr 2am, so very drunk. I’d pretend I was sleeping, and wait in bed until Jean fell asleep. Then I’d start rubbing my cock on her hot satin covered ass, then i would reach around and feel her pussy through her panties, rubbing her clit, until she got so very wet, and grinding her hips back on my cock.

That was the signal to turn around and start eating her incredibly yummy cunt while i stuck my huge cock in her face. Jean would then react to me licking her pussy and begin sucking my cock like the beautiful cocksucker she is. Thankfully, I must’ve cum 3 times earlier that night or I would never be able to handle the ecstasy I was in.

Jean would then start whispering to me to fuck her, so I would turn her over, nove her soaking wet panties to the side and fuck herso hard, while holding on to her beautiful ass. Jean would be moaning uncontrollably. When I couldn’t hold back anynore, I’d pull out my cock, and shoot my 4th load of the night all over her panties.
I love my sweet Jean.

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