where a brother should never go…

I cant belive this! im in my room thinking about banging my younger sister how did my mind even come to this thaught?… wait thats her now maybe i should talk to her about this.

“hey claire can you come here for a second??” i said as she passed my room “ya, what up chris you look a little nervous…” well you see i just had this thaught of insest is that weird??” (my sister is studying psycology in university) “well im not sure what kind of thaughts??” she said sitting beside me on the couch in my room. “well like sex like a bunch of positions just popped into my head like 69 and doggy and missionary and that kind of thing” “well my bro” she paused and looked at my pants “i think its probably just ur mind thinking of sex and thats probably it.”

We began talking about sex and different positions and even experences. How we liked toys and kinky stuff like handcuffs. i saw her continuly looking at my crotch and for silent pauses she would stare at my crotch and it made me think about all the incest i was fantasising about just before we began to talk. we continued talking and claire kept looking down at my crotch and the hornier i got until i couldnt hold back the boner that was trying to grow.

We kept eye contact the entire time that my boner was growing to all 7 1/2 inches. there was a pause in our conversation and we both broke eye contact and looked at my tight pants with my cock trying to break free. i blushed and looked away. at that very moment claire quickly reached for my belt and ripped it open! At that moment time slowed down. I saw how hot my sister was her short red hair with the blue tips with her bright green eyes that were so deep that it was like looking into the ocean. her red and green plaid school girl uniform and black tank top undershirt. she opend up my button and looked up at me and asked if i wanted this and i nodded in approval.

And at that instant she whipped out my cock and licked all the way around it until it was drenched in her sweet spit. then she got between my knees and pulled her short hair behind her ear and looked at me as she slid her entire throat down the entire length of my 7 1/2 inch cock like it was a tic-tac i thaught i was going to cum right there as she had my cock halfway down her throat purring as she still somehow was breathing the vibrations felt amazing and thats when she began to slide her mouth across my cock from tip to base and back for 10 minuits or so before i was going to shoot my seed down the back of her throat. but at that second of the most pleasure she pulled her mouth off my cock and stood in front of me as i was in agonizing pleasure

She strip teased me and got into sixty niner position and said “carson lick my cunt until i squirt on your hot face!” i was happy to oblige and sucked on her love button as she deppthroated my cock like nothing. as she moaned on my cock the vibrations we carried into my cock give me the most pleausure ive ever had. It was almost perfect timing as both my sister and I both climaxed at the same time!! (she really does squirt, alot!) and i shot down her throat so hard she coffed for 10 minuites! and we laid there for hours just talking.

after it became dark i said i had an essay to do and i would see her tommorrow and she left the door open a crack and whispered “cant wait to see what you feel like. and i even poked a hole in my wall into my sisters closet that night, so i could stick my cock in it and she would suck my cock from her room!

Well that was my adventure with my sister and i hope there will be another soon!

THE END! (for now…)

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