New Prey Part 1

New Prey Part 1

It was the last period of the day, and Bridget was studying each of her classmates to find her next target. She even marked down her characteristics to compare to another:

Breasts: 38C
Ass: Huge and soft
Face: Pretty

I miss your cunt

I miss your cunt.. I miss its heat, its taste, its soft smell, its delicate folds and beautiful structure, its slippery welcome, its ever perfect fit, its clenching release.. I miss your cunt.. :(

Xenia Chapter 8

I signed a digital signature to the contract, I also sent Master my contact list. I didn’t want to risk cheating and with-holding anyone from my humiliation that I must endure and learn to love even more. Some of the names were harder to send than ot

Sibling Reunion At Sex Club

Sibling Reunion At Sex Club

It was the summer after my freshman year in college that I gave myself to sex club.

An ex-boyfriend had introduced me to S&M and now I was hooked.

I’d always regarded the idea of a sex slave resort as being an u

BoyNextDoor The Incredible Week Day One


BoyNextDoor : Day One Of

Over a Barrel

Over a Barrel

“Damn, damn, damn!” Shannon muttered heatedly as she came into the security office. The other two security officers gave each other a knowing glance as she stomped over to the small closet and took off her light weight jacket,

The Road Trip

It was a someone unplanned trip that I had to make to Ireland. I knew it was going to happen, just not when. So, I had to drive up to Liverpool on the Thursday evening for the overnight crossing to Belfast. I wasn’t looking forward to this as I’m not

Megan Gets Tricked

Megan was walking home from another boring day at school. Thinking back over the conversation she had overheard in the toilets at school, where a girl in the year above her was telling her friend about how she had been made to suck off and then swall

Me, My Wife and a Truck Driver

If you like this story, let me know. Hopefully you do.
It was a hot Sunday afternoon when my wife suggested that we go for a drive. It get’s pretty steamy here in the south and I was more than willing to get out of the house for awhile.
As we dr

Xenia chapter 7

“Slave. Get up and mop the floor, when you’re done come and assume position prone 2. Position Prone 2 is on your knees, knees apart shoulder width, waist bent with your face to the ground, arms spread over head along the ground. Your tongue then shou

Xenia Chapter 6

My hands were lowered and cuffed behind me. I felt one of the men feel my cunt one last time, he pushed his hand around to let me know my legs should be farther apart and he felt it thoroughly. I was well lubed from my own horniness and he slipped hi

Xenia chapter 5

I stood naked and spread eagled, chained to the wall for quite some time. The dungeon was kept very warm. I was hungry, but I kept telling myself a good slave waits for their master’s orders to eat. Perhaps he wanted me to gain better self control, o

Xenia chapter 4

It seemed like hours. Was it? Master’s cunt that he owns spread apart, the clit prominent and unobstructed from touch or view. Only the air to caress it. I wished the air had more substance. I’m sure if I could see, the hole would be spread open, inv

Xenia chapter 3

I awoke naked as usual. I am starting to get used to being naked and clothes are starting to seem restrictive. I also have begun to feel only superiors should be private and dressed, as a masterly right. A declaration of their authority. Slaves shou

Hot and Horny In the Shower

Laying on the motel bed, I was feeling exhausted, but surprisingly horny. Travelling a lot with work, I often found myself in this situation. Sure, I could go out to a club, and hook up with some random guy. With my long slender legs, large round bre

Radio Room

As I walk into the local radio station I see two young interns talking on the air. Sophie, a hot brunette with nice tits and a hot ass is talking to her friend Serena. Serena is a hot mexican girl with nice tits and a beautiful body. wrapping up thei

Much Younger Friend Turns to Mistress

Friend Turns to Mistress (true story)

Ì knew she loved to shop, that’s for sure. Plenty of times we had gone travelling somewhere and ended up in a mall or a big store to go shopping. She loved having me right there with her while she picked o

An unexpected autograph

An unexpected autograph.

He was an unknown actor. I don’t know much about him except that he acted in most movies and tv series. My friend wanted to have his damn autograph. However to gutless to ask her himself. He lived in her neighbourhood. I l

A Taste of My Girlfriend's Dildo

I can’t think of anything I’d rather be doing than sneaking into my girlfriend’s wardrobe while she’s out and trying on her lingerie.
The moment she leaves the house, I head for her garter belts, bras and knickers. I don’t have anything to