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My Cousin in Law 2

The Cousin in Law 2
When i was 18, i had a very close cousin. And that cousin a hot fucking wife. She was Indian, big brown breasts, a firm, spankable ass, and an overall bombshell. One night I was staying over because I was going to the game the next morning with my cousin and his wife. But my cousin had school that night and wouldn’t come back till the morning. So it was just me and some big tits at his house. I was really bored, so I went to their bathroom closet, and started looking through for some porn magazines. I didn’t find anything. I was so horny now, my dick hard, ready to be jerked. Then i found my cousin in laws underwear drawer. I took out everything. I always wanted to know what her bra size was so i checked. She was 36 DD! My cock got extremely hard after seeing that. I laid out all her bras and thongs and started jerking off. The carpet cradle my balls and it felt good. When I was about to cum, I stood up and tried to shoot it all over the bras. I came all over her black lace Victoria Secret bra and her tiny G strings. My dick was twitching. Then I heard the door knob turn, and she walked in. I forgot to lock the door! She walked in with her jaw dropped, and i just stood there with my eight inch cock out, completely naked, and had one of her thongs in my mouth.
She saw cum dripping from my cock, and it all over her underwear. She ran towards me. I thought she was going to tackle me, but then the happiest moment of my life occurred. She got on on her knees and sucked the rest of my cum on my dick. “I heard you jerking off. I was rubbing one off too in the room. I always knew you wanted to fuck me. I’ve seen the cum stains before. I just rub on my pussy and lick it up.” “Uhmm, but can’t you get fucked and drink cum whenever you want?” “Your cousin is never home when I’m horny. I always have to take the remotes and bottles and stick them up my two holes. And right now they are on fire. Which ones do you want me to wear?” I picked out the Victoria Secret black lace bra with cum all over them and the thongs that looked like black shoelaces. “Take my clothes off.” I did what she said. Her boobs were perfect. Brown, round, firm, and had a little floppyness. I squeezed them and her nipples hardened. I couldn’t believe how horny she was. Her breasts were larger then my hand. Then i move to her skirt. I slid them off and her beautiful ass was glowing in my face. I put on her underwear. Then she grabbed me by the cock, and pulled me downstairs to the garage. “What are we doing here?” “I always wanted to fuck in the car.” She opened the car door and we went in the trunk. “Lay down.” The car was huge so I was able to lay down. Next thing i know she sits on my face. I couldn’t breathe that well. There was something dripping on my lips. It was her pussy. So wet and hot, ready to fuck. She lays down on top of me and starts sucking my cock. She deep throated right away. All eight inches in her throat. She twirled her tongue around my dick and suck hard. I stuck my tongue out and my her thong away from her pussy and asshole. They looked played with. I stick my tongue in her pussy and a gush off her juice goes down my throat. I start fingering her ass and we go at this for 5 min. Then she gets off. She sticks my dick in her pussy and sits down on it like she’s on a chair. Then she bounces up and down. The feeling of her ass going down on me felt great, and the warm juicy pussy splashed around everywhere. She started revolving her ass in a circular motion, and i was on the verge of cumming. She was moaning and screaming, until she got off and and started rubbing her self off in front of my face. She squirted all over my face and i drank it all. She started to jerk me off in the front seat, until i came. I came all over her hand and she licked it all up and showed me how she swallows it. “Where do you wanna fuck? It’s your turn.” “How about the bed?” “Okay” I picked her up and put her on my shoulder so I can eat her pussy. We walk upstairs and i toss her on her bed. My mouth was drenched.
“I want you tied up to the bed.” “I like that.” I tied her hand and feet to the corners of the bed so she is spread apart. I sit on her chest and she presses her tits on my hard cock. Her tits completely buried my cock. I started to hump her tits. So soft and warm. She started sucking my cock at the same time. 5 minutes later i got off and turned her around on her stomach. I lifted her ass up towards the sky and ate her asshole. I spit in it and stuck my cock in. I went back and forth, she was screaming and moaning more and more. She came and squirted all over her bed. I took my cock out and came all over her back. She picked it up in her hand and spread it on her tits. I cut her loose and she licks up the cum from her tits. “Lets masturbate to each other.” We sit down facing eachother and start jerking. A few minutes later we are both about to come. She squirt all over my body and her body was shaking. Then i came from her face to her pussy. She licked all the cum off our bodies.
“Last fuck, lets fuck in the…..” The door bell rang. We were both naked and she looked through the hole. It was her cousin Naila. She was my age with a bomb body. My cousin in law let her in and Naila was shocked. “Naila, you want to join?” “Yea, why not?” We all get on the bed and Naila undresses herself. She has perky tits, and her pussy was flawless. Nail hopped on my dick and my cousin in law sat on my face. After another half our Naila was very wet, and was shaking on my cock, and my cousin in law was shaking too. They both hovered over my face rubbing their pussies. They squirt straight in my mouth and i swap with them by kissing. I put some inside Naila’s ass. and put the rest on my cousin in laws tits. “Get on your knees.” They did so and i unleashed the largest cum shot. Both of their bodies were cover in cum. We ended the night by having a Nuru massage with the cum.

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