My first time as a pet

I live by the coast in an apartment overlooking the beach, I enjoy sitting by the window watching the people walk by, and I am always amazed by the variation of people and the world that surrounds them. One bright sunny day I decided to go sit on the

The Studio Trip

We walked into the studio that day and asked if Dallas was busy. The friendly receptionist called back and asked Dallas to come to the front for a visitor. We were greeted by smiles and hugs. She led us through a set of doors obviously leading to th

horny wife

hello my name is bo and i would like to tell a story about my horny sexy wife witch ilove very much. first of all we have been married four 8 years.she is 33 and has brown eyes brown sholder leight hair. she is happy and playful and likes to cut up.s

A quick one at the kitchen sink

I was standing at the kitchen sink wearing only my pants doing the washing up; he came up behind me and put his arms around me. I could feel his cock stiffening against my buttocks, it was a nice feeling and I was instantly feeling very horny!
He re

I love you in your underwear

Walking into your room and there you were, in your underwear. The way that you lay there on your back, with your legs over the edge of the bed was so sexy, I immediately felt that same thrill of desire, just like I always used to when I saw you in yo

Breakfast Can Wait

Jack woke when he felt a kiss between his shoulder blades and stayed still while they continued down his spine. After the last one he slowly raised his head. “You’re very affectionate, can’t it wait? I’m still achy.”
“Oh, you are awake.

Sex with Aunt at day time

I am Abhi , 26 age i stay in malleshwaram bangalore,i work in MNC it is in electronic city daily i go office at 9 am and office leave at 6 pm , and daily evening bus will be traffic at 6pm.One day i left office at 6.30 and waiting for bus, th



I am Shalini, South Indian, aged 30 married to Arun who is 32. We live in Bangalore. We have a son, who is 2 years old now. We got married when I was 25 and we enjoy a good relationship including sex as we experimented with ero

Gay Bookstore Encounters

I had just turned 18 and that meant now I could put my experience with adult men to use legally. So I put on a long T-shirt. To just above my knees & I had just shaved down my body,box,basket,&my legs so I was baby smooth. Then headed out to gay book

Young Love

Dylan was very unsure how to approach this. They had done everything up to sex and he was frustrated with having to wait, but equally he didn’t want to scare his boyfriend away by being too forward. He hoped that the other was struggling with the s

A Crush That Lead To Love

Her name was Mandy and he thought she was the most beautiful thing to ever walk the Earth. She had soft blue eyes, a perfect smile and, at 22, no possible interest in the awkward young man who spent his life trying to think how to talk to her. He fou



Written by D.

Chapter 1.

Pandora’s had been my place to work for the past three years, it wasn’t, and would never have been my chosen place of employment, but fate had dictated otherwise.
Do you believe in fate? Do you b

What a Waist

I am standing at one of the floor-to-ceiling windows in Sara’s living room, a cup of strong, sweet Turkish coffee in my hands, my forehead against the pane, watching the stars come out. The western horizon is indigo; the rest of the sky has alread

surprised part 1

Jon and I just got to his house, we walked in no one is there. Jon looks at me and I look at him with a funny face and start laughing. Jon grabs me by the shoulders and pins me up against the wall, starts frenching kissing me and rubbing his hands al