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Just Never Know, Part 4

Hey gang, it’s a real page turner, huh? LOL.

This is part four of things leading up to my summer vacation. This is a long winded story and will come in bite size morsels. You need to know where I’ve been to see where I went. As always, I’m intentionally leaving the explicit stuff out. Y’all have a dirty enough mind without me tarnishing it even more.  Ready to read more? Of course you are. So here we go…

Daylight went to darkness. The four of us sat there in the hot tub playing Truth or Dare. I wasn’t drunk enough to do any dares. At least that was my  story to them. I wanted to see how they interacted with each other before I began making a spectacle of myself; so I did only truths. Each person took a turn quizzing whoever.

Mark dashed out for a bit to pee, and grab another bottle of tequila since we had finished off one bottle as we sat there getting wrinkled from the water. My husband dared Elizabeth to go topless. I nodded to her it was OK; I wanted to see them too. Mark returned to find his bride flaunting her C cups in the tub. Mark had a coy grin on his face as he looked at me. As he got back in the tub he whispered something into her ear. She smiled, nodded, then winked at Rob. I knew something would happen soon. When Mark asked me, I chose dare. I was hoping he’d want me to go topless. Nope, that bastard tricked me. He wanted me to take a body shot off Liz! I looked at my husband with a “save me” look, but he just coaxed me along. Mark sprinkled salt on her neck as she put the lime between her lips. He then poured a shot and placed the glass between her boobs.I meekly inched my way up to her as she tilted her neck for me. I leaned in and took my salt lick, kissing and sucking on her neck. I looked back at the boys, and they encouraged me to continue. I bent down and took the shot between my lips, arched back, swallowed, and gagged. After the coughing subsided, I went in for the lime. Taking the lime, sucking just a bit of it, I quickly spat it out and kissed her deeply. There we were, acting out for our men, kissing like two long lost lovers. I’m not certain what was going through her mind, but I figured I would put on a show for the guys.

Not waiting to be dared to disrobe, I slid out of my wet t-shirt. Figured as an added bonus, I’d pull my shorts off too. Straddling Liz’s lap, I ground against her knee as we resumed our kissing; my hands pawing at every inch of her flesh. Every so often, she’d lean into my ear and whisper how the guys were eating this up. So, I kept up the act. Even went as far as dunking my head under water and putting my face between her thighs. I nuzzled her pussy with my nose, wanting to do more but figured they had a long enough show. Besides that, I needed to come up for air. I took back my seat and it was my turn to dare Rob. I had him totally disrobe and wade over to me. Reaching out I took his hard cock and gave it a few quick tugs. Next was Liz’s turn. She dared her husband to do the same. Except this time, instead of giving him a hand job, she went down on him. Gosh, I wish I could suck dick under water. Just can’t hold my breath and suck at the same time; I’m not a fish, ya know. And we carried on like that for about another hour. I kept trying to work up the nerve to get Mark to do something with me. But it never happened, sad to say. I called the game on account of pruning. I just had to get out of the water. My skin was pale and wrinkled. I was feeling the effects of the tequila and I was horny. I wanted to fuck everyone in that tub over and over, but wasn’t gonna press my luck.

Liz accompanied me inside as the boys cleaned up around the patio. She thanked me for a great evening and figured they’d head home. I wouldn’t hear of it. We all had way too much to drink and there was a perfectly good bed in the spare bedroom. I demanded they stay and sleep it off. They eventually relented. After retiring for the night, my husband decided he wanted sex. I forced him on his back and took control; skipping oral and the foreplay, I rode him hard. I bounced and thrashed, grunted and groaned. He pushed and pushed, deeper and deeper.

I bent down as I was taking him all in and said, “You want her, don’t ya?”

His eyes popped open as I asked. Continuing on, I let him know that I knew they had been together. He tried to speak in defense, and I shoved a boob in his mouth. Leaning back in, I whispered to him as I nibbled on his earlobe.

“It’s OK, I don’t mind.”

I guess the shock deflated him, because he was going soft in me and neither one of us had climaxed. So I began talking about how I wanted to “catch” them in the act. I wanted to watch him plow her pussy. I went through various scenarios of infidelity. He got so hard, so into it, he came and came. I couldn’t remember him cumming so much in recent years. That caused me to tense up and I had a mighty orgasm…the kind that wakes the dead, LOL. I collapsed in his arms and we kissed for a while before I rolled over. We laid there and talked about him and Liz. I reassured him I’m OK with it. Just as long as no one gets hurt and it doesn’t effect their working relationship. We discussed that for a while, during which we heard our friends in the next room going hot and heavy. Her moaning and his groaning lasted all of 30 minutes. I was kinda depressed. I was hoping he had more stamina than that. Might have been too much for the boy. That or the alcohol made him give in sooner than expected. In any case, the seeds had been planted. The question was, will anything grow from it? I closed my eyes and fell asleep. What a day!

The next morning, we all woke up late. Mark was the first one up; he was walking out of the bathroom as Rob and I went down the hall. As my husband and I made coffee, he asked me if I would fuck Mark?

In a sarcastic tone, acting like I had no interest, I said, “Oooh can I?”

My inner monologue going, I’m going to anyway; but I had to play it off. Rob told me if he was allowed to do Elizabeth then I should be allowed to do Mark. As my husband made his case, I’m thinking, Honey, what you don’t already know is… So I went along with it. As the coffee finished, here come’s Mrs. Sleepy Head and her hubby. We sat around sipping coffee, and trying to get rid of some wicked hangovers. I’d peer over at Mark every so often and just think about taking him then and there. God, I wanted to so bad. After they were fit to drive, they made the trek home and we went to retrieve our kiddo. Later that afternoon they called to tell us they were home safe, and to thank us for an awesome night. It was awesome! The rest of the day was uneventful; we felt lethargic and just watched television. I promised myself I’d never drink that much again.


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