My First Threesome

This story took place several years ago while I was in college. It involves myself (ryan), my girlfriend at that time was (Donna) and her roommate (Ren). Donna was short, about 5’2″ with full 34C boobs, slim, medium length brown hair, about 105 lbs,

Total Surrender Part III

I’d made all the preparations. My parents thought I’d be studying anthropology in Nepal and would be unreachable for 70 days. Apparently The Hampton and other houses assisted their submissives with this via fake documents and letters ho

Total Surrender Part II

A stretched limo arrived at my dorm just for me. The driver blind folded me for my ride to The Hampton, to keep its location a secret.

I was dressed in a plain summer dress. After all, what does a girl wear to her interview at a slave house?


Total Surrender Part I

It was just after my freshman year in college that I surrendered myself as a sex slave.

Unlike most girls I wasn’t introduced into S&M by a boyfriend. In fact I was pathetically single. Men and women had always complemented me on my looks b

the key

the key

Start of a new week, and Jessica was slightly bored, her sexual appetite had not been quenched lately and her mind wandered to what she could do about it

she went down to her local shop to get some bits, there was a guy who worked there

my married friend and i

This is a true story between me and one of my friends. We had been coworkers for about a year then changed jobs and had been out of contact for a while.

After a while, I had another new job and low and behold a few months later she also started wo

perfect night

He looks into her eyes. there’s so much he wants from her, every touch is ecstasy ,the feel of her body is to much pleasure to bare, her smell is intoxicating. he puts his lips to her and gets lost in a sea of pleasure her tongue gently massaging w

Diana's Ross

When I turned forty, I decided to travel to the east coast. There was no particular reason except that I was restless. Katy had moved on, and really after her, not many stood a chance. So I figured I could use a holiday.

I had left bartending

Harry's downfall

Harry rang the door bell. It was a warm and sunny day and the heat was starting to get to him. No answer, so he rang it again. He looked at his watch and began to wonder where the Robins were. After all they were the ones that specified the time.

The New Owners

Tuesday, February 1, 2000
Brian wants me to start doing a monthly summary of all the option sales by category. It should be Todd’s job and it makes me so mad that they think they can just keep dumping more stuff on me just because they k

My Thai Trip

I met Layla on my holiday in Thailand. She was at my hotel bar. We danced a while at first. We were kissing a lot. She had long dark hair at nice looking boobs. I got her up to my room though later and she obviously had sex on her mind too as she tou

The bump in

One morning after a great night sleep we woke up in good cheery mood, looked up at one another and kissed each other good morning. After a little morning smooching we got ready and went off to school on a ruff bus ride so ruff that it was making her

Long Day at Work

Jack’s phone vibrated in his pocket. He had twenty minutes left of work so he decided to wait and check it later. After clocking out, he looked at the message on his phone:

“My house. After work. It’ll be worth it. ;)

He smiled to himself and