A Humbling Day Part 2

A Humbling Day

Chapter 2

The men were still talking about my butt, the color and texture. Rocky asked them if they would like to touch it. Of course, they wanted to feel the heat. Rocky then instructed me to walk around to each of the men and allow them to touch me. “They may touch your ass and even stick a finger up that wet cunt if they want to and you will stand there and let them,” Rocky said to me.
As I recovered completely from the experience, I was thinking about what Rocky had said to me. This was building another round of excitement in me. I pulled myself together and stood up straight. As per his instructions, I walked over to the man sitting the closest to me and turned around. I stood there with my bruised ass at his mercy.
This being the first man, was not sure of exactly what Rocky would approve of, asked Rocky if he was sure that this would be all right with him to check out his old lady. Rocky said that he was very sure and for them to each answer their curiosity about our lifestyle. The first man then reached up to my waist and put an arm around me.
“Turn around here and bend across my lap. I want the light at an angle that I can see what you really look like after such a beating,” he said to me. I did as he requested. He put one hand in the middle of my back and with the other one he began to lightly trace the whelps. I gasped with a hissing sound for air in the wake of the sensitivity. He jumped and asked, “Does that hurt you?”
I looked up to my Master before saying anything. Rocky nodded that I could reply. I turned my head to look across my back and ass at his hand and said, “There is a little pain in the feelings but it is ok. I would rather that you touched them instead of lightly tracing them. It hurts but is a reminder of the spanking and of the fact that someone is focusing on my ass, which excites me;” I was smiling very sexy-like at that point.
Rocky said, “Slut, you were never one to be shy or mix words.” He was standing there watching, as this friend was rubbing and caressing my ass. Rocky was getting a stirring in his trousers, with the idea of another man’s hands on my most sexual intimate parts.
The first man, that was rubbing my ass, looked up at Rocky and asked, “Can I check out the pussy and see what it is like after such an ordeal?”
“You can check into it if you like. After all she is a slut and a slave, she will do anything that I tell her to do,” Rocky said in a bragging tone with an air of sexuality.
I could hear his pride in his voice and the wheels in his mind turning. I knew that he was cooking up a scene in his mind for me. That was a total turn on, he knows what I like. He caught me in thought as he opened my cunt and stuck two fingers inside me. I let out a surprised gasp and spread my legs open wider.
“Oh my! She is tight! I would not have guessed her to be so tight. It is like she is a virgin,” he exclaimed in an unusually loud tone. Looking up at Rocky, I could see him smiling as the man’s fingers eased in and out of my wet cunt.
“Now that happens when you apply punishment to the ass. All the muscles tense up and thus tightening up the cunt muscles too. But don’t loosen it up too much playing with it; let the other men have a shot at her too,” Rocky said in a joking manner with a smile in his tone. “Let each man here have a chance to inspect, as close as he likes, to the results of a slut who has been abused and punished.”
He removed his fingers from my wet pussy. With his help in pushing me back up to my feet, I stood up. Walking over to the second man, who had implied that he too liked the idea of me being across his lap, naked and abused, for his inspections. I took notice and followed his lead to bend over his lap. He had the captains’ chair with the arms on it. So I lay across the arms of the chair and he got a closer look than his friend did.
“Rocky, I know that you have some feelings for her. Doesn’t this bother you, with all of us handling her? I know that this would upset me,” asked the second man.
“Naw this is ok with me because I know that she will live on these memories for a long time and I will reap the benefits of her memories. And those benefits will be great and many.” He was smiling the evil sexual smile that he gets when he knows that I am being satisfied. “You may be touching it but I will be fucking it long after you are all only a memory in her mind. The secret to happy sex is providing the other person with a memory that they can draw on in the days, weeks and months to come, without actually living out each one over again.” He was getting philosophical on us. “I have spent a long time getting to know her and her likes and dislikes. Thus knowing her as I do, I know that she will relive this in her mind a thousand times and I will get the results of her arousal state of mind from this. She will do what I want with the same thought in her mind. Thus we are both getting something to live on.”
The second man was still rubbing my ass and I was responding by bucking up and moaning in the pleasure and pain mix that I was feeling. “Man this ass is good for spanking. I can see why you enjoy hitting this beautiful well-rounded ass. It is built for the punishment.” He was in total awe of my textured ass.
Rocky walked around the table and handed him the whip that Rocky had used in the living room. “Go ahead and try it.” Rocky said as he moved back out of the way. He knew that I would enjoy the added pain and reminder of the previous spanking. And the idea of someone else spanking me with him watching was exciting Rocky as his cock started to come to attention. He was smiling at the options.
The man pulled the whip back and applied a good hard swat to my bruise and whelped buttocks. I jumped and yelled out, turning my head to look at Rocky. The man watched the marks that showed almost instantly on my ass and felt the rush. He looked up at Rocky, who nodded in affirmative for him to apply more. I lay there looking at Rocky with lust in my eyes that were fast filling up with the tears of another rush of pain.
“You are a slut that was built to be whipped and punished. But I’ll bet that you already know that. I can tell you that you are a fantasy slut that any man would love to abuse, but would never drag home to meet the family. He would never do that from the shame he would feel for you.” While he swatted my ass another four times. I yelled out with each one. Then he pushed me up into a standing position and told me to “get away from me or I will hurt you. You excite me and disgust me.” He laid the whip on the table.
Rocky nodded and told me to go to the third and last man. I walked over to him. Standing there waiting on him to motion me in the direction that he wanted me. He held up his finger and made a circle motion with it. I turned around half way, stopping with my back to him and my legs slightly apart. He leaned over, putting an arm around the front of me as he kissed a whelp on my bare ass. He could feel the heat and the texture difference as well. I could tell that he was getting very sexually aroused with playing with my hot abused ass. It was a few minutes of psyching me up for the tenderness, when he surprisingly pushed two fingers into my hot wet cunt that was interested in getting some serious attention. I jumped and moaned as the invasion occurred. I felt the heat in his fingers and the movement that he was doing inside me. I was getting very excited.
“Awe yes. That pussy is very wet and is still interested in seeing some more action. Yes,” he said looking up at Rocky, “You do have a slut on your hands and she is easy to get into. Her cunt just opened up and let me in, in spite of the tight fit. Is her ass as much an invitation?”
“Well now, after such an ordeal like the one that she has been through she will require some work on that asshole before a cock can be shoved into her depths. You are welcome to start loosening her up for my cock if you like. I am going to stick it to her soon.” Ro
cky said as he lightly rubbed his cock through his trouser
The third man took this as an invitation and started to pull at my bruised ass. At the mention of going up my ass the other man moved around to watch the entry process. I knew that I was the center of attention. I was feeling all the eyes on my bare bruised butt. It was exciting me.
The man instructed me to pull a chair around in front of me. I did this. “Spreading your legs some more, bend over and put both hands on the seat of the chair,” I stepped as to separate my legs and then bent over to the chair as instructed. I could feel the air on my hot butt and the air passing through the places on my legs that were previously covered by having my legs together. The men were all talking about my ass and the slutty behavior that I was portraying. It was what seemed like an eternity before I felt anything on my skin. The first things that I felt were his fingers entering into my hot wet depths of my pussy. I moaned and moved slightly to allow his the deepest access to my insides. He moved his finger slightly and I knew that he was going for lubrication. I was thankful that he was not going to do a dry entry up my tight asshole. He twisted his fingers this way and that to get plenty of juices flowing in me. It worked just as he thought that it would. He got good and sticky inside me. Easing his fingers out of my pussy, he was pulling one cheek of my butt aside. He aliened up his fingers with my round brown hole and slowly wiggled his fingertips inside the outer muscle. Once he had penetrated the outer muscle, he was wiggling and twisting them around, stretching and opening my hole for the future penetration. Driving me crazy, I was moaning and moving in rhythm with him. I would love to have some more attention up my ass. I was getting more and more excited with each passing moment. He started to cussing me and giving me some very strong serious verbal abuse.
I was getting into it as I looked up to see if Rocky was watching and he was. I noticed that Rocky was nodding. I felt those two fingers that were barely into my asshole, suddenly were buried deep into my intestines. I yelled out and tensed up. He was making some kind of comment about the grip of my ass muscles as he continued to bounce his fingers in deeper and almost out then back in. I was extremely tensed for about the first three strokes. I then was into the motions and was moving with him and moaning in pleasure.
“Well there boss, I think she is ready to be fucked,” he announced to the group as well as to Rocky. Then he pulled out and refused my physical reaction for more. Then he told me, “stand up slut and see what Rocky has in mind for you.”
Standing up I looked to Rocky for the Master’s instructions. “Well this is the moment that you have been waiting for my dear slave. You are going to get to satisfy the lovely young lady in pleasures that only another woman can give her. You are going to take her in ways that you would if you were in love with her. I want to see you make love to her in a very loving tender way. Don’t scare her! Be gentle with her! If you hurt her, I am going to spank you again while you are loving her. Do you understand, slut?” Rocky asked me. Meanwhile he pointed to the young lady to shed her clothes and lay across the table at one end.
She looked at me and I nodded. She did as he instructed. I was looking at the young naked beautiful body as I listened to Rocky talk to me. I was in total agreement with whatever he had to say to get the opportunity to enjoy the fruits of her body. “Yes Master.” I said.
I was then released to do as I pleased to her body and mind as long as it captivated the men and got her off. I walked over to the end of the table where she was laying. Starting at her head, I brushed her hair back from her face and bent down, kissing her gently on the lips. I was savoring her taste. I was cupping and playing with her large size breasts while I was locked into a deep passionate kiss with her. Our tongues entangled in and out of our closed kissed. I wanted them to see me tonguing her. I teased and taunted her nipples. I moved my way down to her neck and savoring the taste of her sweat as I licked if from her soft tender skin.
I was getting excited that I had this young olive skinned body at my fingertips to please. She seemed to be so receptive of my moves and pleasures. She was moaning in no time under my power. I was sure that with what I could hear of the conversation of the men that they were all watching us. This was also exciting me. I could smell my juices and then her scent filling my sinuses. I was getting high from this experience. I think that she could tell.
I started in assessing her body from an up close and personal status. It was with my hands cupping her breasts that I made a mental note that her tits were about a DD and that she was about a 36 in chest size. I eased my hands down her body as I moved my mouth to her nipples, first one side then the other. Her nipples were brown, almost a black, in color and those nipples were huge. They stood up about two inches from her tits. I sucked on them and teased them, enjoying the moment of her pleasure. Her waist was much smaller and she had a beautifully well round buttocks. And that was very attractive to me. I was enjoying this much more than any man could understand at that moment.
I started to lick my way down her body, taking my time to get to her shaved cunt. I licked in and all around her bellybutton. I was in awe of her cunt, as at that time I had my fingers feeling my way around her lips of desire. I licked down her leg as I walked down the table to the end and was standing in between her legs. She gasped as I licked past her hip point across from her cunt. I knew that she was getting into the care and attention that I was showing to her. As was the conversation was talk about what I was doing to her and her reaction to that. She was gasping for air as I started up the inside of her leg towards her cunt with my lips, dragging my tongue. While doing this I moved into a chair to put me at the right level to eat that pussy.
I was getting into the art of eating pussy. I licked up one side and down the other without actually touching the inner parts of her sexuality. On down to the taint to tease and tantalize, I flicked my tongue up and down across it several times. Then I went on to the lower region of her being. I licked up just to the side and back on the other side to tease her. She was wreathing in pleasure and wanting me to touch her intimacy. I followed the path that I was taking several times and then when she least expected it, I stuck my tongue into her little tight butt hole.
She was about to come completely off the table. If one of the men had not have been there to catch her she might have fallen. I was pounding in and in deeper into her asshole. She was breathing irregularly and moaning mercifully. She was almost to the point of begging for me to take her over the edge. I spent about five minutes in rimming and tongue fucking her ass. She was on the edge of ecstasy and wanted to go over.
I licked my way up to her cunt and rimmed it for her then moved in on the kill. I flicked her clit until she popped out of her hiding spot. I sucked her clit like sucking on a straw until she was in the wreaths of bliss. I could tell that after the care that she had she would not take a long time. And that it did not. She was cuming in multiple orgasms. Her body was wreathing up and down off the table and her breathing was heavy. She began to twitch and convulse in spasms as her cunt muscles were gripping like they were screaming for a hard cock. She was moaning very loudly but at the moment of orgasm, she screamed. I kept her cuming and cuming. She was in more ecstasy than she had thought possible.
After she had a few minutes to recover from her orgasm, Rocky was taking to us. “Well lady and slave, you have given us quite a show but that does nothing for us. So now you will each take two of us to accomplish that task. I will see if you can to two things at one time.” He said that with a mischievous smil
e on his face. She sat up on
the table and I remained in the chair, waiting to see what he had in mind. We were in no position to argue with him. “Slave, you will take these two in the manner in which they choose to have you. And my dear lovely young lady, you have the other man and me.”
She started to protest and I reached over and took a hold of her arm. “He is the Master and has allowed us the pleasure in which you have enjoyed. Now we must atone for it.” I explained in a quiet tone to her.
Rocky went on, “the other option is a free for all. Now which one would you prefer my dear lady?”
She looked at me and said that she understood. Then looking at Rocky she said that she would handle it his way this time. She was grinning.

Rocky walked over to her and held out his hand. She took the gesture and followed his lead. He helped her off the table and took her to the end of the table. He put a hand on her shoulder and pushed her to the floor gently, as he unzipped his trousers. She knew what he wanted. So she was getting in position to give him the oral satisfaction that he intended. The other man was getting into position to enter into her doggy style.

I was moved into doggy style with a man under me and another one on my backside. I was going to have one in my cunt and the other one up my ass. I yelled out upon entry and the one in my ass was the one that was so fascinated with my ass before. I was getting into the rhythm of the situation when I realized that they were cuming. That was a short quick job, as it were, I thought to myself. I was just getting warmed up. But they were much too primed before hand.
Rocky could see that I was not getting any more action so he called to me. “Slave, I have another little chore for you. Come over here and see if you can handle helping out this young lady.” He could tell by the action that his partner was not going to last long enough to get her off again. So he motioned for me to go under her and eat on her clit again. I did as instructed. I got her going so well that he could not handle holding out. He shot his load as I made her cum again. Her reaction was much the same as before when she came. She could not finish his blowjob so he walked over and squatting down on his knees. He aimed it at my mouth so I finished the job as he played with her tits. It was a hell of a climax for him too. Those tits are powerful things when put in the right hands.

Once everyone had left for the evening and I had cleaned up the house again. I was going to get involved in a puzzle when Rocky called me from the other room. I went to find him and discovered that he was in our bedroom. Just lying on the bed looking at the suspension bars overhead.
“Yes, my Master,” I responded with love and admiration in my voice. Following his line of site I could plainly see what he was looking at.
“Come over here,” he ordered me.
“Yes,” I said as I walked across the room.
“Did you enjoy yourself today?” H was leading me into a situation. I could hear the wheels turning in his evil wicked mind.
I knew in my mind that there was not right answer to his question and that whatever answer I could give would surely end me in something even wilder than what this day had produced. I knew that he wanted an answer and that I must say something but what?

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  1. k4256

    That was just as wonderful as the first. Keep up the good work!!!

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    i found your story to be frightingly erotic. you are explicit imagitive writter.

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