Batteries not included

Laci snapped her mailbox shut then spun the lock and tossed her keys into the inner pocket of her purse. She slung the strap over her shoulder, and leafed through the mail with a “humph” but then a peculiar feeling of uneasiness came over her… As if someone was watching her.

The disruption caused her to turn away from the mail and look back across the marble floor toward the revolving door. But there was nothing. Paranoid.

She went up the elevator to her floor rummaged through her purse plucked her keys, fumbled through them then she found the brass key marked with a nail polish splotch and unlocked the door then set her purse and mail on the kitchen counter. She put her briefcase next to her feet. Shrugging her coat off she placed it on the rack near the front door. Laci looked over at the cat clock on the kitchen wall that kept shifting his eyes and tail from side to side and noted the time. One hour before her favorite reality show based on a couple that manufacture a relationship on live TV.

There was that feeling again, like someone’s eyes were on her. Again she figured it was just paranoia brought on by the fact she had broke up with her boyfriend for two weeks and hasn’t gotten over it just yet. As much as she was sick of his intolerable womanizing and spending she came to the conclusion that it was always nice to have a man around to make her feel safe.

The urge to get into her pajama’ overplayed her memories and insecurity, with her hands behind her back about waist high she unzipped while tiptoeing down the hallway toward the bathroom. She wriggled out of her gray pencil skirt and kicked it into the corner atop the hamper, which was code for dry clean.

Looking into the mirror, she pulled out a few bobby pins then itched her scalp and dug through her red hair. Satisfied, she washed her face clearing her skin from all the makeup and unbuttoned then removed her blouse and slid her bra off her lithe shoulders and down her arms. She pressed her biceps together compressing her globes together. She turned and hooked her apparel on the back of the door, where she looked at herself in the full-length mirror and sighed digging at the lace of her panties that rode up her tight yoga Monday through Friday ass.

She walked into the kitchen and lit a candle. It was of an Ocean Breeze variety fresh and airy. It reminded her of her stay on the beach in the Bahamas, blue skies white sands a real dream, but then there was that memory of her ex. So she left the candle and its light airiness and walked down the narrow hall the breeze shooting down the hall felt good on her skin. She snapped the light switch up her heart dropped. There she was in only her polka dot panties with little black bows on the lace. Her dresser drawers were strewn all over the floor. Clothes everywhere, jewelry box raided, her first charm hung off the edge of the dresser.

Her eyes immediately went to the slated closet door. She began to tremble. She reached for the door but pulled her hand back like it was going to get bitten, then she backed away. Just as she was about to turn and run the slated closet door burst open. A black ski mask with black cargo pants was upon her. His arms wrapped around her like two pythons lifting her off the floor. He swung her from left to right slamming her off her bed they bounced high up off the soft down comforter, their bodies’ impact was absorbed by the bed. Her light pink nipples peeked out from under his arms and her legs flailed about like two wet noodles.

His grasp loosened then she scrambled to get up. Then she felt his some pantyhose wrap around her wrist. She grabbed hold of the stretchy fabric but felt her being pulled by it. He grabbed the other wrist and wrapped the fabric around both her wrists binding them together. Then she felt herself being tugged backward toward the headboard she looked up and watched the large dark figure sveltely tie the rest of the pantyhose to the bedpost.

Right here is when she felt all hope was lost this so she let out a yelp then a scream the ski mask reached down on the floor and grabbed another nylon and wrapped it around her mouth stretching her cheeks gagging her. She felt the air invade her mouth and drool puddle up in her throat gagging her all the more.

She kicked and squealed, but the man with the cargo pants and mask was to quick. He moved in parting her legs and with his knees her shoved her thighs open stretching her groin open.

He stuck his leather-gloved finger, under the laced fringe of her polka dot panties she gasping feeling the leather graze her mound. He pulled stretching then tearing the fabric without effort away from her body. He lifted it to his face seemingly taking a whiff then smiled and tauntingly licked his lips and tossed the torn cotton to the side.

She thrashed her hips up and down trying to evade the intruder. On his knees in between her neatly trimmed strip he appeared to wait her out.  Sure enough she grew fatigued her tits heaved up and down in quick succession.

Appearing to be satisfied he unzipped and pulled out a cock that made her gasp. She estimated that it was a good ten inches long and had to be at least two and a half almost three inches thick. Then she started to thrash her hips again and he began to stroke his veiny tube of flesh in his leather glove. He pointed it down toward her.

He moved in thrusting his hips towards her slightly spread red pillows of flesh. Like a brush he began to rub the pointed purple head on her pubic bone mashing her red hair, then her pink clit and lips. She began to feel enjoyment that is when her survival mode kicked in and she pulled on the nylon that secured her. She felt an uneasiness growing between her legs as he pushed toward her. The true realization was taking place right now. In defiance she thrust her hips up in the air as she held onto the nylon that bound her to the bed using it as leverage and pushed away with the heels of her feet.

But to no avail his purple head was waiting for her and as she tried to evade him by moving her ass back down and attempt to be a moving target she inadvertently fell right into his trap as she let herself back down. Still kneeling on the bed in between her legs he thrust forward toward his tip parted her now fully open groin her lips succumbed to his forward press her lips she could feel the pressure and she was becoming wet, the pink folds wrapped around his head and began to engulf him, however her cervix remained defiant. He pushed forward she could feel his invasion. He felt harder and wider than most. Almost unreal, so wide and so hard, her brow drooped and the drool spilled down her cheeks as she shook her head.

Seemingly being experienced at this his hands went under her buttocks pulled her soft but yet firm ass open. Her sex wafted through the bedroom. As much as she didn’t want to smell it that fresh steamy scent filled her nostrils and aroused her more as he still thrust forward, not hard but with playful nudges.

His leather-clad fingers reached down and pressed her flesh then spread open her folds and crimson hair. He rolled his finger in a slow rotation working her mound. She felt the [pleasure shoot from her clit to her toes and back to her lips. Then without warning the crafty devil caught her off guard, or she was tired of squeezing, or she was enjoying it, in either case she wasn’t quite sure but his purple head popped through the pinkness of her cervix. She moaned feeling her spread open accepting his cock. Her eyes rolled from the size and the pressure. Her juice coated him allowing further access down her love tunnel. The ridges of his head pressed forward widening the follicles of her dripping hole. She accepted him he made room inside her, his head dilated her and his shaft stretched her. The demands from his size made her arch her back. The vein on the side of her head bulged; she arched her neck her face turned red. Her breathing picked up pace with the slow forward battering ram of his cock.

The pain from the invasion subsided and confused her like she was slapped in the face. She never felt this; it was building up inside her. She never had a cock this big. Just when she thought she could not bear another inch she felt herself open wider to allow the intruder more room to work. He was patient, he slowly pushed further inside. The pain split into this long anticipated wonder. She felt like she was seeing stars as he lifted her ankles next to her head. Her ass was high up in the air. More drool collected she didn’t care now it was past the point of decency. She felt her sex instinct want. And it wanted to orgasm.

Now is when he went to work. The prickly hairs from his sac slapped her ass. He began to pick up pace, his cock pulsed with a vibratory nod. Now with enough room to work he started to slam into her using his legs to get more leverage driving his cock into her stretching her genitals back inside her. She looked at his eyes as he pushed her closer to orgasm. He continued giving her the full length of his shaft as his balls patted her ass.

He stopped then withdrew his cock. He turned her over then grabbed her long red hair and pulled hard she cried out. It felt like pins and needles were atop her head as he pulled her back toward him gagging. Now in the doggie style, she was exposed as her hips were open and besides that she could not see her intruder.

Again he moved closer she could feel his cock press up against her folds. She did not resist she actually felt herself move her stark white powder ass toward his cock. It grazed it he moved backward teasing. Then she felt his hardness push enter, as all the work he had done to her was about to end because her pussy began to close.

She grunted with a forbidden pleasure through the over stretched wet nylon in her mouth. A forbidden lust began to leak out from within her conscience one that she had hidden beneath her integrity; she would never be able to live with herself if any of her friends knew. But after all this wasn’t something that you would share with just anyone.

Except it always intrigued her when her ex would grab and wrestle her. Being thrown down excited her being tied scared her but intrigued her all the same. The loss of control was a terrifying endeavor but she had no choice at this point so now she must sit by and endure.

The sharp pointed cock knifed through her again, coaxing more of her succulence from her walls. They exuded a fresh musk into the bedroom. She could feel a orgasm building, she was never able to cum from the inside she could feel it like waves from the tide coming in then leaving, till they built an intensity she hadn’t felt in years, she was shaking, trembling, squealing while he slammed her ass cheeks in a harmonious satisfaction.

Then all at once he stopped. Then he slouched over on top of her. Now the weight of the intruder on top of her, her knees and elbows collapsed and she laid flat on the bed now. His cock still hard and inside her but lifeless. She wiggled her hands till they were free. Then pulled her gag out of her mouth. And pulled her naked body out from the ski masked man.

“What the fuck?” She said then slapped him. Then she pushed and flipped the masked man on his back. She yanked the black ski mask from his head then looked into the eyes of her intruder. She pressed inside his ear and a digital voice said, “LOW BATTERY.”

“What the hell? Not even a fresh set of batteries could get the job done. Figures a man must of made this. It certainly wasn’t built to last.” She said and jumped on top of her robotic friends cock and rode him across the finish line.

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