bless me father…..

He became angry and stern… ” Lynn, I am done playing games here. I am going to take matters into my own hands. I will not have you risk your immortal soul for a few moments of pleasure.
You are to take down your panties and lay across that stool”….With that, he pulled out a long belt…..
“Father PLEASE!!..” Lynn sobbed…”please don’t spank me!!”
Lynn was not JUST afraid of the pain of the whipping, but of the humiliation of being naked from the waist down, in front of… HIM. Father Paris was a very striking, handsome man.
” I am not going to tell you again, Lynn. This is for your MORAL Good. You have sinned buy your impure thoughts and acts. And you must be cleansed”.
She bent over the stool, dropped her skirt and pulled down her panties, still wet from her pussy juices, down to her ankles. She was trembling, and terrified, and embarrassed. Father Paris HAD to notice her pussy being wet, and her panties being wet. “Oh, I could DIE!” She thought.
Her next thought thought was interrupted by the “THWAP” of Father Paris’ belt across her buttocks.. ” AHHGGG!!”” she cried, and then another “THWAP”… then another… she became dizzy, her ass burning and her pussy throbbing. A little juice squirted out with a couple of the swats, and dripped down her legs. She wanted to die.
“Please father, PLEASE don’t…. PLEASE!!!!!” She begged… But Father Paris was undaunted. ” You have been very, very naughty, very very dirty to play with your genitals, Lynn, and the bad, impure thoughts that went with that. Now,let me hear the thoughts you had when you were playing with yourself…”
IS HE SERIOUS? She thought….
” I CAN’T!! ” she cried, only to have her cries met with a scalding
” SWAT!!” ” Ok , ok… she whimpered..” I wanted to have… I wanted.. someone to ..put it in me…”tears of humiliation streamed down her face. She wanted to die.
“Put WHAT in you?” Father Paris was stern.
” Their … Ppp..PENIS..” she whispered, with intermittent sobs…
” Put it where, in you?” he repeated as another swat hit it’s mark.
” AGHH!! she cried in pain as the next swat hit her wet soaked crack…
” MY PUSSY, Father, My PUSSY, my pussy!!” She wailed.
She had loss count of how many swats she had, maybe 20. and he stopped. She felt faint for real this time!! Her ass was scalding, and her pussy soaked. She was so hot, so aching to be fucked, she actually was rubbing her naked sex on his leg with every swat. Father Paris then said “all right, stand up”.. she did and reached down for her panties. ” AH Ah ah” he said, ” not yet… come here please.”
She walked over to him, completely nude form the waist down. She was wobbly legged, and dizzy from the pain and humiliation. “sit down on the desk please..” she did, and her bare ass felt cooled by the lacquered wood.
But Then he said “Please spread your legs.”
His voice cut thru the air like an arrow.
“Did he just say…?” she thought, and with that she felt his strong hands pushing her thighs apart. Her wet soaked pussy was splayed open in front of him!
She laid her head back on the desk, tears streaming down her face. “Lynn, your pussy is very wet. I want you to tell me the truth…” His voice was firm but gentle “did the spanking make you feel good, down here.” He gently rubbed her pussy slightly, in a gesture, and brushed against her clit. She was so hot, so swollen from her masturbating, and then the spanking, that she gasped and grunted, and pussy juices squirted out., She began to sob as she grappled for his strong hand, gripping it to her splayed clit and wetting all down his palm.

“Okay, I see, you don’t have to answer that question” he said in a gentle soothing voice. Lynn sobbed, her pussy aching and naked.
Father Paris then stood up… ” well, my child, it seems you have indulged in a far greater sin… your soul will need to be cleansed thoroughly….”
Stay tuned!

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