Always A Police Officer When You Need One

“SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! The sound of flesh on flesh smacking was loud and fierce. SLAP! SLAP SLAP!

“Ouch! I’m sorry I won’t do it ever again! I promise!”


Margie’s ass was turning redder by the second. Officer O’Malley held her tightly around her waist, leaving her full, but sexy ass revealed, opened and available for his spanks.

SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! “Pleaaaase stop I’ll never do it again! Don’t it stings!” Margie imloringly begged Officer O’Malley. But he just ignored her and continued spanking her ass knowing that she needed to learn her lesson.

SLAP! SLAP SLAP! SLAP! Margie was completely nude except for her satin panties that were tangled around her ankles, she kicked with her feet trying to get them off, or at least off one ankle so that she could perhaps get up and run away.

SLAP! SLAP SLAP! SLAP! Officer O’malley just stared and smiled devilishly as he watched her red ass cheeks wiggle with each spank, his dick was harder than it had ever been, he had been fantasizing about being in full uniform and spanking a woman and now not only was he fulfilling his desire but it was with one of the prettiest woman in town.

SLAP SLAP SLAP SLAP! “Pleeease it really hurts!” Margie said, but Officer O’Malley felt a rush of her horny juices on his pant thigh so he knew it hurt so good. He stopped spanking and decided he needed to make an internal investigation. “Ohhh finally, thank you, please no more spanking!” Margie said and immediately she felt his finger slide up and down her slit and then bury itself in her wet, tight, liquidy hot and steamy snatch. He surmised she was defintely aroused, so he proceeded to finger fuck her and spank her again. SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! his hand spanked her very sore cheeks while his finger did a thorough investigation of her entry, he decided she needed more prodding, so he reached for his billy club, taking it out of his belt holster, he ran its top over her red ass, he liked how black, thick and hard it was compared to her red, but supple and feminine ass, he moved it in her crack and widened her crack cheeks by wiggling the stick, he saw her pinched asshole then he worked the club down to her pussy, he lifted his knee up making her ass and pussy go up higher, he put it back down and pushed her further over his lap. He studied that pussy, it was pink and almost pale compared to her tomato red ass, he took his billy club and with the big girth of it he opened her tightly sealed pussy lips, he saw her inner lips and that tiny pussy hole which was glistening and ready to be fucked. He pushed the billy club toward that naughty juicy hole and watched as he tried to slide it inside that hole, he slowly pushed it in watching that erotic hole straining to open for his club, he did not want to hurt that hole, no way, he just wanted to ready it for his big thick dick, it was thicker than the club and it wanted some of that pussy, but he wanted it to fit. Margie moved herself over his knees more, now it was her pussy aimed right up at him, he smiled and watched as she parted her thighs, now he tried fucking her hole, this time is opened more allowing the club to get in nice and snug and deep, “Yeaaaaah open up that pussy for Officer O’Malley’s club. Yeaaah his cock is gonna be in there soon enough. Come on making that pussy hole widen.” as he said. Then he pulled the club out enough so that he watched her pussy hole open and close for his eyes. It was nice and shiny in there, just the perfect place for his lusty dick.

Officer O’Malley reached down to her ankles and untangled and removed her panties, he wiped her pussy and sore ass cheeks with them, the silk felt soothing and nice, he sniffed them and told her to get down on the floor on all fours.

Margie did and Officer O’Malley just smiled at that sight of her red ass and her pale back and legs, her curly red hair and her sexy her waist, that was so pinched in and narrow, giving her that ideal feminine hourglass shape, a shape he loved. He walked around her and saw her big full bosoms dangling down. “Shake your tits!” he ordered she moved her shoulders quickly back and forth which made her tits wiggle waggle and they made a slight skin slapping sound as they shook. “Yeah!” he said as he grinned and he rubbed his stiff dick through the outside of his pants.

“Time to get your pussy fucked!” he said, he took off his belt and put it on the floor in front of her, he unbuttoned and unzipped his pants, he pulled his big fat dominant cock out of his underwear and holding its shaft he shook it above her pretty face. “Want this?” he asked. She looked up at his horny cock, she saw the underside, the big vein, the spongy head all she did was stare and lick her pink lips over and over.

He took off his shirt, then his bulletproof vest and his undershirt, he dropped his pants and underwear to his ankles, but he kept his hat on, he got behind her and sat on her lower back very lightly and rubbed his ass and balls on her sweet flesh, he leaned back and stood slightly up and pushed his dick between her ass cheeks, then without warning he knelt behind her and rammed his fat, thick hard cock in her tiny pussy hole and he got up as tight against her as he could and he started rubbing her hips, gently yet firmly, it was driving her nuts, to be filled with his dick her pussy slobbering all over it, him locked tight against her,her round fleshy ass cheeks against his hard groin, and he was rubbing that sensitive hip skin up and down up to her waist, back along her ass cheeks, just up and down, over and over, making her skin super sensitive to his touch, all she could do was moan a soft mellow, but sensual moan of pleasure. He pulled back out then the hardcore fucking took place, he fucked her hard like he was really pissed at her. It was a horny, angry fucking and she loved it. That dick was really working over her wet, tight, horny pussy. It was like his cock could not get enough of her pussy, he needed to make her snatch even silkier and tighter with his thrusts and did he ever her pussy muscles were tightening around his shaft giving it the tightest softest squeezing it had ever gotten. He stayed super deep in her hole and picked up her silk panties, he sniffed in her pussy perfume, his mouth watered, he sucked and licked them, now his saliva was mixed with her wetness that had been on them. He reached under her and massaged the front of her pussy with her satiny panties, it was the most erotic feeling to have him rub her pussy with those silky panties just over and over as he fucked her. After her clit could not take anymore rubbing and attention she orgasmed, a throbbing, cock gripping orgasm, “Ohhhh ohh ohh ohh.” she moaned feeling that intense orgasm, he had his big hard cock in her and her silky panties were still being rubbed on her orgasming clit. Officer O’Malley then just pressed the panties tight on her pussy and he screwed her opening until his own cock needed release, it shot his load out filling her with his sexy goo. He leaned down and nibbled on her shoulder and neck, he licked her ear as he slow humped her getting his knees closer to her and whispered, “See what happens to naughty female citizens; they get displined by a policeman.”

Margie just curved her back more, wiggled her ass into him, tightened her pussy hole around his cock and seductively and very satisfiedly said, “If this is what I get for jay walking, I’m never using a cross walk again!”

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