It was my time to see Dr. Michelle Norris

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I must have been early, because I was the only one in the waiting room, waiting to see Dr. Michelle Norris. But, that’s alright. Because, it was that time of the week, that I needed to see her, and alone. The clock on the wall near the secretary’s desk, read 9 AM. So, it was only a matter of minutes, she would call me in.
Dr. Norris, a beautiful brunette, that had a firm body, any guy would want to bring home, and fuck her brains out, stepped into the quiet waiting room, and called me in. So, I quickly gathered my stuff, and followed her down the hall. I could easily see her firm ass wadling along, as I was admiring the view.
Once we were in her office, she told me to have a seat, as she closed the door.
Then she comfortably sat her nice ass down at her desk. She asked a few questions,
and asked how I was doing. I just simply replied,” I’m doing well, as I gave her a lusty smile. She knew what I was up to. But pretended, not to notice.
” Okay, Are you ready for your exam, Kellie?” she asked, as she moved from her desk. “Yes, I am Dr. Michelle,” I answered.
We went into the other room, where she told me to remove my pants, and lie down on that padded bedding. So, I began to unzip my tight jeans, and unbuttoned my white shirt. I could tell, as I was removing my garments, that she was glancing quickly, at my firmed body.
Then I lied down on the padding bed. As she moved over towards me. She started to say a few words, as she put one hand on one of my breasts. She slowly began to caress one of my nipples, in a circluar motion.
“How does that feel, Kellie?” she asked, as she continued on my other breasts.
“It feels really good, Dr. Norris,” I replied, as I felt her caressing my nipples.
She started to cup my breasts with her two hands, and held them nicely in her hands. She fondled my breasts, as she kneaded them softly. I was getting turned on
quickly, as she continued with my breasts.
Then she bent over alittle, and put one breasts in her mouth, as she moved her tongue around, in circles, and sucking on it, until it became hard and stiff. I could feel the wet sensation mount, as she continued my other breasts.
She took one of her other hands, and moved down between my legs. I spread my nice tanned legs apart, inviting her hands to my already hot pussy.
She then moved over, to the end of the table, and got a good look at my trimmed-shaven pussy. ” Wow, how nicely your pussy looks!” she complimented. I said,” Thank you, Doctor”.
She raised my legs up,and began to look closely, at my pussy. She took her two fingers, and squeezed open my pussy lips, to see my clit.
” What I am going to do now is, I am going to press on your clit. Then I will release my fingers for a few seconds, then repeat the motion. When I press alittle harder, I don’t want you to cum just yet. Only when I tell you, all right?” she explained, as she took one hand, and opened up my pussy. And, with the other hand, she began to press on my clit.
This went on for a few more cycles, as I was feeling my clit on fire. The more she pressed on my clit, I wanted to cum. She could hear me moan, as she pressed abit harder on my clit. The more she pressed down on my now swollen clit, the louder my moans became.
After about 7 minutes into the cycle, she told me, that she is going to suck on my clit, and when she does, to cum in her mouth. So, as she leaned down between my legs, she started to rub my clit, as she put her head down on my throbbing pussy, and started to slowly lick, stroking softly in an up and down motion, along my pussy. Then she picked up the rythmn, as I was ready to erupt !!!
She kept on sucking on my clit, until I no longer could hold it, as I yelled out,” Oh shit … I’m gonna cum !!!”
She kept on licking and sucking, as I was ready to explode, and I did !!!! I started screaming,” I’m cummin’ !!! I’m cummin’!!!” as I started to squirt in her face. She was trying to catch my sweet juice, as it was spraying all over her face from my clit. But she didn’t stop then. She licked and sucked my pussy, until I could no longer cum. She sucked me dry !!!!
“Oh Wow !!! That felt so good, to have someone giving my pussy a much needed attention!!!” I exclaimed with a smile, as I collasped on the table.
Then I got up off the table, and went up behind Dr. Norris. I put my two hands inside her shirt, to get a feeling of her beautiful soft breasts.
As I was feeling her breasts, she started to unbutton her blue shirt, as I cupped her breasts, and began to heavily fondle them, pinching both her nipples, until they became hard and stiff. Then I bent her over the table, as I lifted up her white skirt, and pulled down her panties.
I stretched out her legs, as I got down between them, and began to lick softly, at first, on her pussy. I parted her cheeks, so I could see her pussy better. She smelled and tasted really sweet!!
Meanwhile, she was fondling her own huge breasts. They must have been a 34 DD !!!
Then she felt something slip inside her wet throbbing pussy, like a finger or two, stroking in and out of her pussy. She began to moan, as I fingered her to a climax !!!
I could hear her moan, ” I think, I’m gonna cum !!!!” So, I picked up the pace, and finger fucked her so fast, that she let out a loud scream,” Oh shit !!! I’m gonna cum !!!” I continued to frig her, faster and harder, as she started to squirm all around, nearly losing her balance. I licked and sucked on her pussy, until she came hard, into my wet mouth. I tasted her sweet juice, as it flowed into my mouth !!!! ” MMMM – you taste really good, Dr. Norris !!!” as I complimented her, continuing to lick, suck and finger her to Heaven !!!!!!
After she came, and I licked off the remaining of her sweet juice, we both got
dressed, and went back into her office.
She schedule my next appointment for June the 11th, 2005, next Saturday !!!
After receiving my next appointment, I assured her, that I would be back. And, I’m sure we will go through “The Exam” all over again, and again !!!
Of course, that became a basic routetine, and after awhile, we ended being roommates, and a year later, we were the Best lovers, only her and I have ever known ( to each other !!!).

… to be continued.

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  1. amber5492

    this story was so good, i’m in love with you and the doctor :)

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  2. partaygrrl

    great story! Good detail but the story doesn’t drag on! love it love it!!

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