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Brenda Has A Wild Weekend

Brenda asked Frank “if they could meet her four lovers at the Club and party there? They could come back to his house after.” Frank liked that idea. He called the guys and they happily agreed.

The men for her party will be four of the twelve selected handsomest, wealthy, Latin men in town. Frank chose them for Brenda at the Latin Gentleman’s Club. She wants to be in the company of these mature, loving men.

A table is reserved at the Club for Frank, Brenda and the three gentleman. Frank introduces Benicio a 50 years of age gentleman. He kisses Brenda’s hand. He owns a chain of hotels in the state. He is thin, 5’9, black hair that is slightly graying and he is athletically toned. He is married to a younger woman. Her name is Rosita. He likes to fool around. He is strikingly handsome.

The second gentleman is Carlos. He is 52 years of age. He also kissed Brenda’s hand. He is a divorce attorney with a thriving practice in town. He is 5’8″ and lifts weights. He is slightly balding with graying hair. His demeanor is dignified and charming. He is single.

The third gentleman is Cruz. He is 32 years of age. He held Brenda’s hand and kissed her on her lips. She was surprised but liked him being aggressive. He owns tattoo shops which include body piercing. He is 5’10”. He has dark skin. He swims and rides a racing bike. He is thin and muscular. He said he is a mixed race of Black and Portugese. He is divorced. He and Brenda are attracted to each other.

Brenda is wearing a Queen of Spade choker and matching earrings. Cruz asked Brenda if she knew the meaning of the Queen of Spades? She said when she was at nursing school she and some other girls attended an all day session program. She said the Black women also attended. They encouraged the white girls to learn how to serve black men. The teacher had 6 Black Bull Cock males to help teach them. Brenda said it was the first time in her life she wore a dog collar and leash.

Brenda said the Bull assigned to her weighed 400 pounds. He had her lay on her stomach. He layed on top of her. She couldn’t move. He pushed his 12 inch thick cock into her pussy bareback deep penetrating to breed her.

Brenda was taught deep throat, respect for the master, to do exactly as told by the master. Not to touch the master unless given permission. Also never question a master when given commands.

Brenda said at the end of the session she received a diploma certifying her as a Queen of Spades. Cruz asked, “who the Master Teacher was?” She said, “Marcus.”Cruz responded,”WOW!” He said,” not all women can tolerate that course or pass the rigorous training. Cruz said she is truly a Queen of Spades.”

Cruz said he wants to give her what she is deserving of. He will give her free piercings and tattoos to enhance her sensuality. Brenda made an appointment for next Wednesday at 4:15 in the afternoon.

The fourth gentleman is Esteban. He is a physician in the practice of gynecology. He is 55 years of age. He is 5’8” and thin muscular.

He kissed Brenda’s hand. Brenda is impressed with his dignified and respectful demeanor. His smile attracts her. He says, “he is so honored to meet a beautiful and educated lady.” “He said he was told she is a Registered Nurse.” Brenda replied,” she is an RN.” “She thanked him for his kind words.”

Brenda whispered to Esteban she wants a “tubal.” He was surprised as she is so young. “He asked her why?” “She said she wants to stop taking birth control pills.” “She knows that a “tubal” is permanent and cannot be undone. She understands her decision and will live with it.” He said,” when do you want to do this?” Brenda replied, “as soon as possible.” “He said
Monday he has an appointment available Monday afternoon at 4:30.” Brenda replied, “she will be there.”

Esteban talked to Frank off to the side. He said, “he wants to be with Brenda. However because of his standing in the community as a Doctor, he would prefer to be with her privately.” Frank agreed. Frank asked Brenda, “if she would be with Esteban another evening?” Brenda said,”I love him. Whenever he wants to get together.” Frank told Esteban, “that Brenda loves him, whenever he wants her.” Esteban said, “Sunday afternoon he will take her to dinner.

Brenda will make do with Carlos, Benicio and Cruz. She is looking forward to being with “Doctor” Esteban Sunday afternoon. He is very handsome.

Frank, Brenda, and the three gentlemen are seated at a table reserved for them. The guys order drinks. The Latin band started playing. The Disco ball was turning with strobe lights were flowing around the dance floor. The dance floor was packed and the Club lights were turned off. The mood is set as cozy, secretive and sexually inviting.

Brenda is wearing a reddish orange short miniskirt with matching halter top. She has a matching jacket. Also matching thigh high stockings and shoes. She has her hair in a ponytail. She looks like she is a teenager.

The guys dance with her. The best dancer with her is Cruz. He has had dance lessons. On the slow songs Cruz becomes passionate as he kisses and French kisses Brenda . He uses his fingers kneading her nipples in the almost darkened dance hall.

A lot of passion is happening on the dance floor or in the booths. Everyone seems to be in a loving mood. The Latin ladies who are servers for food and drink also serve up some carnal pleasure with the gentlemen. The young ladies fuck the gentlemen in the booths, on tables, pool table or even on the bar. They ladies are compensated for their efforts.

At one o’clock in the morning Frank, Brenda and the three guys leave the Club and go to Frank’s home. Brenda rides in Benicio’s car with Carlos and Cruz in the backseat. The guys take turns kissing and French kissing Brenda. They also finger and hand fuck her pussy. Her halter top is pushed up so they can lick, suck her breasts and nipples. Brenda is moaning and making straining sounds as she orgasms.

The car finally stops at Frank’s home. Brenda fixes her clothes so she can walk to the house. Once inside Brenda goes upstairs to change her clothes and uses the bathroom to freshen herself.

Brenda returned to the living room to have a drink with the guys. Brenda wore a short Asian style silk robe. They could see Brenda never wears panties or a bra. Brenda does not like hiding her body. She likes exposing her body as much as possible.

Brenda asked Benicio, Carlos, and Cruz to follow her to the second floor bedroom. She took Frank’s hand in hers inviting him to join in. Frank can never get enough of her beautiful body. The guys will be addicted to having her body in their arms. Her love for each of them Will make them addicted to her. She gives herself to them freely. They will want more from her. She will be well rewarded.

Frank and the guys undressed. Brenda layed acrossed the bed on her back. She is beautifully naked waiting for her gentlemen. Her head was over the edge of the mattress. Frank and Cruz know why Brenda is laying on the bed in the position she is in. The two men look at each other, smile, saying the words,”deep throat.”

Frank is Brenda’s first cock of the evening. She smiles as she takes his 12” thick cock into her mouth and throat. She receives his cock until it is totally immersed into her throat. She also later took Frank’s large ball sack and in her mouth sucking it and stimulating it with her tongue. After a few minutes he squirted her mouth and throat with his copious sperm. Brenda swallowed all of it. She cleaned his cock and balls with her tongue.

Frank moves to the other side of the bed to stimulate Brenda’s clit and pussy with his fingers, tongue and hand.

Benicio and Carlos are next to be with Brenda as she gives them deep throat. As they are finished with Brenda they join with Frank stimulating her pussy, her breasts and nipples. Brenda hums as she is enjoying her stimulations.

Cruz is last but not least. He is tall, handsome, brown, thin, muscular, young and has a 12″ cock. He owns two tattoo and piercing shops. He is working on building a third shop.

Brenda is ready for his thick 12″ cock. She likes challenges. Cruz rubs her cheek and says,”he loves her.” He kisses her. Brenda says,” she loves him too.”
He slides his cock into her mouth, over her tongue and past her gag reflex which is under control. His cock is in her throat. The out line of his cock can be seen. She makes a slight adjustment and Cruz’s cock is totally in her mouth and throat. Cruz pulls his cock back to Brenda’s mouth and pushes it back to deep fuck her throat. After a few thrusts of his cock he experiences the same feeling of fucking pussy. He told Brenda he was ready to squirt her throat. She pushed her head back catching his copious sperm into her mouth. She swallowed it. Cruz liked her swallowing his sperm. She became special to him.

Brenda licked his cock and his large full ball sack. Like Frank he has a huge potent girth. She cleaned him with her tongue stimulating his cock to fuck her pussy.

Frank and Cruz have Benecio and Carlos fuck Brenda’s pussy. The guys keep her stimulated and orgasming. She is panting and spasming from the all the stimulations.

Frank and Cruz are next. Cruz wants to be last. He wants some more time to influence Brenda to accept him as a “special” lover.

Frank is standing on the floor with his knees pressed against the bed. He pulls Brenda’s ass close to the edge of the bed. He pushes her legs up and back spreading them. Brenda held her legs as Frank pushed his cock into her pussy. His hands were at her sides on the bed. He leaned his body over her as he deep penetrated her pussy. He kissed Brenda and French kissed her. She put her arms around his neck kissing him. Brenda whispered,”she loves him.” Brenda is orgasming, panting and squealing with the deep feelings of Frank’s cock in her pussy.

Frank says,” he’s cumming. He pumps his load of sperm into her pussy. He pushes in keeping his cock deep in her pussy as he squirts. Brenda has a deep feeling of warm sperm splashing on her vagina walls. The feeling is so profoundly stimulating she yells,”oh yesss! “Oh my God,” as she spasms from the orgasms. At the same time Frank French kisses her heightening her sensitivity to the stimulation’s. She pants and begs him to keep squirting and fucking her. Brenda locks her legs around his body to receive all of Frank’s stimulations from his cock and sperm.

Frank hugs and kisses Brenda. She presses her body to his. Brenda holds Frank in her arms loving him. After awhile the two lovers release their grip of each other. Frank rolls away from Brenda. It’s Cruz’s turn.

Brenda was still in need of cock. She is so well lubricated by three men she is ready for Cruz’s twelve inch thick cock. Cruz pulls Brenda to the edge of the bed. He is standing facing her with his knees pressed against the bed. He raises her legs and puts against his shoulders. He pushes his cock into her well spermed lubricated pussy. He starts fucking Brenda rapidly. She is highly aroused. She is grunting and moaning. Then he slows down doing deep penetration. After a few minutes he repeats his earlier actions of fast fucking Brenda. He would slow down again. Brenda would be on the verge of orgasming and then Cruz would slow down or stop fucking her.

Cruz had learned to control a woman’s sexual needs. By bringing a woman to orgasm then withholding her stimulation’s frustrates her. After numerous times of withholding sex women will beg Cruz to fuck her. He becomes her master. His specialty is controlling married women. He is in control of her sexual needs. He keeps has her stimulated then she denies sex with their husbands. The husbands have no idea he is controlling their wives sexual needs.

In Brenda’s case she asks Frank to fuck her again to bring her to orgasm. Frank comes to the bed. Cruz stopped his stalling and brings Brenda to orgasm. He apologized to her. He doesn’t want to lose her love.

After vaginal sex with Brenda Frank asks the guys who would like to put their sperm from Brenda’s body with a spoon and a cup. Benicio volunteers.

Benicio carefully spoons sperm from her pussy to a cup as she pushes the sperm out. He spoons the copious sperm from her thighs placing it into the cup when finished. Benicio hands Brenda four ounces of sperm.

The guys stood around the bed watching Brenda as she takes the spoon and cup. She spoons sperm from the cup. Brenda smiles and says,”I love you guys.” She spooned their sperm into her mouth and was swallowing the copious fluid. The guys applauded her for her love for them and their love for her.

Brenda had one more request for the guys. She asked them to fuck her ass?
Their answer is unaminous. They said,”yes.”

Brenda is on her knees on the floor. The guys line up and Brenda gives the guys blowjobs to stimulate their cocks. To give them erections.

She is back on the bed on her hands and knees. Brenda is licking and sucking a cock while being ass fucked by Benicio. Benicio squirts Brenda’s ass. Carlos continues fucking her ass. She switches sucking cock between Frank and Cruz. Carlos is done squirting Brenda’s ass.

Frank and Cruz flip a coin to see who is next to ass fuck Brenda’s ass. Cruz calls heads. Heads it is. Cruz rubs Brenda’s ass. He lubricates his 12″ cock and her ass. He slides his cock in all the way into her ass to where his cock disappeared.

Cruz slow fucked her ass. He massaged her ass and body as he fucked her. Brenda moved her ass back to meet the thrusts of his cock. Cruz reached around under her and stimulated her nipples as he fucked her. Brenda is grunting as Cruz deep fucks her ass. Cruz starts squirting her ass and pulls her ass tight to his cock as she has multiple orgasms. Brenda is panting feeling the stimulations from his cock. Cruz moves to the front of Brenda and kisses her. He says,”he loves her.” Brenda kisses him. She said,”she will see him Wednesday at his tattoo shop.”

Frank is last but not least. He also has a 12″ cock. Brenda loves Frank as a great lover in bed. Frank kisses her and French kisses her before he fucks her ass.

Frank lubricates her ass and his cock. He pushes his cock in her ass. He thrusts his cock in and out. Brenda moves her body to his thrusting making his cock deep penetrating her ass. She loves his erotic touching and stimulating of her body. She is already stimulated enough to orgasm. Frank feels ready to squirt her ass. He pulls her off of her hands. He holds her against his chest. He kisses her cheek as he squirts her ass. He licks, sucks her neck as he kneads her nipples. Brenda has multiple orgasms with all of the stimulations.

After resting Frank takes Brenda to the bathroom to shower and bathe her. He has the guys volunteer bathing her. The large shower just about accommodates the three guys and Brenda. When Brenda has been bathed she get on her knees in the shower and sucks the guys cocks that want blowjobs. She swallows another large load of sperm. Showers are over.

Brenda has three handsome lovers sleeping with her. In the morning she will awaken to kisses, six hands stimulating her and cocks fucking her holes. She feels free, liberated and loved.

Brenda Has A Busy Week And Meets Sonia…Cont’d

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