Samantha Parker's Story

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Chapter: Nineteen

Doctor John Sherman thought the day Samantha was released from the hospital, was one of the longest of his entire life. Doctor Sherman loved his profession and usually stayed at the hospital until late in the evening. Since his wife passed away a few years ago, he had spent more and more time there. Today however, he was anxious to get home because Samantha would be there.

It wasn’t as if he was in dire need of female company and all that went with it; Doctor Sherman had a relationship with one of the nurses at the hospital. Carol Elgin was in her late forties and reasonably attractive. The sex was good and they had a comfortable relationship. Sometimes they got together once a week and sometimes less often. It depended upon their schedules. They enjoyed each other’s company, but it wasn’t like they had a hot love affair going. The relationship satisfied their needs and it was convenient.

Until he met Samantha, Doctor Sherman was reasonably happy with his life. Sure, like any normal man, he noticed cute young things, but it had never gone beyond the stage of an appreciative look. So what was so different about Samantha? Doctor Sherman didn’t know. What he did know, was that there was something so attractive about her, that he would be willing to take a very big risk to possess her. Here was the conflict that he was wrestling with. Was he using his position as a doctor and authoritarian figure to take advantage of Samantha? That was unethical and he knew it. He desperately hoped that Samantha would want him for himself. He thought it wasn’t likely that a sexy young girl like Samantha would be interested in him in a sexual way and if that’s the way it turned out; so be it. But if there was even the slightest chance that she would, he had to find out.

Samantha had a generally pleasant day. During one of their talks at the hospital, Samantha told Doctor Sherman that she enjoyed reading detective novels. Sure enough, on the stand by the bed was a new John Sanford novel and a big box of candy. Once Samantha got into her pajamas and climbed into bed, she was immersed in Lucas Davenport’s latest adventure. In the afternoon she watched a little TV and then took a nap. When she awoke, Doctor Sherman was standing by the bed.

Pointing to the book lying by Samantha, he said, “I hoped you hadn’t read that one. The sales clerk at the book store said it was the latest.”

“No I haven’t read it and it’s very good. Thank you for getting it for me. You’re too kind Doctor Sherman. I’ll never be able to repay you for all you’ve done.”

Doctor Sherman said earnestly, “Samantha please understand; I don’t expect any payment. I’m not trying to put you under any obligation to me. I’m helping you simply because I want to and because I like you very much.”

John thought it was a lot more than liking, but he didn’t have the nerve to say so just yet.. He continued in a matter of fact tone, “Now that you’re a guest in my house Samantha, please call me John. I’m still your doctor, until you’re completely well. I’d just prefer that you call me John. OK?”

“Sure, OK John.”

John, as Samantha thought of him now, glanced to the stand by the bed and commented, “You must not have much of a sweet tooth. It looks like you didn’t sample any of the candy.”

“Oh I love candy, probably too much for my own good. If I lay around in this bed eating candy, every piece would go right to my butt and it’s too big already.”

John laughed and said, “If you don’t mind me saying so, I think your butt is very nice, just like the rest of you.”

Samantha said in a teasing tone, “Oh you men are all alike I guess.”

“I plead guilty to being a man Samantha. Most of us have an eye for a pretty girl with a nice shape.”

“Well I guess I won’t hold that against you. I suppose it comes with the territory. John?”

“Yes Samantha.”

“Do you mind telling me a little about yourself? I’m curious about this room. Have you had other patients here?”

“Only one Samantha; my wife. She suffered through a long bout of cancer. I looked after her here. I lost her about five years ago.”

“I’m sorry, that’s very sad.”

“Yes it was at the time, but life has to go on. We can’t live in the past. In time, I got over it. Just as, in time, you’ll get over the loss of your mother.” John took Samantha’s hand as he continued, “You know Samantha, when we lose a loved one; sometimes if we’re very lucky, we find new love. It doesn’t always happen, but it can.”

Samantha nodded and didn’t say anything for a long while. Then she asked, “Do you have any children?”

“No, I have a very low sperm count, my wife never got pregnant. Well that’s enough of my life history for now. How are you feeling this evening? Do you have any pain? How did you make out on your own today?”

“I feel fine and there’s no pain. I felt a little weak when I was moving around.”

“You won’t have to worry about moving around too much for a day or two Samantha. I’m taking some vacation time so I can keep an eye on you. The weakness is due to the loss of blood and I’m afraid that leads to a little unpleasantness. I want to give you a vitamin injection that will help build up your blood. It will be just a bit painful.”

John bent down and picked up his medical bag. He sat it on the stand by the bed and filled a rather nasty looking hypodermic syringe. Samantha looked away and held out her arm. John said, “No Samantha that won’t do. There’s not enough flesh there. I’m afraid I’m going to have to ask you to roll over onto your tummy for this one and I’ll take your temperature too. Even a slight fever, can be an indication that infection is setting in.”

Samantha sighed and felt her face turning a little red as she got onto her tummy. She saw John place the syringe on the stand by the bed, take a thermometer out of his bag and lay it by the syringe. Then she felt him pulling the bed covers down. He said, “Please raise up just a little Samantha. I have to pull your pajama bottom and panties down.”

Samantha didn’t know why, but somehow this situation was more embarrassing than that time her dad spanked her bare butt in front of Dave Weston. Samantha lifted her bottom off the bed. She felt John’s hands at the waistband of her pajamas. Then her pajama bottom and panties were being slid down to about mid-thigh. Samantha lay down and saw John taking the thermometer from the stand. She buried her face in the pillow. She felt her butt cheeks being parted and she stiffened just a bit, as she felt the thermometer being inserted. In a few moments she felt the thermometer being removed.

John said, “You’re temperature is normal. That’s very good.”

Now Samantha felt the coolness of some alcohol being rubbed into one of her butt cheeks. She was becoming a little nervous and began to tense up. Suddenly, a sharp spank landed right in the middle of Samantha’s butt and she yelled, Ouch!”

Before Samantha could grasp what was happening, John was saying, “There, all done.” Now Samantha felt John gently massaging her butt and she felt a little twinge in that special spot. She was just beginning to enjoy the sensation when he said, “I don’t think there will be any bruising or lasting soreness there. OK, let’s get your pajamas up.”

When Samantha rolled over John said, “That was a little trick I learned from an old nurse. The surprise of the spank takes the patient’s mind off the injection and they actually tend to relax more.”

Samantha said, “Ha! That’s a likely story. I think you just wanted to spank my butt.”

John smiled and said, “Now I’ll go out into the kitchen and see about fixing you something to eat.”

Samantha lay awake for a very long while that night. She thought meeting John Sherman was the first good thing that had happened to her in a long while. But she had a nagging worry. Was her body
going to betray her again? She couldn’t forget the twinge she’d felt when John was touching her bottom. She knew she would have been will
ing for him to keep that up. When she had felt that twinge down there, she had to consciously stop herself from pushing her butt up against his hand and spreading her legs. In another moment or two she was sure her pussy would have been getting wet.

Then the little voice in Samantha’s head chimed in, “Are you going to try to keep John from finding out how you are Samantha? I suppose you want to fool him into thinking you’re normal. It won’t work. It’s like Dave Weston said, “You have to face facts.” You are what you are Samantha. You can’t change that.”

Samantha covered her mouth to keep from crying out. She rolled over onto her side, squeezed her legs together and moaned. When she finally fell asleep, Samantha had the dream of floating in the air with hands moving all over her body. When she awoke, the gray light of early morning was filling the room. Samantha got out of bed and took the little pink nightgown from the drawer where she had placed it. She got out a pair of sexy pink panties and went into the bathroom. She washed herself all over and put on the nightgown and panties. She took her little bottle of perfume and dabbed some on her wrists, neck and behind her ears. Then she got back into bed and waited for John to get up and come in.

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