Samantha Parker's Story

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Chapter: Twenty

Doctor John Sherman thought that in his entire life, he had never experienced the intense level of sexual desire he felt when he was slipping Samantha’s pajama bottom and panties down. Now as he lay in his bed, the vision of Samantha’s sexy butt being revealed made his cock throb. Then the thought of spreading her plump rounded butt cheeks and seeing her tight puckered opening expanding slightly to accept the thermometer, made it almost impossible for him to lie still. His hands kept straying down to his lust-engorged shaft and he had to fight to keep them away.

Doctor Sherman was struggling with the conflict that had plagued him since the first time he laid eyes on Samantha. Yes, she was more than just another patient to him, but he was still a doctor. The things he had done were in the way of medical treatment and should have had no sexual connotation. He knew that, but just knowing something didn’t make it true. In the early hours of the morning, he finally concluded that if he didn’t detect some return of physical attraction and desire on Samantha’s part, he couldn’t live in the same house with her. That would be pure torture. Not that he intended on pushing her out into the street. No, he would figure some way to help, without making her part of his life. Although he truly cared for Samantha, Doctor Sherman was beginning to wish he’d never met her. At this point, she was making his life too complicated.

Around 7:00 AM Doctor Sherman went down to the kitchen and prepared a breakfast tray for Samantha. When he entered her room carrying the tray, the vision of pure sexuality that confronted him, almost made him drop it. Samantha was lying on the bed wearing a sexy short pink nightgown. The nightgown revealed Samantha’s shapely legs and beneath the thin material, the firm mounds of her full breasts were very evident. Doctor Sherman could detect the faint odor of some very nice perfume. He immediately concluded; Samantha must be trying to drive him crazy. He thought the way she’s looking right now, no man alive could resist her.

With hands that were slightly trembling, Doctor Sherman sat the tray on the stand by the bed. He said, “Good morning Samantha. How are you feeling?”

Samantha didn’t answer right away. She gazed at Doctor Sherman very intently. From the look in Samantha’s eyes, he could sense that there was a raging battle of wills going on within her. Doctor Sherman had seen this type of inward struggle in only a few people and he didn’t like to think where he’d seen those people. Suddenly Samantha seemed to visibly relax and she said in a completely normal tone, “John, I have a little problem this morning. It’s kind of embarrassing.”

“What is it Samantha? You can tell me.”

“Well I’m a little sore. You know, on my behind. I think I might be getting a bruise from that shot. Do you mind taking a look?”

“It’s OK Samantha. I’ll see if there’s a problem. Just turn over.”

Samantha took a big fluffy pillow and placed it in the center of the bed. Then she sat up and said, “My nightgown might get in the way.”

Samantha reached down, pulled her nightgown up and slipped it off. She folded the nightgown and lay it aside. She took her time, purposely giving Doctor Sherman a good long look at her breasts. At this sight, Doctor Sherman felt his cock, which had already been slightly hard, become almost fully erect. Samantha had the sexiest pair of tits he’d ever seen. Their big pink nipples were already erect and he wanted to taste them so bad, he almost started drooling. Samantha rolled over, positioning herself on the pillow so that her butt was nicely elevated and on perfect display. The little pink bikini panties she was wearing hid virtually nothing and seemed only to emphasize, rather than hide, her beautifully globed butt cheeks.

When he bent over the bed and slid Samantha’s little pink panties down, Doctor Sherman had some difficulty keeping his breath from coming in ragged gasps. As he ran a trembling hand over Samantha’s butt, he said, “There doesn’t seem to be any sign of inflammation Samantha.”

“Oh? Well, it was hurting and what you’re doing makes it feel a lot better. I like it.”

Doctor Sherman continued to gently massage Samantha’s butt and as he did, Samantha began to move it in a slow circular motion against the palm of his hand. Then she spread her legs, revealing her prominent pouting pussy lips. Doctor Sherman moved his hand lower and slid a finger into Samantha’s hot moist slit. When his finger lightly brushed over Samantha’s clit, she cried out “Oh God! Yes!”

That was the end of all restraint for Doctor Sherman. He tore his clothes off and climbed up onto the bed between Samantha’s legs. Using his tongue, he began to explore Samantha’s pussy from behind. When he began playing his tongue over Samantha’s distended clit, she cried out again and thrust back. Then she began to moan in pleasure. While he continued to work over Samantha’s clit, Doctor Sherman saw Samantha bring her hands around behind her back and spread her ample butt cheeks invitingly. Guessing what she wanted, Doctor Sherman brought the tip of his tongue to bear on Samantha’s puckered little rosette, as he continued using a finger to stimulate her clit. As the puckered elastic opening yielded to the inward thrusts of his tongue, Samantha said breathlessly, “God yes! More! Deeper! Harder!” In a few more moments Samantha screamed, “Please fuck me now!”

Doctor Sherman rose up and guided the head of his stiff rod into Samantha’s hungry pussy. The feeling was beyond belief. Samantha’s tight hot love tunnel molded itself around the circumference of his cock and he felt her pussy muscles clenching as he drove into her. Samantha was still holding her butt cheeks well spread. Doctor Sherman brought his thumb down and sank it into Samantha’s nether orifice. With his thumb fully inserted he could feel his stiff cock moving in and out of Samantha through the thin wall between her pussy and anus. In almost no time, Samantha screamed out and came. Seconds later, Doctor Sherman’s load literally exploded from his cock. The release was so intense, Doctor Sherman nearly screamed as he came.

Later, as he and Samantha were lying side by side on the bed; Samantha asked, “John you don’t think I’m a bad person do you? I mean, the way I was acting before. You don’t think it was bad do you?”

Doctor Sherman took Samantha in his arms, kissed her forehead and said, “You shouldn’t hide your feelings Samantha. I’ve been trying to hide mine since the first time I saw you. You can’t know how much I’ve wanted you.”

“I thought you wanted me physically John. But do you want me in any other way?”

“Of course I do Samantha. I love everything about you and I intend to prove it. I hope you’ll give me that chance.”

Samantha sighed and snuggled closer to Doctor Sherman. She thought please let it be true, as a feeling of calm contentment coursed through her body.

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