Samantha Parker's Story

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Chapter: Eighteen

On the second morning Samantha was in the hospital, a nurse brought in a beautiful flower arrangement for her. There was an extremely nice get well card too, but it wasn’t signed. When Doctor John Sherman came in to see Samantha in the afternoon he said, “It seems as if you have a secret admirer Samantha. You must be a very special young lady to someone.”

Samantha smiled and said, “Doctor Sherman, thank you so much for the beautiful flowers.”

Doctor Sherman looked a Samantha very solemnly and said, “Why Miss Elliot, I’m sure I don’t know what you mean.” Then he winked at Samantha and continued in a businesslike tone, “How are you feeling today Samantha? Have you had any headaches or bouts of dizziness?”

“No. I’m feeling fine.”

“Good, now I’m going to call a nurse to assist me. I want to have a look at your stitches and we’ll change the dressing.”

Later after the nurse left, Doctor Sherman said, “Samantha you’re doing just great. Normally, I’d keep you here for at least two or three more days, but you don’t need to be monitored continually now. You should be alright on your own, until I get home in the evening.”

“Doctor Sherman, I don’t understand. What do you mean, until you get home?”

“Samantha, you don’t think I’m just going to turn you back out onto the street do you?”

“You don’t owe me anything. I owe you. You’ve already done more than enough for me. I can take care of myself. It’s not your responsibility.”

“Samantha, let’s put it this way then. I want you to do something for me. I want you to stay at my house for a few days, until you’re fully recovered. Then we can discuss further arrangements. OK?”

Samantha nodded. Doctor Sherman took a little note pad out of his pocket and tore out a sheet. He handed it to Samantha and said, “That’s my address. I’m going to release you in the morning. There will be a cab waiting for you. The cab fare will be taken care of. Give the driver this address.” Now Doctor Sherman handed Samantha a key. “Here’s a house key. When you get in the house, you’ll find a bedroom that’s equipped with a hospital bed and has an adjoining bathroom. You are to go in that room and get yourself right back in bed. That’s doctor’s orders. Understand?”

Samantha nodded again, took Doctor Sherman’s hand and squeezed it. She said, “Thank you Doctor Sherman. I truly mean it with all my heart.”

Anna was sitting in her room glumly staring out the window. If her thoughts could travel across space and seek out Samantha; it’s very likely that Samantha would immediately disintegrate into a billion pieces. When Uncle Burt found out that his little slut was gone, he’d blamed Anna. When she’d told her uncle that Samantha had just decided to leave on her own, he didn’t believe her. That blabber mouth Allison Chambers let it slip about her going home early that day when Uncle Burt was screwing Samantha. Hell and damnation! It was more like that little whore was screwing Uncle Burt. She was bouncing up and down on his cock like she was riding a pogo stick. Jesus H. Christ! If she’d missed a beat, there could have been some serious damage done. But then Anna thought there probably wasn’t any danger. That Samantha was an expert. She’d probably been riding cocks most of her life and God only knows what else she’d done. Anna didn’t want to think about that, it was probably too disgusting!

Anna couldn’t figure out what Uncle Burt thought was so great about mealy-mouthed Samantha. Yeah she had nice tits, but that big ass of hers wasn’t so hot. At least, Anna didn’t think so. Hell, Samantha herself said it was too big! Now Anna knew she’d made a big mistake. She should have just let well enough alone. In time, Uncle Burt would have seen Samantha for the little slut she was. Now that she was gone, he’d turned her into a God damned saint. Anna thought mistakes can be corrected though. She knew a few things about little Miss Samantha Fucking Parker that Uncle Burt didn’t know. Knowledge was power and Anna figured her knowledge of Samantha gave her power. Anna decided she’d just have to do a little more detective work. Maybe the police could use a hand in tracking down Samantha and maybe they needed a little hint about doing some more investigation into the circumstances surrounding her mom’s death.

Now Anna thought, as a grim smile began to form on her lips, you started fucking with my life the minute you showed up here Samantha. But by the time I’m finished with you, you’re going to find out what a real fucking is and I don’t mean it in the physical sense. There’s no question you know all about that kind of fucking, I’m sure you’ve had a cock stuck in every place one could be stuck in!

Allison Chambers couldn’t believe her luck. For years she’d been thinking about Burt Hilbish and hoping to get a chance to get acquainted with that huge cock of his. Now it seemed as if she finally had him. For once, she hadn’t been disappointed. So far, Burt had lived up to his reputation. Of course he was older now; but what he lacked in youthful staying power, he made up for with experience. One thing was bothering Allison, they’d been together three times and he hadn’t got around to fucking her in the ass yet; she might have to give him a hint about that.

Then Allison’s thoughts took a different turn. She figured that once Burt got back to a real woman like her, instead of that skinny niece of his, he’d never go back. Oh yeah, he might fuck Anna every now and then, just for variety. But from now on, his main interest would be in her; not Anna. But what if this was just a temporary thing? Allison thought she might be fooling herself. She’d noticed a significant coolness in Burt’s attitude the last time she’d mentioned Anna. The little bitch must have done something to really piss Burt off. Allison wished she knew what it was. She supposed Burt and Anna could always kiss and make up. If they did, where would she be? Allison vowed that if this thing turned into a competition between her and Burt’s tight-assed little niece, she was going to come out the winner. Speaking of tight asses; Allison wondered how hard it would be to take Burt’s salami up hers. Then she thought; well there’s only one way to find out.

The next morning around 11:00 AM, Samantha was unlocking the door at Dr. Sherman’s house. She was surprised when the cab pulled into the driveway. The house was nice, but not big or fancy, like she expected a doctor’s to be. Samantha thought she didn’t care if she was living in a shack, as long as she had someone who really cared about her and she was sure Doctor John Sherman did.

Once inside, Samantha could tell this place hadn’t had a woman’s touch in a very long while. It was generally neat, but there was dust all over everything. The curtains looked as if they hadn’t been taken down for a cleaning in years. Samantha found the room with the hospital bed. She sat her suitcase on it and began to unpack. She wondered why there was a hospital bed in the house. She actually knew very little about the man whose house she was going to be staying in. Samantha didn’t know if he’d ever been married or if he had any kids. For all she knew, he could be gay, although he didn’t strike her as being that way.

Then the little voice inside Samantha’s head started, “There you go Samantha. You haven’t been in the house ten minutes and you’re thinking about sex. Well it has been a couple of days and you’ve been a good girl. Then maybe I’m giving you too much credit. You couldn’t pull him into the bed with you in the hospital. That might have been going too far; even for a slut like you. Oh yeah, I forgot about the miscarriage you had. It might have been messy too. But you’re probably OK now. I’ll bet that hot little box of yours is ready for action again. Why don’t you put on that cute little pink nightgown? It looks very hot on you. When the doctor gets home, you could tell him that your pussy has been botherin
g you and ask him to take a look at it. I know you can take it from there.”

Samantha sank down onto the floor screaming, “No! No! No! I’m not like that! Please leave me alone!”

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