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the other day I had to go to my doctor for my annual examination ,
this time I visited my doctor had put me on a strict diet
Telling me I needed to lose weight .
Of course I figured the doctor knew best after all he was the doctor.
He had given me pills to take home with me in fact more then a months prescription
Though I thought it odd so I had an ample amout of pills.
He had given me specific instructions take only one pill a day and I would lose 3 pounds a week .
But if I took any more then that it could have strange effects .,
he also told me that I would be on this diet for 2 month before my next check up .
But by taking the pills in excess it could have great and serious side effects such as breast enlargement
As well as weight loss and possible shrinking of the penis .
Well I was so anxious to give it a try after my first month everything went great
I lost exactly what the doctor said I would .
So I kept the diet up the next two weeks I lost another 6 pounds.
Then I took a trip for two weeks and hadn’t taken any of my pills so I had lost no weight .
I knew I only had one more week and I would be back at the doctors office
and not at the weight I was suppose to be at
So I thought about it and decided to go ahead and use large doses of the pills taking 7 days supply one day or 7 pills
then taking another 7 the next day .
Well the first day there was no ill sexual side effects though my body had rumbled a bit and sure as the world
I had lost over three pounds overnight.
So I took another 7 pills the next evening and went to bed knowing I had to see the doctor the next day I felt really good
I woke up the next morning and I felt as light as air I felt like I might have lost twenty or more pounds.
As I was getting ready to get dressed for the doctors office I was standing in front of the mirror to admire my body
I was horrified though ,my breast were now quite large and full I had lost a lot of weight indeed more then any 20 pounds
I weighed myself I now weighed a puny 120 pounds ,my penis had indeed shrunk it was very small now
My doctor would definately be shocked once he seen me .
Well I went on to the doctors office as I had appointment for me anyway.
The receptionist kept staring at me as I had stopped by a neighbors house and took her pants ,undies,bra and shirt from her clothesline
As I figured she was about my size and I figured correctly thank goodness .
I could have cared less about the bra part but gees I didn’t want my big tits and nipples flapping around not now .
As I finally went to the examining room the nurse was a bit surprised seeing my name and my new body in her clothes she was my neighbor
She said my my what have you done little boy smiling
Finally the doctor stepped in he said I see you over dozed on the medication as he grabbed each of my breast and squezed
I said that hurts what are you doing he said checking to see if your pregnate
I said in my now femalish voice look doc that is impossible I am a man.
He said look down as I did my penis was replaced by a virgin pussy
Then the doctor asked me to bend over so he could further examine me ,
assuring me my condition was only temporary wouldn’t last for a year but I would be a woman for all intents and purposes
for that time.
As I bent over the good doctor fastened my hands to the table and fucked me hard from behind coming in my new pussy
Then he made me suck his dick while I was detained till he came in my mouth ,that bastard I hated him for it
Because now I am pregnant with my breasts filled with milk .He also told me my condition was permanent

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  1. Boring

    That was one of the worst stories i’ve read on here… Would be a good story if there was more to it, more detail

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  2. T.G.

    that was ok, but definatly odd. not one of the worst, but definately weird.

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