To get out of a ticket

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I was a highway deputy who was assigned to set up a speedtrap to see if someone was speeding. One day, a car zoomed by at 15 miles over the speed limit. I chased after it and it pulled over.

I went up to the window and asked “License and Registration Please” There was a girl driving and a pretty hot one at that. She had a lot cut midriff top on and a very short skirt. All of a sudden she said, “Look, cop, I can’t get another ticket. I’m willing to do anything to avoid it.” With that, she took her hand and felt my crotch.

I decided to take advantage of the situation, since this was a very hot girl and it would be awesome to fuck her. I also didn’t care if gave out one less ticket than I should have. It was late at night and no one was on the road. So, I said. “Ok. put your hands on the hood and let me search you.” She got out of the car and put her hand on the hood while she was standing

I took my hand and rubbed it all over her body. When I got to her pussy, I put my hands under her panties and rubbed it hard. She moaned wildly. I ripped off her skirt and panties and saw the nice pussy. I then took my hand and ripped off her top and bra and boy those tits were amazing. I rubbed them hard and they got hard fast.

“Now, lady, if you go along with it, I’ll let you off. You have an awesome body that just wants to be fucked hard.”

“O yes, cop. fuck me hard.” With that, I got on top of her in the hood and kissed her sultry, wet lips. I put my tongue in and boy her tongue was wet and moist. Her tits felt nice against my body. I then pulled down my pants and my hard cock was revealed. I took it and shoved it in her awesome pussy. She let out the best moans of pleasure I have ever heard. Her pussy was the best I’ve ever experienced. I kept it there for more than an hour.

After that, I let her continue driving. Before she left she said, “That was awesome. Let’s do it more awesome. Here’s my number and address.”

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