The Sacrament of Reconciliation

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“I am so ashamed, Father. I am afraid to tell you. I am afraid that I will desire it even as I speak with you in this holy place. I am afraid, Father. I am so afraid.”
“Be not afraid, my child. Trust in the Lord to protect you, to give you the strength and courage to cast out the demons that torment you now. Trust Him, trust me. I will pray for you now. Speak if you wish.”

It is quiet now, so quiet. I am calm, but I am still afraid. I want to tell you. I need to tell you what I have done, what I have thought. But I am afraid. The room is so silent now that I can hear my breathing, your breathing. I can feel my heart racing in my chest and I am afraid that you can hear it. I am afraid that you can hear the lust coursing through my veins, the carnal desire that is tearing my soul apart. I am afraid to tell you what I have thought about these many sleepless nights, how I have dreamed of this. How I have touched myself thinking of this.

Softly I hear you pray, so softly I begin to speak. The prayer is soothing as you say it. My voice is barely audible as I confess. It is a whisper, but you hear me as you pray:

“Our Father…I want to fuck
Who art in Heaven…To feel your cock inside me
Hallowed be…Pounding, Burning
Thy Name…I lust for you, I ache for you
Thy Kingdom Come…I am so afraid
Thy Will Be Done…I dream we are here
On Earth…In this confessional together
As it is in Heaven…You are hearing the sins of
Give us this Day…the people of the church
Our Daily Bread…I am kneeling between your legs
And forgive us…Sucking your cock
Our Trespasses…As you hold my head
As we Forgive…You are so hot, but
Those Who Trespass…Your breathing is even
Agaist Us…So you can hide it
And Lead Us Not…I suck you and lick you and
Into Temptation…devour your shaft
But deliver us…It is so wrong, so wrong
From evil…but I need it
For Thine is the…They are confessing to you
Kingdom…While I’m sucking your cock
And the Power…I am swallowing your lust
And The Glory…In this holy place
Forever…As you pray for them
Amen…As you pray for me

You are finished praying. You continued praying for me as I spoke to you; your words were strained, you tried to fight it. You were resisting it for me, but now you cannot resist it any more. I am listening to you. I can hear your breathing. It is fast and ragged and I can hear you jerking off. I want to taste it, to feel it inside me. To take it into my body and soothe the aching hunger inside of me. I hear the sound of your hands on your cock, you are rubbing your cock and I love it. I listen and I love it. I open the door, leave my solitude and join you.

I am crying now, Father. There are tears streaming down my face as the juices pour from my cunt. I am aching for you. The demons are in my head and I want you. I have never felt lust like this. I look deep in your eyes and they are so tortured. You stop jerking off and you let go of your cock as I see the desire in your eyes. The hunger; the pain. You have given into your lust as I have given into mine. I touch your collar, but I do not remove it. I kiss you softly, slide my tongue over your lips and you open your mouth. My cunt is so wet now, Father. You put your hands on my jeans and tear them off in one furious motion. You lean over and I feel your lips against my belly. You are smelling my sex and you know I want you. Your lips find my slit and I want you to lick it, to lap it up, and you do. You drink my lust and it is so wrong and so right. You lick my clit, over and over until I cannot take it anymore. I push your head away and you sit back in your chair. I lower myself onto you and your cock is hard and deep inside of me. I writhe up and down in agony and your body understands my rhythm. You knead my buttocks as you pull me harder onto you. You are impaling me and I am whimpering. I bury my face in your throat, next to your collar. I see the brightness of the white against the black. I like the sight of it. I like the taste of your skin.

I can feel your torture, your pain, your guilt; but I know you need me just as I need you. I hear you groan, an animal moan deep in your throat, and I feel your hot seed spilling inside of me. I let myself go in a frenzy of desire, urgent, throbbing, aching. I tremble, I cry. And you hold me as we both begin to pray. I ask you if we will burn in hell and I see a lone tear stream down your cheek. I kiss it away. We will go to hell. We must. We have sinned against God and the Church and we have done it here in this holy place. In this Sacrament of Reconciliation. But for a few precious moments, we tasted Heaven in one another. We were Gods together.


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  1. HeavenlyDreams

    I Loved It….Brilliant Composing and Flowing…
    through the whole story…it makes one think…
    that as long as a man has a dick…he can never be trusted not to use it…for Sex and temptation are almost impossible to resist…
    I never resist…I love SEX…and Men of The
    Cloth are the Ultimate Temptation…mmmmmmmmmmmm

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