She Should Have Been On Time

Hey all, this is the first story I have posted here and is also the first story I have written in quite some time, Feedback is greatly appreciated. Thanks and enjoy.


As the beautiful, young blonde unlocked the door to her condo and climbed the stairs she knew something was off. As she reached the top she saw him sitting in the recliner. The TV was off, blinds were closed, and all that was sitting on the coffee table was her wooden hair brush and his belt. Her heart started racing with the knowledge of what was to come.

“How long have you been here?” she asked with a slight tremor in her voice.

“Long enough.” he answered. “I told you to be home, waiting for me, an hour ago did I not?”

“Yes sir” she responded. She could not tell whether it was fear or excitement that was making her body flush.

“You remember the plans we had for tonight, correct?”

“Yes sir, we were going out with Jessica.”

“Well I canceled with her, we will have to go out next week. Because of your lateness, I now have a new activity in store for you.” The stern tone in his voice assured her that he was not toying with her. “I left out something for you to put on. Go into the bedroom and get ready for me, then come back out in only what I left for you.”

“Yes sir” she said turning around and hurrying to the bedroom. As she closed the door behind her, she noticed that the only thing on the bed was her thin, black night gown. She quickly went into the master bath and started the shower. She peeled her clothes off and got in. As the water went sliding down her succulently soft skin she reached for her razor and began to shave just as he liked her to be. Then she promptly washed her hair and body. She got out of the shower, dried off, slipped the gown on and walked back out to the living room.

He was still in the chair, patiently waiting for her.

Upon presenting herself to him, he looked her over. “Good girl,” he said in approval. “Now, come here” he said as he motioned her towards him. She knew better than to disobey him now. As she got within reach he grabbed her arm and pulled her close, then threw her over his knee.

As he slid the bottom of her gown up, exposing her ass to the slightly cool air of the room, he asked, “You know why you are here correct?”

“Yes sir” she responded as her heart started racing faster by the second.

“Good” he said just before she felt his firm hand spank and squeeze her right cheek. Then the same on the left.

“You have the most gorgeous ass” she heard him say as she felt his stare upon it.

Then again she felt his hand smacking her bottom as her spanking resumed. As he laid into her, she could feel her ass start to get heated. The result of the blood rushing to it. First the right, then left, then right, and right again. His spankings were unpredictable. Once he started spanking her harder she clenched her cheeks together.

“Loosen,” he said upon seeing it. When she loosened her ass she noticed him grabbing the hair brush. “You know better then to tighten you ass during a spanking don’t you?”

“Yes sir” she forced out. The new heat of her ass against the air sent a chill down her spine.

As he started to spank her again she felt the sting of the hair brush against her now reddening ass. Then it came down again and again. The stinging shots running through her. As it starts to become too much he stops and starts running his hand along her ass.

“We don’t want your ass getting too worn out before we’re finished” he says as she sees him pick up the belt.

He finishes rubbing and she hears him snap the belt to let her know what’s coming. He adjusts her body on his lap and she can feel his hard cock through his jeans on her body.

Then the first crack of the belt on her bright red ass raddled her whole body. Despite the pain, she can feel her pussy getting wetter with each smack. The second crack of the black leather belt landed just across her upper thigh sending a shooting pain through her that made her cry out. The third crack landed back on her ass and felt harder then the first two. As he spanked her with the belt she could feel the stinging getting worse. She knew she would not be able to sit without pain for the next few days.

After what seemed like an hour, she saw him set the belt down and felt his hand start to caress his work.

“That’s my girl” he said as he rubbed her bright red and marked bottom. He stood her up and turned her around to walk her to the bedroom. Upon entering, he closed the door behind him. He reached around from behind her, grabbed her chin, and turned her head to meet her lips with a deep, passionate kiss. He turned her head to the other side and she felt him kiss, bite, and suck her neck while his other hand grabbed her plump tits.

He turned her around and she saw his shirt was already off. As he sat her on the edge of the bed he said “Take my pants off.”

She unbuttoned his jeans and slid them to the ground, exposing his rock hard cock to her. He stepped out of them and knowing what she needed to do, she immediately threw her mouth around his cock and started sucking. “That’s a good girl,” she heard as he grabbed a handful of her hair and started guiding her movements. His cock was so big she could never take it all without gagging. She started to swirl her tongue around the head of his cock and reached up to play with his balls.

He pulled her head back by her hair and pushed her back on the bed, then laid next to her, and started kissing and biting her neck again. As he did this she felt his hand grab her tits. He started kissing down her body and felt him start sucking and biting her cleavage as his hand moved to her pussy.

He slid two fingers deep inside her. Her pussy so wet he didn’t even have to try. She moaned as he curled his fingers around her G-Spot.

“I love when your pussy is dripping wet” he says as he teases her.

“Oh please sir,” she saying while moaning, “please fuck my pussy. I want to feel your cock inside me.”

He turns he over and puts her face on a pillow as her ass is in the air. She feels his cock push deep into her sopping wet pussy.

As he fucks her from behind he says, “Tell me how it feels.”

“A-amazing sir!” she shouts. “I love when you pound my pussy with your cock.”

He starts fucking her harder. She moans every time he shoves it in her. He then grabs her hair and pulls her back close to his chest. He puts his arm around her to hold her there and spanks her as he fucks her.

“Oh yes sir! Spank me harder!” she screams. “Please let me ride your cock sir, I love riding your cock!”

He stops and pulls out of her. He lays on the bed and moves her into position by her hips. She grabs his cock and lowers her pussy onto it. As she does this, he thrusts up to meet her. He spanks her and she rocks her hips harder. He keeps thrusting as he spanks her, which only makes her fuck him harder.

“Don’t stop!” she screams as he keeps spanking her ass.

“I’m going to cum!” she shouts.

“I am going to cum inside your pussy!” he tells her as he spanks her ass again.

“Oh yes, please cum inside me sir! Please!”

He thrusts deep inside her and shoots his load as they both reach the height of pleasure. She feels his cum fill her up as she leaks her pussy juice down his cock. Exhausted she dismounts him and curls up into his arms. They lay with each other for some time, then she hears him say, “Again?”

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  1. Barry

    I love the story. And I love a good spanking.

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