The Price of Free Speech, Part 2

I learned that Miss Jones grew up the daughter of a military family. Her father was a Marine drill sergeant, and her mother a Marine lieutenant. She was raised in strict discipline, and from the beginning taught that respect was earned by being firm, and using proper terms to address superiors and subordinates. My stomach had a pit in it. The more she talked, the more I found out that her childhood was so far from normal that there was no way she could be anything but the way she is. In a way, I felt very sorry for her. She never went to amusement parks, or had girl’s night out with friends. She was even somewhat shunned by her parents for deciding to not pursue a military career after high school. This woman was truly a product of her environment.

Seeing that it was getting late, I decided to apologize again and say good night. “What? Where do you think you are going?’ Miss Jones asked. I replied, “Home, it is getting late”. “We do have an issue to discuss here Mr. Bryan”, she barked back. I stood there puzzled. “Are you telling me that my apology is not accepted?” I asked. “Mr. Bryan, your actions this evening cannot go unpunished. The guidelines of this community center clearly state that anyone, adult or child, using profanity towards another participant in any activity of this establishment is to leave and not return without a review from the board of directors. I am going to have to ask you for your resignation so that I can inform the board in the morning”. “WHAT! You’ve got to be kidding me. There is no way I am going to resign, my students are performing in less than 6 days!” “Mr. Bryan, you do have an option. Either you sign a letter of resignation tonight, or you choose my other option”.

Other option? What the hell is she talking about? I asked her what the other option was. “The other option Mr. Bryan allows this evenings events to stay between us, and allow you to continue your teaching here as if nothing ever happened”. Miss Jones refused to tell me what the other option was, she only said that I could choose option 2 and wipe the slate clean. “Ok Miss Jones, I’ll take option 2 so that this can be all put behind us”. “Are you sure Mr. Bryan? Choosing option 2 also means that you must do exactly what I say when I say it without resistance. One little violation voids option 2, and you will be forced to resign.” “YES, GET ON WITH IT WILL YA!” was my reply.

Miss Jones closed and locked the door. She then drew the shades closed, and cleared her desk. “Mr. Bryan, in light of your behavior, and your decision to take option 2, you will be beaten on your bare backside till I see you have paid for your remarks and behavior. Stand in front of my desk and place your hands at your sides” I thought whoa baby! Even though my ex would give me a paddling once in a blue moon, I somehow knew that this was going to be far different from a bedroom spanking. “Are you serious Miss Jones?” I asked. WACK across my face with her hand. She hollered “NO TALKING”. Now I got scared. This woman meant business, and I haven’t gotten a real spanking since the seventh grade from my father for stealing cigarettes. What the hell did I get myself into?

“Take off your shirt and remove your pants Mr. Bryan”. I complied out of fear. Left standing in my underpants and t-shirt, the look of fear and a slight tremble came over me. “Well, well, Mr. Smart mouth looks as scared as a little boy. That’s why you are going to be spanked because only little boys act like disrespectful brats. Go over to my closet and fetch me the yardstick. Now, go into my top desk drawer, and you will find a riding crop. Bring that and place it with the yard stick on the desk.” Out of sheer embarrassment, I followed her orders. As I took out the implements and placed them on the desk, Miss Jones opened her purse and took out a large wooden hairbrush. “Now drop your underpants to your knees, they better not hit the floor at any time unless I give my approval. Bend over and place your hands on the desk. Do not move or you will receive penalty swats for non-compliance.”

I stood as still as a corpse. Miss Jones took the hairbrush and began to paddle my bare ass. SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, five shots about five seconds apart landed on me. It was not hard to move at first because they just stung slightly. SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, six more, three on each cheek landed about three seconds apart. SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, ten more, five on each cheek about a second apart, and now I could feel the heat on my skin.

“Well Mr. Bryan, I see that you are taking your punishment well so far”. She then took the yardstick into her hands. This was no ordinary yardstick. It was an old style hickory yard stick that she must have found buried in and antique store because the newer ones are just thin pine wood. She placed her left hand on my back, and began to rub the yardstick across the hot spot on my ass. I could feel the sting as it crossed through the fine hair I have back there. Then it stopped. Next thing I heard was the sound of the wind whistling by the stick as it came down towards my ass followed by CRACK. I instantly yelped out. She paused a moment, and repeated. CRACK, CRACK, CRACK, and CRACK, echoed in the room. Each shot landed in a different spot on my ass. She was sure to vary the time between swats, making it impossible to try and prepare for the next hit. After the fifth swat, I was breathing heavy, and feeling a heat that I have not felt since childhood spankings. I could feel a tear starting to build in my eyes. Miss Jones landed 25 more shots to my on fire ass. By now I was openly crying.

“There, there, Mr. Bryan, it’s ok, little boys must cry when it hurts. Now pull up your underpants and go over to my chalkboard. Take the chalk in your hand and write naughty boys must be spanked neatly 50 time on the board.” Regardless of how embarrassed I felt, and how bad I just wanted to grab my clothes and run out the door, I still followed her orders. It was like something inside me felt as though all of this was well deserved. With a sore rear end that hurt even more when the thin white cotton of my briefs rubbed it as I wrote on the board, I finished up. “Mr. Bryan, since you have done such a good job and followed my orders so well, you may take the last part of your spanking in your underpants. Now come over to my desk and lay across it. Leave your feet on the floor, and your arms out in front of you.

Miss Jones took the riding crop in her hands. “This crop was given to me by my father. It was used on me when I stepped out of line. Father presented it to me when I graduated college and said that I would know when it was appropriate to use it. Now is that time Mr. Bryan. You are to reply Thank you Miss Jones, may I be spanked again, after every shot.” The first spank landed, WHACK. I saw stars and began to cry out loud, but still remembered to speak the chant I was instructed to say. WHACK, WHACK, WHACK, WHACK, WHACK, WHACK, WHACK, WHACK, WHACK, countless whacks landed across my thin cotton covered ass followed by the chant and plenty of tears. Now I don’t know how, but in the midst of my pain, I somehow got extremely hard, and managed to cum in my underpants. I think it was from my erect manhood rubbing in my briefs. Miss Jones stopped and instructed me to stand up and face her.

I was scared. I knew that a penalty spanking would be in order when she saw my cum stained underpants and the silhouette of my hard member. So I stood up, and she looked me dead in the eyes. “Mr. Bryan, you did very well at taking your spanking. I am sorry about the riding crop though, I did get carried away towards the end.” She looked down and saw my messy briefs. “Well, I guess you got carried away too. I should take down your underpants and make you lick them clean followed by more bare bottomed spanking, but I think you deserve a break for taking over 100 swats to your ass.” A feeling of relief came over me. I thought I was in the free. Before I could speak, M
iss Jones dropped to her knees. “Mr. Bryan, I did get carried away with the crop, and I guess that is what caused your climax. Since that was my fault, I will clean you up”.

Miss Jones began licking my erection through my soaked underpants. She then pulled them down and began to suck me. Instantly, I became fully hard, and she took my manhood into her mouth deep. I thought, what a pleasant surprise ending to this oh so painful experience. It was time for me to cum, and I knew she could feel me throbbing, ready to explode. She took her hands and grabbed my fire red cheeks, causing me to explode in her mouth. It hurt so bad, but the blowjob felt so good. I barely had the first drops of my ejaculation out, when she took her mouth off of my manhood and replaced it with her hand, jerking my cock, and using her other hand to catch the cum. She stood up with a handful of gizz, and looked at me with a smile.

“One finger and panties or a handful and home?” After spending the evening with her, and hearing her ultimatums before, I kind of knew what she was getting at. I took the one finger option. Miss Jones took her index finger and drew it through her handful of my juice, making sure to cover it completely, and then she stuck it in my mouth. I wanted to spit and gag, after all what straight male wants to taste a mouthful of his own cum? “Suck it off Mr. Bryan, all of it or you get the handful in your face and another spanking with the crop”. I cleaned her finger off, and she licked the rest out of her hand and swallowed ever drop of it. Next, she went over to her closet and pulled out a gym bag. “Good thing I keep a change of clothes here incase we do physical activities outside”. She then took out a pair of pink nylon panties and handed them to me. “Put them on Mr. Bryan. This is the final part of your punishment. Since your cried like a baby girl during the spanking, I could have given you a penalty session, but instead I think this will do. You have tomorrow off from me, but after tomorrow, you are to be wearing your pink panties to class here every day. Don’t worry about having to wear them dirty; I’ll make sure you get a fresh pair every day. You will also be getting another spanking every day this week in your pretty pink panties. Don’t worry, it won’t be as bad as tonight. However, if you choose to not comply, I will be forced to take action.” Miss Jones then went over to her bookcase, and took out a small digital camera. She then said, “I think you look cute getting spanked”, and proceeded to show me pictures of me getting it on the bare like a little boy. “Now do I have to tell you what happens if you don’t comply? I put on the pink panties, feeling very embarrassed having to pause at Miss Jones’ request so she could admire the red around the seat of them.

I got dressed, and slowly walked towards the door. My ass was on fire, and every step I took hurt so bad. Miss Jones bid me good night, and reminded me that in two days I would be getting a “maintenance spanking”. When I sat down in my car, I felt a pain like no other I have felt before. I had to lie on my stomach that night to sleep, and rub aloe on my ass to calm some of the throbbing.

It seemed that the worst part of the experience was over, and that I would only have to endure mainly embarrassment over the days to come, but you would not believe what happened to me…..


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