Dirty Wizards

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I always visit the library. It is my favorite place to read, study, and relax. I was there today, searching for a book I hadn’t read before. One finally caught my attention, and, after reading the first two chapters, I checked it out and headed home. I decided to take the short cut back since I was already late for dinner and it was the fastest route besides using magic. I could have apparate, but I enjoyed the walk in the fresh air. There would be plenty of time for magic later. As I turned down a dirt road, a man appeared in front of me. I looked around, but there was no one else there. He stared me down, an evil grin on his face. On his arm was a very visible “dark mark.” This was definitely not a guy I wanted to mess with. I avoided his eyes and walked on the far side of the street. He followed me for a ways, probably simply enjoying the idea of chasing me. He and I both knew all too well that he could stop me at any time if he really wanted to.
Suddenly he wanted to. He apparated right in front of me. I jumped from the suddenness. He smiled that wicked smile. “You’re coming with me.” He grabbed my wrist and we apparated away. When we appeared we were in some kind of basement. I had no idea where we could be. I tried backing away, but he whipped out his wand and flicked his wrist. My arms shot painfully behind my back, bound by a spell. He laughed as I struggled. He roughly searched my body for my own wand. Lucky for me I had left it at
He flicked his wrist again and my button-down shirt unbuttoned itself. Likewise, the buttons on my skirt worked themselves undone. My skirt fell to the floor revealing my red thong, to match the lacey red bra showing under my open shirt. Color rushed to my cheeks. “You will make an excellent new slave. Just the right amount of innocence left in you.”
He walked over to me. Running his hands over me, he pulled my shirt off. His callouses causing my skin to goose bump. “On your knees. You will refer to me only as master.” I knelt, not knowing what else to do, and answered, “Yes master.”
His pants dropped to his ankles and his boxers quickly followed. His rock hard shaft stood pointing right at my face. “Suck it,” he demanded. So I did. I took as much of his dick in my mouth as I could. I ran my tongue around the head. I sucked and swirled my tongue and sucked and licked. His hand reached down and pulled my hair. I yelped in pain. “Did I say you could make noise, bitch? Now take it all in like the good little girl you are.” He pushed my head back onto his dick and shoved the whole thing down my throat. I fought back the urge to gag and sucked hard. I was determined to drink him down and hopefully get this whole thing over with. I wasn’t so lucky.
Just as I could feel his dick pulsing in my mouth he yanked my hair again. “Now you learn what happens when slaves fail to please their masters.” A flick of his wand and I was sprawled, spread eagle, on the cold floor. He got down between my legs. His fingers traveled slowly up my thighs. Reaching my pussy, they teased my outer lips. I knew I was already wet no matter how hard I fought against the feelings. His finger slid into my slit, running gently from my clit to my opening and back. I began to relax as I realized his punishment wasn’t so bad. Just as he saw my body relax, he pushed two fingers into my tight pussy. My body jerked in pain. As he continued to thrust his fingers in and out of me, the pain gave way to pleasure. He leaned down close to me, his lips inches from mine, and whispered, “You are not allowed to cum until I give you permission. You may beg me if I say, but otherwise you must take it. When we are done you will express your gratitude.”
His fingers continued there relentless thrusting, pushing deeper and harder each time. He soon grew bored, however, and called out for a woman named Rosetta. As she came closer I saw she was another slave and I began to wonder if I would ever be allowed to leave. As if reading my mind, my master said, “Honey, you will not want to leave when we are through here. Rosetta, give Master a good show. Tenacia here is not allowed to orgasm. Have fun with her.”
Master stepped back and Rosetta knelt before me. Her hands were soft compared to Master’s. She started right in. Her slender fingers circled my clit, traveled down to my hole, and pushed in. My body writhed in ecstasy, but Master’s voice reminded me that at no point was I allowed to feel the release of an orgasm. Rosetta dipped her head down and her warm tongue sent new waves of pleasure through my clit and into my body. Her tongue rolled around my clit as her fingers plunged back inside me. My body was squirming as I fought the urge to cum. Master came back over and straddled my face, his manhood still perfectly erect over my hungry lips. He didn’t have to ask for me to know he wanted more head. I took his dick in my mouth. I pushed it all in, pulled out and licked the top. I sucked hard as Rosetta continued her work with her fingers and mouth. I could feel my pussy stretching as she put more fingers in.
Master was close again when he stood. “My turn Rosetta. Tenacia here can give you a little treat. I want you to cum all over her face.” He repositioned himself at my hips. He did not wait long to thrust his long, hard dick inside me. My pussy was sore from all the attention, but my body still responded as it should, riding against his and taking his dick in fully. Meanwhile, Rosetta positioned her naked body over mine. Her pussy glistened over my lips. Eager to please Master, I took my first licks of pussy. Seeing Rosetta’s body respond to my tongue, I licked more. I ran my tongue over and around her clit. Just as she had done to me, I pushed two fingers into her pussy and continued licking her clit. It did not take long for her to finish, screaming, “I’m cumming!” Her warm juices washed over my face. I drank in as much as I could. When she was through, she rolled off me. Master sped up his thrusts. Each pounding of his hard dick made my boobs jiggle. Master spoke one word as he worked at me, “Beg.”
So I did. “Please Master, let me cum. I will be a good slave. I want to stay and please you at your every wish. Let me cum so I can finish you. I want to drink you in; I want to be filled with you. I want to focus on only you. I beg you Master… My gracious Master. Let me cum!”
“Fine. Cum now, Slave.” As he said this, he fucked me hard and held himself deep inside my pussy. I finally released the pent up ecstasy I had. Wave after wave of pleasure rushed through me. As I felt Master’s load shot in me, warm and wet, I orgasmed again. I screamed, “I’m cumming!” just as Rosetta had down.
When Master had finished, he also rolled off me. I looked at his beautiful body lying next to mine. I had never known such pleasure. “Thank you, Master. I never wish to leave you.”

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