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Mansion Lesvos Chapter 5: Fornix

Kanya’s Statement.

6:53 a.m.

I looked at the crevice that marked the doorway between Fornix and canal; it wasn’t open yet. My mistress had entrusted me to receive Mohini, her long-awaited lover, who arrived at our mansion 20 minutes ago; perhaps Kumari was too enamored of the beautiful guest to let her leave the canal. I stood reclining against the safety grill, with my arms stretched up and hands clutching the diagonal lattices, precisely facing the crevice.

It was hard for a workaholic girl like me to tolerate the irksome waiting; but now I wished for her delayed egress. I wasn’t alone in the little arched antechamber, which reverberated with my moans of pleasure and the loud sucking noise my partner made.

I was naked then. So was Malini, the voluptuous gardener. I loved her for those fresh sensuous looks and the prurience she always flaunted in lovemaking. Whenever possible, we missed no opportunity to schmooze and loiter away the off-hours; we stayed together, ate together, and slept in the same room together. She had accompanied me on my way to Fornix, deftly throwing her hand pruners in an empty flowerpot. Since there was no sign of Mohini, my insatiable girlfriend honeyed me for dalliance and so let us be sexually relieved from the frustration of waiting.

Malini pushed me against the grill, bussing my lips on the spot. I sighed, letting her tongue flick over my neck and cleavage. She clawed at my bulky breasts and began sucking them, one at a time. Twirling her tongue on my hard nipples and tracing a wet outline around each areola, she continued with sucking and humming.

‘My yoni… please…’ I implored, driven by lust. She instantly complied, reaching down between the top of my thighs. I thrust my hips forwards, faintly opening my legs to welcome an incursion. She moved her fingers, deliberately titillating my clitoris and yoni. I gasped, shuddering to that splendid tactile sensation. Holding the diagonal lattices, I bit my lip as she playfully blessed me out. Bucking my hips in anticipation, I closed my eyes and waited; the impact directly resulted in the shaking and rattling of grill.

Licking my nipples and caressing the curve of my waist, she went down on her knees. The moss bed sprouted then and there, spreading under my feet like a soft green carpet. I could sense the pressure, followed by her warm humid breath, on my yoni. A light kiss, then a perceptibly wet flick of tongue onto my yoni, and finally the latching of her lips on my clitoris gave me jolts of pleasure that surged up my love canal. My back slammed against the grill, once more causing the rattle of lattices and pickets. She sucked me, applying more pressure to my pulsating clitoris and insistently humming in lust for my dainty juice. The antechamber now echoed with my moans as she pleasured me, avidly sucking my yoni.

‘Yes…’ I warbled, casting a fleeting glance at the crevice. Quick and skillful as ever, she placed one hand between my thighs and clamped her mouth on my clitoris. Trembling, I hissed as something hard forced its entry through my sensitive labia, gliding up my love canal. I laughed, realizing the nature of that inroad. She withdrew her fingers from my yoni, forced it open afresh, and mercilessly rubbed my clitoris with her thumb. My tummy muscles contracted and rectum clenched as she licked me up and down. My lungs whipped in air, hard and fast, and I intoned my approval amid the lavishness of sighs. The heat effused around me; every inch of my body perspired. I could feel a twitch deep down. Hot liquor built up inside my yoni and I thrust my hips against her hungry mouth. The lubricious tautness of my tummy contemporized with the culmination of sexual tension. I screamed, shaking like a leaf, outpouring my creamy liquor into her mouth. Sensing her lips fastened to my yoni and listening to the loud sucking noise she made, I rapturously let her swallow my liquor.

‘Yes… yes… don’t come… yet…’ I uttered with a trill, clearly audible to anybody at hand. Malini, mistaking this for an urge to do more, reached up and grabbed at my hips. I relinquished the lattices as she took her mouth off my yoni and pulled me down. I fell on my knees, hitting the green carpet. She hugged me, enthusiastically locking my lips in a kiss. Letting her tongue enter my mouth, I moaned. The aroma and taste of my own liquor inebriated me like a shot; I stretched out under her ministration, and she hovered atop me. Her voluminous raven tresses tickled my skin as she made a leisurely trail of bites and kisses on my body. Letting her part my thighs and eat my yoni, I turned my head to look at the crevice-again!

To be continued

Hello everyone! I am Mahir Jaan, a simple Indian guy. I love to read, and sometimes write, lesbian erotic/girl-on-girl romantic stories/poems because I love the perfect embodiment of beauty, namely woman. :)

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