Halloween Party

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As the alarm started buzzing and Taren awoke she began to stretch her body an noticed that her husband Frank was still in bed. So she rolled toward him and ran her hand down his stomach to which she noticed that his penis was hard, really hard. She leaned into him but he turned onto his back and also began stretching, an with that move it made his shaft feel hugh. Taren whispered into Franks hear, “Good morning, do you have 20.” He grabbed her hand and placed it onto his rock hard cock, with that notion she new he had excepted her offer. Taren started kissing Frank on his mouth an neck, she rose to her knee’s so that she could strattle her husband. But Frank had something else in mind, in the middle of a passonate kiss he said “Suck it, please”. Taren didn’t mind but it was a weekday and after their morning incounter she had children to wake up. She hesitated and he said ‘please’ again, so in a way she kinda felt obligated to do it for him. Taren slowly kissed, licked and suckled her way down his core. She slowly caressed his penis and stood it at a standing salute. She licked her lips an surrounded his cock with her moist mouth. Frank took in a deep breath as Taren went down his shaft, she took the cock out of her mouth an lick up and down the sides, around the mushroom head, then took it into her mouth again. She repeated this a few times then asked her husband to stand up as she knelt on the bed. Frank obeyed because he loved when she sucked his dick when he stood, sometime she would let him fuck her neck in this position. Taren gathered more spit in her mouth, took Franks cock in her mouth, then gave him a tap on the ass. After 12 years of being a couple they had signs of what to do next or when to stop something, not that it was planned this way it was as if they kinda thought alike. So Frank new that this perticular tap was go on an thrust your hips for me. Frank began to move his cock in and out of his wifes mouth slowly while Taren held his ass in her hands. In and out, in and out, Frank was about to exsplode, he tangled his hands in Taren hair and moved her head so he could fuck her mouth. Taren was enjoying looking up and watch her husbands eyes rolling and saying ‘Oh yea, baby, take that dick, suck it, make me cum’. Just as he finished saying those words he let go of her hair and pulled his dick out of her mouth saying ‘you want it, on you face or in your mouth’, Taren thought for a moment but a moment to late. Frank was already rubbing his dick on her lips, so she just opened her mouth and took his swelled redish, purple penis head in her mouth , an took his load.
Taren’s day went as any other day after that, she got the kids off to school ran her errons, staighened up her home and made a sensable dinner. The week continued day after day until Friday came along. She had a call from one of Franks co-works wives that had invited them to a Halloween party that Saturday. Karma told her that it wasn’t going to be anything spetatular but it would be fun. Taren replied that her and Frank would love to join them, that yes it did sound like a fun time. But if Taren couldn’t get a sitter for the children that they might not be able to attend, but she would be in touch and deffenately let her know if they would be there. So, later that night Taren had informed Frank about the party, but he had already known about the party an didn’t seem to thrilled about it. He wasn’t the type of man that was not one for partys exspecially a costume party. But he said if she wanted to go then he would suck it up and try to have a good time. Taren was a bit excited, the only thing was trying to get a sitter on such late notice. But if anything she could ask her mother, and Lord she didn’t want to do that, not that she didn’t like her mother it was that she was just a little to complex for Taren. Everything Taren did was never to her mother standards, including Frank. But Taren being a strong headed woman she really didn’t care what people thought even her mother.
Saturday morning was here in no time, Taren still had to sitter and as for a costume she had no clue. She made the children some oatmeal for breakfast then reminded them of the chores that they had to get done or they wouldn’t be ordering pizza or movies later on that evening. Taren thought long and hard about giving her mother a call, she figured if she had her sit with the children that, one it would save them a few bucks, and two well she couldn’t think of a number two. So she dialed her number. The phone rang it seemed forever, then a husky voice answered. “Hello”, it was like a stanger to Taren she always tryed to avoid speaking back but she called her so in a way had no other choice. “Hello Mother”, Taren spoke neveously. Rebecca was a ballarina in her younger years and Taren always told her self that is why she had always tryed to control every thing and everyone. Due to her mother having to be so controlling of her own life at a young ballerina. The strict schedules and eating habits and who she acciated with, it made Tarens childhood and teen years hell. But she had asked her mother to sit for her, an Rebecca was delighted an asked the same question she had so many times ‘Why haven’t you called me sooner’, followed by that she loves taking care of the children. Taren really wasn’t thrilled but she pertendedt to be.
Frank superviced the children while they finished up their chores, while Taren went costume shopping. She mentioned to Frank about a few ideas she had but his reply wasn’t helpful at all. So it looked as though she was on her own with this, the only opinion Frank had was don’t make me look stupid. Taren thought maybe she would be something a little sexy, but after she had looked at a few costumes she seen that a little sexy didn’t exist. Taren really her had eye on this Greek goddess costume it was white with gold trim and golden glitter all over it, the bodice neckline was a deep V that almost went to her navel and the back was barely there, it also had a slit that went to the thigh area. She grabbed a pair of the golden greek costume sandles, then started looking for Franks costume. The only costume she could get for her husband that he would wear and not talk about how stupid he looked all night was a 50’s Gangers zoot suit. It was a black suit with white pin stripes, with a matching hat. Taren figured she could grab him a red shirt and hanker chief to go with it, an he had black dress shoes. Looks like Taren got done with the shopping sooner then she thought, which was great that she found costumes so easily but now she had to deal with her mother.
The evening went faster then she exspected, her mother was on her best behavior an didn’t even complain when she found out that the kids dinner was ordered in pizza. Followed by movies and popcorn on the sofa until 11 o’clock, well technically it would of been 10 but whats another hour. The party was in full swing when Taren an Frank arrived, she noticed that there wasn’t as many people as she first thought would be here. As Taren thought about that, then she started feeling like she was kinda took exsposed. “Frank, is my costume a little to little”, she asked with her green eyes wide.
“Of course not, do you think I want other men checkin’ out my wife, you look great, I am goin to get a beer want anything”, he said in a reasurring way, as he pointed to the bar.
Taren was kinda nervous so she answered “Something strong”.
Taren began to make her way to find Karma where she found her in the kitchen in a conversation with her husband Patrick. Karma was a average looking woman, but to herself she was it all. Now Patrick was charming but not one that Taren would consider handsome, Patrick to her was a man her husband had worked with for years. But she never seen him in an attractive persona. Taren overheard Karma say ‘What if he already told her and she disapproves’, just then Patrick turned his head and greeted Taren.
“Hey, you guys finally made it”, he said as he turned toward Taren.
“I agree”, Karma added looking from Patrick to Taren.
“Where’s Frank” Patrick asked.
“Oh you know him, when there’s alot of people, gotta get the beer buzz going to feel confortable”, Taren answered with a little giggle in her throat.
The moment was a little odd, due to Taren thinking she interrupted a sorta personal conversation. But little did she know that it was concerning her, and she would find this out in due time.
The party was socialable, it was nice to see some friends that haven’t been able to make a few of the last get togethers that the circle of friends had from time to time. At around 2 am the party was over an Taren was accisting Karma on some of the clean up. The guys where sitting in the living room drinking beers like men do, or so Taren thought.
“Ladies, would you come in here please”, Patrick called from the other room.
Karma looked at Taren who answered her with a faint look on her face and a shrug of the shoulders. They pitched the cups and napkins in the trash as they walked past it an into the living room. Frank stretched out his hand to Taren, she grabbed it and he pulled her onto his lap. Karma joined eyes with Patrick as she sat next to him on the loveseat.
“Well we have a propersition for you, Taren”, Patrick said breaking the silence.
Taren looked over at Frank who was peeling off the Budlight sticker from his bottle, “What kind of propersition is that”, she continued to look at Frank. “Do you know what this is about Frank”. He looked up at her as he sat his beer on the coffee table, “It was just a thought so don’t get all freaked out, when you hear it, alright.” He just kept looking at his wife, like he was kinda of leery to turn away in fright of being hit.
“So Taren, see myself and Karma have been exsperamenting with our fantisies an well we was thinking that we would like to ask you and Frank to join us.” Patrick sat there with a straight face, waiting on his answer. Taren was lost for words not only could she not believe what she was just asked but….
“You knew about this, how could you not say something. An to act like you didn’t want to come to this party, now only to find out your a lier.” Taren started to stand when Karma spoke up. “Taren don’t blame Frank, only new about the party not what we are surgesting, an I see how angery your getting so descussion over, forget about it, and I am so sorry.” Karma spit out the words as fast as she could get them out.
“I think I need a drink”, Taren walked into the kitchen, pured some tequila in a tall slinder glass and took large gulps of the golden liquid. She let of a long breath an as she turned there was Karma standed there beside her. “I really ment what I said, I don’t know what Patrick would do if he lost Frank as a friend.” She said this as he placed her hand on the counter top.
“So what is this fantasy anyways, if you’ll tell me,” Taren asked as she finished the whiskey in her glass.
Karma just looked at Taren with a blank face for it seemed like several minutes. Taren gave her head a little shake, and her lips a little pouty mouth, waiting for her answer impationetly. When Karma leaned in an placed her mouth onto Tarens’ and put a hand in the cres of her back. Taren was blind sided by this but couldn’t move, Karma’s lips where like velvet, so smoothe an plump. Karma pulled away waiting for Taren to freak out the only thing that happened was Taren said “YES”.
The two women walked back into the living room hand and hand, looking at their husbands. “Taren, said yes”, Karma annouced. Frank looked puzzled, he whirled around to look at his wife. “You said yes, wow Honey I thought you would totally be turned off by this. Hell even ask me for a divorce.” Frank said with a nervous laugh. Taren then became a little curous about what it actually was that they where asking. “So what your husband wants to see you make out with a woman.” Taren asked Karma but looking at Patrick.
“No exactly, Taren”, Patrick answered as he stood, “see I wanna watch Karma have sex with other people and so do I.”
Taren couldn’t say anything just shake her head up and down, her body was answering yes but her mind was freaking the hell out. She had a thousand questions, but right now she just wanted that bottle of tequila in the kitchen. She ran into the kitchen and grabbed the bottle and then returned to the living room. “Okay, fill me in on what I don’t know as of right now”, she said as she put the bottle to her mouth. A few minutes later she was filled in, Patrick wanted his wife and Taren to screw, while himself and Frank watch an get hard, once there there they where to screw each others wives. Wow, what a proprosition, they where totally serious and confortable with this. Tarens mind was doing flip flops and as for Frank he just sat there as cool as ever. But how could he, another man and woman wanted to fuck the hell out his wife an he is fine with it. Not just his wife but the mother of his children. An all that Taren could think is ‘WOW’, and that the tequila tasted great. Taren looked at Frank an asked “You want to do this,”
“A little spice couldn’t hurt”, Frank said bluntly without thinking.
“Huh, really, alright then, where are we doing this at then”, Taren said as she stood with a wobble.
“Hon, if your unsure then…” Frank started but was interrupted by Taren.
“Hell no, if you think we need spice lets spice it up, come on who am I fucking first”. She stood there with an evil look on face. Frank seen that look many times before when she drank tequila. At this moment he knew they all where in trouble, cause when that counrty singer came up with that song tequila makes her clothes fall off. He swore that the writer had to have known his wife.
Taren fumbled with her costume but the only thing she could get to unhook what the tie at the back of her neck. When she relessed the knot it freed her plump breast that after breastfeeding two children they where still very perky. She turned to Frank “A little help please”, and he unzipped the back of the dress. She let it fall then stepped out of the ring of dress laying there on the floor. Taren stood there almost completely nude except for a white lace thong that cover her freshly waxed vaginia. For having two kids Taren stayed pretty fit, the only evidence there was that she had had any children was that she had some scares left over form some stretch marks on her lower stomach and hips. Taren was a very curvy but slim woman, her blonde hair was in long loose curls and even thou her eyes where blood shot from drinking you could still tell they where as green as the most exspensive emerald. Karma stood up and walked toward Taren, she then started to untie the front of her Little Bow Peep costume showing off her lace bra that held her firm very fake grapefruit breast. Karma pulled down the costume off her thighs, she reveiled a black lace bra and panties. Karma had a very slim body, nice, but not too shapely. But the way it looked right now in the black underware, it looked just right to everyone.
Karma moved closer and closer to Taren, she reached out and grabbed the tequila and sat it on the coffee table. Then she met her mouth with a kiss that continued down Tarens neck and onto her left breast nipple. Karma made circler movement around the darken nipple, and teased it slightly with her teeth, she went from one to the other treating them both the same. Karma cupped Tarens ass in her hands as they stood there and kissed. Taren was getting so hot, she reached over and pulled down Karma’s bra strapes. She pulled the bra down to Karma’s waist, an her panties to the floor. Taren ran her tongue up Karma’s thigh, an placed small kisses up her stomach and side, till her mouth met Karma’s right breast. Taren suckled it like a child, not sure if she was doing it right but then heard Karma let out a little squeek. Karma pulled Taren into an oversized chair in the corner of the living room. Taren leaned back and let Karma take control of her body, Karma teased Taren with her tongue with small strokes on her thighes an close to her panties. Taren was running her fingers through Karma’s hair. Taren was yearning for Karma to suck the lips of her pussy an to have her fingers inside of her throbbing hole. Just then Karma pulled Tarens thong aside an used her tongue to part Taren’s pussy. She flicked her clit with her tongue and then put it in her mouth an gave it a strong suck then released it, she did it several times. Followed by long tongue petting of the outter lips with a little nibbling, she then added her fingers to the mix. First one then two driving them into Taren’s wet pussy then licking them off. At this point Tarens’ hips where bucking and she was about to cum, Karma sucked her clit and rammed her fingers inside of her hard and faster. Taren’s pussy start throbbing and she was cumming, she let her legs go limp. She opened her eyes to notice her husband and Patrick standing with their hard cocks in there hands, stroking the shafts waiting patently to join. Patrick came over to Taren an ran his fingers through her hair, Karma stood up and let her husband stand before Taren. Taren then took Patricks cock in her mouth and started lick and sucking on his shaft. He was already hard so this was just teasing him. Karma went to Frank an also began to suck his cock, but Frank loved to have his dick sucked, he enjoyed to be pleasured. Patrick had Taren stand and lean over the chair as she did so, he rubbed his long shaft around her hot hole. Then he inserted his cock inside of her, it was more then she had thought. She had seen and examined the size with her mouth and new it was a prize but to feel it inside of her was a totally different exsperiance. He fucked her tight wet hole, as if he was trying to push his cock out of her mouth. Patrick watch his wife suck Franks dick, as he fucked Franks wife hard, he smacked Taren’s ass and pulled her hair. An asking her if she like it and wanted more, she replyed with ‘yes I love it fuck me, fuck my pussy’. Frank was also watching his wife, he watched her being rammed, smacked and just over all pleasured, which made him hotter then ever. Frank also wanted to fuck, he pulled Karma up from sucking his cock but she was a very dominate woman she pushed Frank onto the couch and strattled him. She grabbed Franks cock and insirted it inside of her pussy, she started to ride him she had a good rythem going then she slowed and whispered something into Franks ear. He just looked at her and shook his head yes. Karma asked if he wanted to fuck her in the ass, she leaned forward onto Frank as she wet her ass, she then stimalated it with her fingers. Karma was a very naughty girl when it came to sex, she was game for everything so it was nothing to get her semi tight asshole loosened up and ready for Franks cock. Karma sat back and rubbed Franks cock around her asshole then she eased it in. Frank grabbed Karma’s ass as her ass tightened around Franks dick, it took everything he had for him not to cum. Karma was like a porn star from a movie, it was like she knew exactly what to do and say, and what to tell Frank to make him not want to cum so early. Patrick was just about to cum, he pulled his soaked cock from Taren’s pussy and started stroking it, Taren kneld down an waited for her load of accomplishment. Patrick shot cum all over her face, chest and hair. Karma worked her magic on the other side of the room, she thrusted her ass down on Franks dick hard and fast. Karma’s pussy was throbbing an was oh so wet. Patrick couldn’t resist his urge. He went over to his wife and asked her if she wanted to be full, he reply was ‘yes’. Karma got off of Frank an told him to switch with Patrick, so he did. Patrick sat on the sofa and Karma mounted him, she put Patricks cock in her soaked pussy. Then she told Frank to fuck her ass, Frank put his dick back inside of Karmas asshole. He started fucking her, she made the most craziest moaning sounds he had ever heard. Patrick kept asking her if she like it, was her holes being stretched, was full now. Frank couldn’t hold it in no longer he was about to explode, he could feel Karma’s pussy spasming in which makes him wanna scream from orgasm. He was almost there when her ass muscles started spasming an thats all it took. Frank pulled his dick out and jerked the cum all over Karma’s back. Frank then joined his wife in the chair, he wrapped his arm around her and asked if she was alright, she was fine. As the two couples looked at one anothers naked bodies the only thoughts that ran through their minds were, what a Halloween fantasy party.

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