How to satisfy Nayna Madam

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How to satisfy Nayna Madam

I am very happily married person. My wife Sandhya is very cute and good looking. We are in a small town near New Delhi. In front of our row hose there is a huge bungalow of Mr Devraj Kapoor. Mr Kapoor is owner of a very big automobile company. He is of 55 years of age where as her wife Nayna is only 27 yrs; because this is second wedding of Mr Kapoor. His first wife died about 3 years back. His son from first wife is in UK. Both lived here in this huge bunglow. Mr Kapoor is suffering from 2-3 medical problems and hence there is no physical contacts between him and Nayna since the marriage.
Most of the time Nayna is in her garden looking at various plants of flowers. Nayna is very beautifull. Sandhya informed that nayna was working in one travel agency in Shimla. Mr Kapoor offered and Nayna accepted because of his wealth and Kapoor’s status. Now Nayna regrets her decision because of Mr Kapoor’s medical problems.
Sandhya and Nayna becomes friend abour 2 months back. Nayna started visiting our home on regular basis. One night when I and Sandhya were having sex; Sandhya told me that Nayna has not been touched by Mr Kapoor since marriage and also Nayna is still virgin. Sandhya also told me that Nayna is very disturbed due to this. I felt sorry for Nayna.
Next day Sandhya went to Nayna’s bunglow. When Sandhya was returning back Sandhya just hold the hands of Nayna by saying that she shouldn’t feel alone as she is there as a friend. Nayna immediately hugged Sandhya and pressed he with her breasts. Sandhya immediately understood Nayna’s condition and returned back to home. She told me this episode in the night. I once again felt very sorry for Nayna.
The very next day Nayna came to meet Sandhya. Nayna was looking very disturbed. Nayna aske her what’s the problem. Nayna hugged Sandhya and once again pressed Sandhya’s breasts with her breasts. Sandhya felt this odd but looking at Nayna’s situation she doesn’t show any resistance. Nayna kept on hugging Sandhya for abour 3-4 minutes. Suddenly Nayna kissed Sandhya’s on chicks. As a sympathy Sandhya also kissed her on chicks. Nayna once again kissed Sandhya. This time Sandhya tried to keep away from Nayna. Nayna told her ” Don’t go away Sandhya. Its giving me some relief Sandhya. Please be with me only.” In good faith Sadhya set down with Nayna on her bed. Nayna narrated the whole story of her. Nayna was attracted towards Mr Kapoor because of his wealth and also he was good looing inspite of his age. But now the situations was totally different. While narrating her story Nayna kept on sobbing.
Sandhya was imotionally attracted towards her. Now whenever they used to meet, they both used to kissed each other on the chicks. Sometime Nayna used to hold Sandhya close to her body also. I was being informed of each and every meeting by Sandhya. Slowly slowly I realized that Nayna wants to satisfy her sexual needs. One day Nayna came to our home. I was at home only as it was a holiday. It was first ever meeting between Nayna and me. I was watching Nayna with minimum distance for the first time. She was beautiful. Her color of body was pinkish. Her lips were full of juice. Her every part of body was perfect. Sandhya went to kitchen for some tea and snacks. I was constantly going thru Nayna’s body. Nayna noticed this very carefully. Her eyes were also constantly observing me. We looked at each other and Nayna smiled. Suddenly I spoke ” Sandhya has explained your problem to me. I am really very sorry. We both are here to help you.” Nayna just smiled.
That was Sunday. I was in my bedroom. I saw Nayna in front of her bunglow. Mr Kapoor was leaving for a business trip and she was there to see off. After Mr Kapoor left Nayna looked to my window. We both smiled. Nayna waved her hand to me. Sandhy left for market for some breakfast for sunday mood.
Nayna was not aware of that and she entered our home. I opened the door. I was in boxer short and sleevless t-shirt. She watched me and smiled. I asked her to come in. She suddenly told me ” You look very handsome. Sandhya is very lucky.” I just smiled. Nayna was wearing a green top and black long short. Her pink and smooth legs were looking so stunning that I kept on watching them. Nayna noticed this and suddenly she started putting her legs crossed ovr one another. I was excited by this act. One step further Nayna folded her short upto her thighs. Now I looked at her juicy thighs and those were more stunning then her legs. She observed my all the moves and she get off from the sofa and inched closer to me and put her one leg on my right hand side of the bed and spoke ” You can taste these.” I holds the thighs and kissed her thighs. Most probably this was first ever kiss on her body by any male. She asked me to kiss again and again. I kept on kissing her legs and thighs for a very long period. Suddenly the bell rang and we got back to our seats.
Nayna forgot to refold her long short. Sandhya noticed this. She also watched Nayna’s thighs which had become dark pink because of my non-stop kissings. Sandhya understood the whole story in one second. Sandhya told Nayna to have breakfast with us onl. Nayna agreed to this.
During breakfast Nayna kept me watching and showing her thighs. Sandhya all of a sudden touched the thighs of Nayna and told me ” You have really done a remarkable job. Can you repeat in front of me?” I was surprised by Sandhya’s attitude. I looked at Nayna. She was now ready in other way. She took off her shorts and was in panty only. Myself and Sandhya were speechless to saw her body. She was really marvellous. Sandhya stood near to Nayna and I kissed her thighs and soon both thughs were wet. Nayna took away the long skirt of Sandhya and asked me to kiss her thighs. I repeated for Sandhya also.
Now Nayna got out of control as she was getting all essential sexual experiences for the very first time in her life. I and Sandhya were glad to see Nayna so happy. I told Nayna to join us in the night.
Nayna joined us in the night. She was in red bra and panty. Sandhya was in black bra and panty. I thought I was luckiest to get company of both. Soon we were in bed. I and Sandhya made physical contact. Nayna watched us. Now Sandhya pulled Nayna close to us. Sandhya supported me to establish physical contact with Nayna. I fucked Nayna for about 1 hour. Nayna was satisfied for the first time in he life.
Now every night Nayna started joining us. Some time Sandhya allowed us both to have sex full night. This was repeated for about one month but Nayna was not fully satisfied. I was worried and so was Sandhya as now our sexual contacts were reduced. Nayna always dominates the nights.
Still this is going on. I don’t know how to satisfy Nayna. Sandhya still encourages me for intercourse with Nayna. I am doinf intercourse with Sandhya and Nayna on regular basis. Sometimes for 4-5 days in a row but still Nayna is hungry. Sandhya always tells me keep on doing with us both. We both loves you and your company.
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