Lai'She'lar: Runeblade Saga (Prolog)

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Long ago, a elven hunter named Lai’She Hunted the evil in the lands of Mistwood. Her male hunting cat Lar, has never left her side. For many years they hunted..yet something drove her, it was not the ‘Blood Rage’ but something deep with in herself that needed to be filled..
Her time as a woman that could have kids was comeing to a end, as this..she cryed out to the stars..Lar by her side..she wanted love..a family…
As she cryed, a star fell form the sky, landing a few feet form them. She stoped crying as she saw ‘Her’, the glowing silver female who her people saw was goddess of love..
“Fear not, for you have a Love, one that has been with you but can not say it..” the light said, point to Lar. “I can help you if you help me.”
“What…help you how?” Lai’She asked, looking at Lar. “He is a Panther, I am a Shy’lir…How can we?”
“You, know very well how..You know in your heart you have wished for him to take you..” the light said. “I can show him how..”
“And what is it I have to do in return?” feeling her fase blush as her hand rests on Lars back..His deep purr made her think about her ‘wishing’.
“Only to see you mate.”
“What!?! Why?”
“Becuse I do not have a way to mate..”
Lai’She looked at Lar, his eyes fixed on her.”Will I have a family?” She asked, huging Lar.
“ is that a yes?”
“Now then take off your hunting gear and begine.” the light said.
Lai’She took her gear off, standing nude in the warm night, Lar sniffed her legs, his purrs very loud, and filled with a small growl. She opened her legs alittle, letting her wet sent fill his nose. He slowly licked her, her body trembled as her loins filled with heat. She never love anything more then Lar, and he for felt right.
“How do you want me my love.” Lai’She asked. She might have seen a smile, but with Lar a Panther, she couldnt tell. Lar moved around to her back, placeing paws on her shoulders giveing it a soft push. She got on her hands and knees. “Like this?” she ask, unable to stop herself form driping with need..She looked behind her as she arced her back, noticeing Lars hard pink cock wanting her.
Lar growled and sniffed her core, licking her deep. His licks sent Lai’She even more hot, needing more..Faster he went, the more she driped..
Soon she felt his paws on her shoulders, as his massive meat slide into her wet core deeply. Her tite wet pussy, sent waves of wettness as he pumped into her. Her moans and crys filled the night air. Lai’She bucked her hips into the hard cock filling her, as it pulsed in her.
Lars massive meat soon was stop dead in her as Lai’She walls, closed up, the massive flow of her cum sent Lar into a fenzy. He felxed inside her, sending hot cum deeply as his paws rested on her breasts, purring on her back..

Shadows woke with a start, her ears flicked around. Her pawed hands rubed her human face. Her soft blue eyes dule with sleep. “oh god.. why was I dreaming about that…”

…more to come…

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