My goddess 2

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I slept very peacefully that night. I awoke that morning thinking everything was a dream. I was a Saturday which meant no school. After I washed up and change clothes I called my friend and asked about his sister. He said she was fine and thanked me again for coming to help him. When I went downstairs I was happy to see my parents had already left and I had the house to myself. So I grabbed a bag of chips and jumped on the couch and watched so t.v. All of a sudden I felt a pair of hands massaging my shoulders. I turned to see a lightly tanned women with long black hair, a slim figure with 38DD breasts and a perfect ass. Taking t.v. remote i whacked myself on the head. I screamed from the pain and she just giggled.
“Valkyrie right,” I said completely shocked.
“That’s right handsome. Don’t tell me you forgot what we did last night,”She replied pouting.
“No! of course not I remember every single moment I just thought it was all a dream,” I answered.
“Well I’m glad you remember me sweetie. Now I left in a hurry since you fell asleep I forgot to give you a few things,” Valkyrie responded.
She had me a book with spells, a guide book which told me about other goddess,demons, and how to summon them, and the last thing she gave me was a a bunch of money. As I looked up to thank her I couldn’t help but stare at her perfect body.
“Raymond you are drooling,” Valkyrie laughed.
“Well what do you expect with a body like that, I can barely stop myself,” I answered.
“Well every goddess is assigned to the person who summons them for life. I am all yours to do with as you please,” Valkyrie whispered.
“I don’t want to think that all I want from you, but is it okay if I you know,” I asked not wanting to anger her.
“It’s like I said you can do with me as you please. Besides I was kinda hoping you want to,” Valkyrie smiled.
Smiling I walked over to her and picked her up and took her to my room.
“Well that……,”
Before she could finish what she was saying I pressed my lips against hers. Valkyrie wrapped her arms around me. Then with one snap of her fingers we were both naked. I could feel her soft warm skin pressed against mine. Gently I kissed her neck as I made my way to her breasts. They were so soft and her nipples got hard as I rubbed them between my fingers. I took her left breast into my mouth while i played with her other breast with my free hand.
“Ohh Raymond. Yes just like that dont stop,” Valkyrie moaned.
I switched between breasts giving each one the attention it deserved. Slowly I moved down her stomach. She willing spread her legs open. Smiling I disappointed her by returning to kiss her prescious lips. Her tongue intertwined we mine as we kissed each other.
“Thats not fair. Stop teasing me,” Valkyrie pouted.
“Oh I don’t think so, I am going do as I please,” I laughed.
I continued to tease her by going up and down her thighs. She kept moaning and begging me to give her what she desperately wanted. Finally I gave in to her and I licked her pussy. As my thumb played with her clit I shoved my tongue inside her pussy. She arched her back from all the pleasure.After doing the for a few minutes I added a finger inside her. It kept pulling on my finger as it went in and out. Without any warning she pulled me up to her and giving me a quick kiss turned me onto my back. Unlike I had done she was so hot she wasted no time and immediately shoved my cock into her wet warm mouth. IT felt so good she knew exactly how I liked it. Finally straddling me she impaled herself on my cock. Her breasts bouncing up and down as she rode me made my harder and pound myself into even faster. We were both moaning so loud. Lowering herself she planted another kiss on my lips except this one was more passionate.
“Valkyrie I’m going to cum!!” I yelled.
“Meee tooooo!!!!!” Valkyrie screamed back.
After a few more seconds of holding it in we both came together. She fell on top of me from exhaustion. We were both sweating and breathing heavily. I grabbed the covers covering both of us and pulled her next to me which shocked her.
“Whats the matter?” I questioned her.
“It’s just no one before you has ever cuddle with me after wards showing this type of affection towards me,” Valkyrie said with tears in her eyes.
“Hey no crying now. Just try to get some sleep,” I replied.
She smiled and gave e a final kiss before closing her emerald green eyes. Slowly admiring her beauty I fell asleep too.

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