My Goddess

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Raymond was your average 17 year old.He was a junior in high school. He wasn’t exactly popular and his dad didn’t make it easy for him.Ray wasn’t allowed to go out with girls and every time he tried his dad screwed it up. Sometimes he wished something would happen to him that change his life forever so he could have memories to look back on. Ray wanted his life to be one he was proud of before it was too late. As he continued to think about how boring and miserable a life he was living he looked at the clock and saw that he had to go to work. So he got ready and went to his job at the mall. He worked in a video game store there. His buddy Brad was working with him and asked Ray what was up.
“Yo Ray whats the matter wit u? Brad said
“I just hate my life. My dad doesn’t let me do nothing. I’m stuck at the house all the time. Hardly anyone knows me at school.” Raymond replied.
“So what you gonna do about bro? You think you are the only person in the world who thinks your life sucks,” Brad answered.
“Brad you are supposed to be on my side and back me up,” Ray shot back.
“Well what are you doing to change it Ray? All you do is complain about this and that,” Brad points out.
“I guess you are right Brad. I haven’t done anything to change things. It just isn’t fair you know,” Ray replies.
“I know bro. Look at it this way you are a good guy, and good things happen to good people,” Brad explained.
“Thanks Brad I can always count on you,” Ray
“Hey you want to hang out after work?” Brad questions.
“Wish I could but my parents are out of town so I gotta go straight home after work,” Ray answered.
After they close the store which was 3 hours later Ray drives home. When he walks towards the door of his house there is a package on the ground with his name on it. As he picked it up he saw no address of where it came from. So he opened the door of the house and took the package inside the house. Raymond went up stairs to his room and opened the package and opened it. There was a book and nothing else. When he opened it he saw all these spells and incantations in it. So for fun he tried a spell which supposedly would summon a goddess. He turn off the light and lit two candles and drew a circle around himself and the book had instructed. Then he began to chant the incantation.
“Please goddes I summon you to me so that you may grant my desires. I acknowledge that you are real and exist in this world Please accept the offer of my eternal worship to you and grant what I desire the most. Pleases I beg of you!!!!!!!!!” Raymond chants three times with all his heart. Nothing happened at all. Enraged he turned on the lights blew out the candles and tossed the book into his closet. In his head all he wanted was to spice his life up a bit and tears formed in his eyes. Just as he was about to go to sleep his friend Brad called him and said his sister was in the hospital and he needed him there. In a matter of minutes he was there. Brad was so shaken up that Ray dealt with filling out the forms and answering any questions the nurses or doctors had. While Brads sisters was in the emergency room Ray sat down next to Brad.
“So Brad what happened?” Raymond asked.
“Jasmine was waiting for the light to turn green and when it did and she was about to take the turn a car ran a red light and smashed right into her man,” Brad answered in tears.
“Don’t worry man the doctors and nurses are doing everything they can I’m sure she’ll come out of this okay bro,” Raymond replied.
“I hope you are right Ray. She means everything to me. I’m sorry I called you here, I just could handle any of this,” Brad says.
“Why the hell are you apologizing to me. You are my friend Brad. You come before what I want. I know I have my own problems, but they aren’t more important than this. Your sisters life means more to me than my stupid problems,” Ray explained.
“Thanks man you are a true friend,” Brad respoded whiling hugging him.

After about fours hours the doctors said she was going to be just fine. Brad went to see his sister and than went home and went to sleep. The next day he woke up and called Brad to ask about his sister. Brad told him that she was just fine. Afterwards he goes to the kitchen and makes a sandwhich and goes up to his room and turns the tv on. He falls asleep while watching a movie. Raymond didn’t know how long he was asleep but he felt a strange sensation on his cock. When he opened his eyes he saw a beautiful white women with huge breasts sucking him off. She look up at him and smiled.
“Who are you?”Ray asked as he moaned.
“I’m Valkyrie the goddess you summoned Raymond,” Valkyrie responded.
“So I did do it right. Wait if I did it right why didn’t you come when I summoned?”Ray questioned.
“Well I liked to see for what reason I was summoned. I came to you because of how you immediately went to your friends side when he needed you the most.There aren’t many people like that left in the world,”Valkyrie answers.
Ray was staring at the eye candy the goddess Valkyrie was showing him.She smiled knowing where his attention was.
“There’s something that I have to do first before I can do what you ask of me,” Valkyrie responds.
“Whats that?” Raymond inquired.
“I have to make you cum and then you have to suck my tits,” Valkyrie replied.
Before he could answer her she put his cock back in her mouth. She kept bobbing her head up and down. Rays moans increased as she kept bobbing her head up and down faster and faster. Then she started to play with with his balls as she swirled her tongue around his shaft. Ray put his hands on her head. She then stopped sucking his cock and put his balls in her mouth and started to suck on them.
“Oh Valkyrie thats feels so good,”Ray moaned.
She licks the head of his cock and then swirls her tongue around it teasing Ray.Finally she takes his cock back in her mouth and keeps sucking harder and harder. Raymond was about to cum when she stopped. Valkyrie took her top off revealing her huge tits. She put rays cock between her breasts and started to jerk his cock. Ray was going crazy, Valkyries tits felt so soft as they massaged his dick. After about 20 minutes Ray came all over her tits and face. Valkyrie took the cum off her breasts and put it in her mouth and swallowed his cum. Next she put her hands behind Rays head and brought his mouth to her nipple and he started to suck on her breasts. Valkyrie started to moan louder and louder as Rays tongue licked her nipple.Ray kept sucking on it like a baby drinking milk from a bottle.
“Oh yes Ray. Suck my nipples just like that,” Valkyrie screamed.
Once she had enough of Ray sucking on her tits she gently pulled laid him on his back and planted a kiss on his lips.
“So Ray my sweet whats your wish?” Valkyrie asks.
“I want to life life to the fullest the way I want to and have the good life everyone else is experiencing,” Ray answered.
“Don’t worry your wish will come true soon,” Valkyrie said as she vanished.
To be continued…………
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