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i weaved my way through the room. silent as i appraised those here for my pleasure. they may not have realized why they were here.. but that didnt matter. every month around this time a crowd seems drawn to the same location.. and i know just how to find it. i dream of the location and they show the next night around 11 or so.. i appraise them all. some are too short for my taste, some are too tall.. i instantly wittle the crowd of about 50 down to 3 that are my choice sacrfices for the night… as if by an invisible hand they move towards the room i have selected for my devious purpose. these 3 have hearts that need cleansing and forgiving.. and they deserve to die… by my hands. because they themselves believe deep within that they are never going to be clean.

i smile inwardly as they look confused and dazed as they seat themselves at the 3 points in the room.. i choose to appear before them. gliding in the room on silken slippers. my eyes connect with each of theirs. and i hear their pulses quicken in anticipation. they slowly realize why they are here… the first one. a small woman.. who has for want of a better life done things that in retrospect arent all that bad- feels she is damned….. well she is partly right. i lean in and place my hand over hers, taking a blade in my other hand and slice her wrist. bending my head down i maintain eye contact as i drink in her blood.. her fear and acceptance as my victim spice her blood. she understands her fate and gives into it. almost too easy as her eyes roll back. i drop her wrist from my mouth as she falls into a heap on the floor.

then i turn to a slender male, slightly taller then i am. locking my eyes with his i see his fear. he wonders why he is here.. deep inside he knows… but he also wonders why he couldnt help the woman, and why he couldnt run to save his own worthless life… i smirk and approach him. i know to most i wouldnt look fearsome.. but hey after what he has seen he is right to be nervous.. he falls to his knees in front of me.. begging for absolution. oh joy a catholic.. promising to do right even though we both know he doesnt believe himself capable of doing right ever in life… i run a fingertip lightly over his cheek, forcing him to look in my eyes. then i see what i knew i would. the surrender in his eyes. i take my blade and slice his throat. the blood pours quickly as i drink, i am careful to not get too much on my dress. i pull back as i feel his body sag. he slides bonelessly to the floor.

i look at the third and final victim… a handsome burly fellow. he sits there silent as i took out the first 2. watching me intently… he speaks softly and in awe.. “you are she? the death dealer.” i nod as i approach him.. he breathes in deeply and opens his arms the way you would for a hug.. i walk slowly to him and hug him. resting my lips on the pulse of his throat. he moans at the touch of my lips. i look in his eyes and kiss him softly on the lips sliding my tongue inside and running my hands over his body. he responded quickly- i grinned. very few understand and embrace me- so i enjoy those who accept and reach for my grasp. i touched him and he gasped as i undressed him and covered his body with my own as i pushed his face between my legs. hungrily he lapped as i felt the power grow and it was thick in the air.. this sacrifice would be the most pleasurable… this one would sustain me for 2 moon cycles… i laughed not believeing how fortunate i was to have called this one…. i ran my fingers thru his long mane of blond hair. grabbing sharply as i pushed him on his back. i climbed on top of his body and slid him inside me. i rode him slowly as i drew the symbols on his body in the blood of the first 2 victims… the magik was metallic on my tongue. i could feel him draw close as i clamped my thighs.. guiding myself to my goal i rode till i felt myself nearer.. my eyes closed briefly and i took my blade opening my eyes looking down at his face. he watched me like a man in love, as i drew a long line down his chest drinking and lapping gently as he went over from the touch of my tongue.. when he climaxed i drove the blade mercilessly thru his chest.. into his heart…. i felt his release inside me as i rocked again drawing the rest of him into me as i lapped his hearts blood from the blade. licking his chest…. them i stood and wiped my blade clean leaving the 3 bodies in the tent…

the clean up crew would be through soon enough- i didnt want to be here for what they did… my work was so much cleaner and wholesome… i could sleep at night… i knew they never did…….

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  1. swagsta

    Applause n Bravo for a well written piece, one of ur most impressive stories yet, keep em coming

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