Taste One and Get Four Tasty FREE

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Taste One and Get Four Tasty FREE

I am having my own readymade garments showroom in one shopping-cum-commercial complex in Mumbai. I keep all ladies garments of western styles. Next to my shop is a massage parlor. The owner is very young and sexy lady in the age group of 22-25 years. She is regular customer of mine. She buys lot of tops and bottoms almost every week. She has a perfect figure. She applies lot of lipstick. Whenever she visits my shop I feel hungry for her but no other way. In that massage parlour there are four other girls also. They all are good looking and in perfect shapes, as this is the only requirement for a girl to make a career in massage parlour. All girls are wearing latest western garments with maximum exposure of their all the assets.
One day when she was in my shop and I was watching her secretly; she suddenly noticed me and smiled. I also smiled. While making payment she told me ” You are a killer.”
My shop was second last in that row. Next was that one tailor and in the last was that massage parlour. One day I came to know that that shop has been vacated by the tailor. Actually next two shops were one shop only but were divided into two ; so there was a small gate in between massage parlour and tailor shop.
I was closing down my shop. Massage parlour lady owner ( Tara ) approached me and took away to that empty shop. She told me that the gate between these both shops can be opened from her parlour and can be used secretly. I couldn’t understand her meaning of secretly. I thought she wants to use as an extension of her parlour.
Very next day it was raining very heavily and most of the parts of Mumbai were flooded. All the girls were unable to reach the parlour except Tara. In my showroom also one sales boy could reach. Tara was standing out of her parlour’s gate. She called me and invited me to see her parlour. This was the very first time I was entering her parlour.
She showed me the gate and we both entered the other shop. Suddenlly Tara came close to me told me in a very low voice ” Now you can fulfill your dream. Watch me.” Tara started putting off her clothes. She first removed her top. She was in purple bra and looked so hot that I just can’t describe in words here. She took off her legging. Her panty was dark red. He legs were looked like made from marble stone. Tara came close to me and told me ” kiss me.” I couldn’t believe that she is telling me to kiss. Tara again told me ” Kiss me my love; kiss me.” I holded her face and kissed her on her curved neck. She felt juicy and spoke ” Kiss my lips” I thought for a while and kissed her dark red lips. We both felt so wet; sweet and juicy that we kissed till her entire red shade lipstick was gone from her lips and mine lips became red. I told Tara ” I will join you tomorrow also.” Tara smiled and I came out of her parlour.
Next day Tara came with purple lipstick shade and kept smiling to me. I got her invitation was unable to kiss her as all her girls were present and there were customers also in her parlour. It was closing time of our shops. I waited for Tara’s girls to left he parlour. Tara blinked her eyes and I entered her parlour. Immediately we holded each other very tight and started kissing each other’s lips. Her purple shade made my lips and surrounding little purple. I and Tara were very happy.
One day I invited Tara for a movie. We both selected corner seats for us. Tara painted her lips glittering pink. Throughout the movie Tara and I kissed each other’s lips. In the interval I bought ice cream. Tara suggested to eat ice cream together. We started eating ice cream and kissing. My brief was wet now. Tara took my hand to her panty. I touched her panty; it was also wet. We smiled at each other.

The very next day I came before Tara’s girls came for duty so that I can kiss Tara. Tara was alone in her parlour. Todays once again the shade of lipstick was purple. I entered in parlour. We started kissing each other. We were so much involved that we forgot stop. Suddenlly Tara’s one of the girl Kitty entered the parlour. Tara was on the coach and I was kissing her hence Tara couldn’t see Kitty’s entry. Kitty watched us and spokes ” I am sorry.” I and Tara got separated immediately and I left Tara’s parlour.
In the afternoon when I was in my shop; Kitty came and asked for some sleeveless top. My boy was attending her. Kitty kept on looking at me. She selected one top and approached me for making payment. While paying cash to me she spoke in a very low voice ” Sir; your lips are purple.” I looked at her; Kitty was smiling meaningfully. To avoid further I also smiled.
I told Tara next day about Kitty. Tara looked very relaxed even after hearing this from me. She touched my lips and whispers ” Don’t worry honey. Just kiss her also. She is also equally hot.” I was surprised. That day in the evening Kitty told me ” Tara Madam is calling you.” When I entered the parlour Tara smiled and took me to the empty shop. I noticed that Tara had put up one coach there also. Previously this was was totally empty. Tara asked Kitty to sleep on the coach. Kitty took off her top and long short which she was wearing. I saw Kitty half nude. Kitty’s body was more sexy and her curves were more dangerous than Tara. Tara gave Kitty one lipstick pencil. Kitty applied light pink shade. I leaned on Kitty and kissed her lips. Kitty’s lips were much more wet than Tara. Kitty holds me tightly in such a way that her boobs were pressed automatically by me. We enjoyed this French kiss.
Kitty informed to all other three girls about these two incidents. I was not aware of this. Next day all the four girls including Kitty were smiling dangerously at me. Tara took me to one coffee shop and told ” Kitty has informed about your kisses to Poonam; Veera and Leena. Now they all wants kiss from you. We all feel that your lips are very juicy and sexy and off course the wettest You are very very lucky honey that you will be kissing five babes.” I was shocked. I left my shop early to avoid any meeting with babes.
Next day when I cam to my shop Kitty was waiting for me. She was wearing a very low cut sleevless top and short skirt. Her boobs were flashing. I asked her to have a kiss. We entered the empty shop via parlour. What I saw was a lifetime scene. Including Tara; Poonam; Vera and Leena all were in that shop. All were in bra and panties only. Tara herself was applying lipstick on their lips. Tara turned to me and told ” Honey now start kissing all of us one by one.” When I saw so many heavenly bodies together in bra and panty with their lips painted with tons of lipstick; I lost my control.
Leena was the eldest. Her cup size was D plus and also big body. She painted her lips light green. I chose Leena first. I and Leena were on the coach. I touched my lips to Leena’s lips. Grip of Leena’s lips was very strong. Soon she start dominating me. I accepted my defeat from Leena. Leena smiled and told Veera to come next. Veera was short but well built. She has chosen dark brown. Veera was very weak and within 2 minutes she was down. Poonam came next. Poonam’s lips were very soft. She painted shining blue. Our kiss lasted for about 5 minutes. When we both agreed to finish, Kitty immediately joined me. Her lips were blood red and was looking extremely hot and full of steam. My kiss with her lasted for more than 8 minutes. Now it was turn of Tara. Tara once gain painted dark purple. Today Tara was very well prepared. We started our kiss and after 2 minutes we took a small break and we repeated this for next 15 minutes. Our kiss was so wet and steamy that mine and Tara’s panties become completely wet. Ponam, Veera and Leena also asked me touch their panties. All panties were wet. We enjoyed very much. After this round I suggested to go for second round. I told them to stand one after one. Then I took all the babes one by one and kissed lips of each babes for approx 2 minutes.
Those all the babes were so satisfied that on the very next day Leena approached me and I went to the empty shop. Leena suggested sex. I was little bit hesitating but when Leena udressed herself; I agreed. We both had sex for almost half an hour. I retuned to my shop. In the late afternoon Veera invited me for sex. I took Veera and fucked her for more than half an hour. She was in severe pain but still she was enjoying till the end.
It was almost 9 o’clock and I closed my shop. Poonam told me to wait. When everybody left I entered the parlour with Poonam. She immediately undressed her and was on bed with both legs in V position. I slept on her and inserted my penis in her vagina. Her vagina was the softest and very soon I drilled her to the maximum depth. Poonam kissed on my lips so wet that I have to swallow a lot of her juice. Poonam was very hot and strong. She kept me busy for almost one hour. After 10 PM I came out of the parlour with Poonam.
The very next day Tara met me and told that all the three girls are fully satisfied and are ready again. I was delighted to hear this. Just before lunch Tara told me to have lunch with her. We both started our lunch in the empty shop. Tara gave me one piece of cake and brought her mouth very close to my mouth. We both ate that cake together. Cake spread on our both’s face and we started eating it from each’s surface. Soon we lost of our control. We got undressed and I took Tara for a very long sex drive. Tara is strongest among all the five. Even I was tired but Tara was looking almost fresh. Finally after being fucked and drilled hard for more than an hour and half Tara started telling me by eyes that now she is fully satisfied. Her entire body became cold and humid. I kissed her lips and return to my shop.
Throughout the night I was dreaming of having sex with all these five sweet and tasty girls.
The very next day was the most memorable day of my life. About 12 o’clock we came to know that due to some protest of oppsition party the shopping complexes and all other shops and malls are being asked to close. We closed down our shop. Tara same to me and told to wait. She kepy locked her shop and took me into the empty shop where all other four girls were present. As the shop was vacant no one noticed its opened gate. We closed the gate from inside.
Now the time and conditions were favourable for all of us. We all got undressed and started kissing each other and playing with each other’s bodies. All girls became so wild that even they were performing some lesbian sex scenes to get excited and charged. Soon I was fully charged. I took all the five one by one and fucked very hard as there was no time limit and not a single obstacle around us. First I took Veera. I fucked Veera for about half an hour. Then I took Poonam. Poonam got fucked by me so hard for abour forty five minutes that her pussy and vagina became dark red. After Poonam; it was turn of Leena. As Leena is eldest amongst all she is the most experienced also. I fucked Leena from bothside for almost forty five minutes and her pussy and vagina also became dark red and hot. Now I took Kitty. I fucked Kitty for almost one hour. Kitty got so excited that when being fucked she called Poonam and she kissed Poonam;s lips for more excitement. Tara saw this and she made some plan. After Kitty I was in the bed with their boss Tara. Tara being the hottest; got fucked for more than one hour. Her entire lower areacontaining pussy and vagina became very dark red. Now I was getting exhausted.
Tara explained her plan to all of us and after knowing the plan we all got fully charged. Tara ; Kitty ; Poonam ; Leena and Veera all slept on the floor with their legs crossed in alphabet “V” and I started fucking all of them one by one very fast for abour 2 minutes. I repeated this for 5 times. When I was inserting and taking our my penis in their vaginas they were crying and making sweet noises. We al were in sex till late evening. We got finished by 7 in the evening. I fucked all five ladies for minimum three times in addition to that swinging round.
Still my shop is there and so is the parlour and that ehop is still vacant. We all six are in touch almost every alternate day. Once in a week we all are united for sex and we enjoy the gangbang sex. Next week we will be doing sex by applying oil all over our bodies. So please come and Join us.
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