voodoo changed my life

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i’ve wanted to tell this story for a long long time, but i never had the courage before now. back in the fall of 1989 i was 18 years old, and I joined the US Army, I went through my basic training and AiT at ft benning GA, and then I was so fortunate to get stationed at Ft Davis Panama. it was paridise , I grew up in Michigan, so the tropical climate was such a contrast to what I’ve allways been accostumed to was drastic, and beautifull.
Ive gotta cut to the chase to let you know where I’m going with this, while I was down there, I had an encounter with one of the grand masters of Voodoo, or call it black magic if you like, and your going to find this hard to believe, that’s why I hae to write this story as fiction, because it’s soo unbelievable it would never sell as a non fictional story, but I’m telling you it really happened, and it’s the true story of how I became such a big stud today.
and I’m a change man, When I was a kid my parents and I attended church 3 times a week, we were holy rollin pentecostals, the run around the church praise the Lord kinda folks, and i never thought i would change from being raised in that type of family, sometimes I wonder if it was just the devil giving me what I allways wanted, but now that i got it, i gotta live with the choices I made.
well you know being a religious fanatic like I was didn’t make me popular with any body, especially the ladies. in fact i was a virgin right up untill this time, I never wnet out and participated in the revellings that the other guys did, I was really walking the line back then, i had a reputation for being honest and pure back then, but you know all of that has changed.
I was in an infantry unit back then so i didn’t have the easiest job back then, and my unit was running short of supply clerks, and I got volonteered for the job by my squad leader, probably because he didn’t like having a religious guy around. and back then people around me were allways trying to trip me up, I could sub title this story, (the fall of a Christian) and it would still fit, But it’s actually about how my cock got soo big, by the power of voodoo.
I guess i’m gonna have to cut this short to get to the main event.
I did three years in the Army , down at Ft Davis Panama, and became a supply clerk after two years, and that last year there I started getting around panama, as my new duties reguired me to do, and I met new people, kinda seemed like I was rescued from some of the seargents in my unit who were hell bent on ruining me, but i was dealing with different people now,
there was a seargent who worked up in S-4, (the battallion supply office), and he was a Haitian, his name was ducarmel cyrus, seargent cyrus, but sometimes I called him Duke, we bacame good friends, and he became a mentor to me, showed me the ropes, because I was just a grunt trying to fill the shoes of a supply seargent myself, I really needed his help, and he wasn’t like the other NCo’s and enlisted men in my unit, he took me under his wing, like a father and a son, and even though we had major differnces in belief and lifestyle we got along like two peas in a pod.
well you know How I was, religious, old duke was the exact opposite, riased in Haiti, he was a desciple of voodoo and black Magic.
at the time i never believed that that stuff was for real, but i found out how real it really is.
I spent hours a day working alongside duke, I was in and out of the s-4 office all the time, and not once did we have a discussion about religion, or voodoo, I found out about duke from a few of the guys back at the unit, some of the stuff i found hard to believe, they told me he had powers, and some of them said he was the devil, I had heard he made porno movies with some of the local native panamanian woman, that never bothered me too much, but they knew who was showing me the ropes in the supply room, i continued to go to church three times a week and walk that straight and narrow road the whole time I associated and worked with duke , but i one day that all changed, just like that.
it wasn’t until I was getting ready to ETS, (exit the service), I had only two weeks left and I was clearing the post. for those of you who aren’t familliar with Military jargon, I was clearing post, or in other works, I had to go around to all the offices and departments that i had done business with and have the officers and NCO’s in charge sign my forms to release me back to the civillian world.
the Army gave me two weeks to do all that , and it didn’t take that long, so I had alott of free time to screw off .
i had cleard every station on post in the first week except for the s-4, so I had a whole week to get up to s-4 and see duke for the last time , so I went out to see the country, and have a good time, I still went to church, My pastor even let me preach that last week, I thought that i was ready to face the devil, but maybe I underestimated his power.
the last night before I cleared I let my guard down, the guys back in my platoon were going out, and they come and got me, I’t was all just their way of saying good by and good luck, and even though we had our differences, I decided to go along with them, for the first time, this last time, because we had been through alott together those three years in Panama, and I just wanted to give them the respect back that they was showing me, we were more like brothers then than ever before. I knew all about those guys, where they were from how they lived, what they believed in, and they knew me, and they respected me for being so straight and true to my religion, and ther was a couple of guys in my platoon who were gay, and everybody knew, but nobody said nothing, I even over looked it, but that night we were more than just soldiers, we were brothers, and i really don’t think that happened in one night, because we had been through alott of rough and scarry shit together those three years in Panama.
so i just couldn”t refuse their offer to honor me.
It was the first time I drank alchahol that night, we went out to one of those little clubs on the strip` known for cheap prostatutes, called the gold nugget, the boys orderd up some beers and toasted me to the rest of my life, then jack bunch stood up and toased me, he said, Pete, hears to you and all the partying you could have done, but didn’t. i was on my second beer by then, the second beer in my whole life, so maybe it was the alchahol thinking, but when he siad that, it really struck a note, and I was just thinking why not, everybody needs to have fun once in their life atleast, and i never did until then.
now Jack bunch was really popular, he looked like a movie star, and he was allways bragging about how big his dick was, and when we went out to that club several of the woman there made it known that they wanted his company,
after about my fourth beer i had to pee pretty bad so I got up and made my way to the can, and that’s exactly what it was, this club didn’t have modern plumbing like we did on post, it was your typical panamanian whore house club dive, a quarter would by you a beer and about 5 bucks would get you, laid all night. i didn’t know then, but i found out later.
wehn I went in to pee, there was only one stall and one can, and jack came in right behind me, I was allready peeing when jack stepped in, so I couldn’t shut it off. jack just stepped up like he couldn’t help it, and he started whizzin, i couldn’t help but notice his penis was twice the size of mine, and he wasn’t hard, I said Jack, how did you penis get so big, there was a pause, and we finnished pissing into the can, and he said, do you wish yours was that big ?, I was really caught off guard, after years of stuffing the bible down everybodies throught, I felt like such a hypocrite, and then I said, well to be honest with you, and you know I’m an honest man, yes, I wish my cock was as big as yours, now jack how did it get so big, he stuffed it back in his pants and zipped up , and he siad, (talk to duke). I said, duke, ( the voodoo devil
man ? are you serious), and he got all s
traight faced, then i said, but jack didn’t it cost you something ?, and he said everythings got a price man, just talk to duke.
after that i was feeling sick to my stomach, it might have been the beer, because i had never drank before then,
well i cut out of there long before the guys did, and I went back to the barracks, but all night long I kept thinking about how big jacks cock was, and how small mine was in comparison to his, and you know I really wanted it bad.
the next morning was my last day in the army, i didn’t have to go to formation like all the other guys, all i had to do was go down to s-4 get a signature from the cammander, and go, I didn’t even have to go by to see duke , I needed the commanders signature, not his, I could skip him all together if i wanted to, but the events of last night just kept playing in my head, I couldn’t get over it.
that morning started out real gloomy, a tropical storm was rolling in, the clouds were dark and lowering. the s-4 was a where house on the back side of the post, set apart from all the other buildings, up on a bluff, I was driving the company jeep, and it didn’t start raining until i started up the hill, and when it rains in Panama it pours, it started coming down in buckuts, i was getting soaked, I looked up the hill at the s-4 wharehouse, and it just seemed like the clouds were alott darker up there, but I stepped on the gas and raced up that hill, so I wouldn’t get stuck, the road was getting really muddy real fast, I parcked close to the door and ran in.
I realy only needed to see the cammander, and capt price was at the front office , I gave him the miltary salute and pulled a wet peice of paper out of a folder for him to sign, and he signed it then offered me his hand, he said specialist North, were going to miss you, I siad, well I guess i’ll miss you all too, then I asked is seargent cyrus around, they told me, yea, he just moved his office to the back side of the shop, do you wanta go back and say good bye, “yes sir” we’ve spent alott of time together, I should say good bye.
so I proceeded down the long hall, then through the wharehouse back to dukes office, it was a left turn and down a flight a steps, in an area that looked like a bomb shelter , or a bunker where duke moved his office to.
when I walked in he was sitting behind his desk, and his desk was bare except for one thing, a life size crystal skull, he didn’t notice me walk in, he was staring at the skull, just then there was a draft pass by me, and the vaulted door behind me slammed shut, I thought that draft wasn’t strong enough to close that door, and duke was still undesturbed, staring at the crystal skull, just when I wanted to say something, duke leaned back in his chair, i could see the reflection of the skull in both of his eyes, and he looked at me in the eye, and he siad ‘is there something you wanted”? then I didn’t know what to say, I was afraid to say it, but I could see the skull in both of his eyes, and he was lookiong at me now, my eyes darted back and forth from his then to the crystal skull on his desk, back and forth a few times, until they rested on the skull, and I felt like i was arrested by the crystal skull, and i couldn’t take my eyes off of it, I had to force myself to say it, (YES) yes, there is something I want, “what is it he said ” i just couldn’t, it was so awkward and wierd. then he siad, “what do you see in the crystal”? i looked deep into the crystal and I saw a bundle of bannana’s, and one bananna that was as big as the whole bundle, and I siad, I see a big bannanna, and he siad, is that what you wanted ? a big bannanna, and I said, YES, then he siad in a fatherly way,”meho, Look into the skull and say “I gotta big bannana” and so I did, then I said it again, until i was chanting, I gotta big bannana, I gotta big bannana, with alott of emphasis on BIG, I gotta (BIG) bannana, and I felt my groin get realy tight, i sprang a boner right there, i could feel my skin stretching, i wanted to reach down and grab it but i was still too embarrased, then he unbottoned his pants, and pulled out his cock, he said “hey don’t be afraid, it’s a gift”. i swear his cock was the biggest I ever ever seen, it had to be about 18 inches long, it looked like it belonged on a horse, he said “is this what you wanted?”, I was so taken by my carnal lust, I said “YES”, i ALMOST SCREAMED IT, say it again he siad, I stared deep into the skull, and said it again, ” I GOT A BIG BANNANN”, A GREAT BIG GIANT BANNANA” A BIG MOTHER FUCKING GIANT GODDAM BANNANA” and the buttons on my BDU’s broke, i lost every sense of shame in that instance, and i undid my belt, and and I ripped the elastinc band off of my underwhare cause it was just constraining me, and i stroked my cock, right there infront of duke, and he stood up and he was stroking his cock too , and he stroked it harder and harder and i stroked it harder and harder, with no shame or regret, i was lovin it, then he lunged his cock closer to the crystal and blew his wad right on thre crystal skull, and i was about to cum, so i lunged the head of my brand new shiny cock at the skull and a jizzed all over it, it felt so good, I felt like I was born again.
i wasn’t in dukes office for very long, but something that I will never forget for a lifetime happened there, it was so awkward after i blew my wad on that skull.
duke kinda straightened up and got all military on me, tucked his huge cock back in his pants, mine was still hanging there, it could hardly believe, but i felt more joy then ever, like i just won the lottery , or better, and duke Said, Meho, I’ve given you the gift you have allways wanted, and i know i may never see you again, but go and enjoy your life, your a young man, and i hope this makes you happy, but just promise me you’ll stay out of trouble, and so I promised, and straightened myself out before walking out of his office, I gave him a salute, and an about face, on the way out the door, i had to say thankyou duke, I,ll never forget you.

well you know that’s not the end of the story, but just the beginning of a new one, because, I was like a brand new born again man, with a great big Cock, and I went to church that night, it was my last night there in panama, and nobody at church expected what transpired that night . yhr pastor asked me to testafy, I felt so wierd, yah know, I had been going there for so many years, that night, I put my cheap sears suit on and went to church like I did every thursday night, but someting was very different, my underwhare didn’t fit any more, because my cock was just too damb big for my britches so I put the suit on and whent to church, when i stood up to testify that night, I was at a loss for words, but the pastor aksed me to testify, so I was kinda in a corner, I had to stand up, and I had a noticable bulge between my legs when
I stood up I noticed the pastors wife staring at my crotch, i had to hold back my desire to get a boner, and she was showing off her cleavage, she was practically sitting next to me when I stood up, and i was searching for something to say, so I said, “i just want to thank god for leading me here to Panama, for all the people I’ve met here, and I’ve allways believed that god has all the power in the universe, and even satan only has as much power as God allows him to have, so on that thought, I want to thank God for giving me the desires of my heart, and I want to thank him for all the good times that I’m going to have in my life when I get back home, Amen.
now you know I said it was the beginning of a new story, but before I left Panama, I fucked the pastors wife, and two other woman in the church, I was on such a role, that I even went to the church organizations bible college, and I have fucked numerous woman in the church, church ladies love huge cocks,
the end, or to be continued.

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