The Alchemy Of Kryptonite

Superman loved his life. He had explored the world, saved countless lives, and used all of his powers. Yet, he was alone. Ever mindful of the kryptonite which brought him to his knees, his fear commanded his every move. He was bound by this fear and yearned for freedom. He searched the web for some way to protect himself. There, he found her.
The Alchemist was a woman of transformation. She wrote of overcoming fears by using the weapon as medicine. Psychic homeopathy. If he allowed kryptonite to permeate him, he would master it as it became a part of him. He was intrigued and mesmerized by her words. “He must meet her.”
Superman flew to the Alchemist’s island immediately. She felt him approaching. Her nipples hardened and her kunt became silky as he came closer. She had no idea that he would become the Master of her karma. She almost floated out onto the beach as he soared down and towered before her. Superman and Alchemy locked eyes and then he fell at her feet. There was Kryptonite flowing through her veins but his desire for her burned him. She lay down beside him, slowly and gently she began to kiss and lick him. He lay there, immobile and weak, as she covered him with her affection. She whispered, “I will heal you, Superman,” as she massaged his whole body with her kunt. As she fed him her kryptonite laden kunt juices, he began to lap hungrily; gaining strength with each ounce he sucked in. His supercock grew larger and harder than he had ever known. She summoned two of her handmaidens to lick and suck him as she continued to feed him and rock on the cleft on his chin. He was no longer afraid of the kryptonite – he felt it expanding him from within, coursing through his veins, he had to be inside of her. His eyes flashed with virile intention, and he could move again. He lifted her as he stood, never moving her from his mouth, and holding her up, she screamed in ecstasy.
The handmaidens watched as he positioned Alchemy over his supercock and pressed her down onto him. She knew this Superman was who she had been waiting for. With each thrust, he made her his own, until he let the kryptonite flow back into her. He set her down before him and she fell to her knees, licking the last of their union off his supercock. They smiled and danced across the sand, no longer alone with their wisdom and strength, but sharing in transformation.

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