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I moved to Florida to live with my Dad when I was 17. I never knew him so I was kind of afraid and nervous. When he picked me up at the airport, he was trying to be so nice. “We can go get your luggage from baggage claim, then I figured we could go to a restaraunt to get something to eat.”

“I don’t have anymore bags and the airplane food made me loose my appetite.”, I told him.

He just shrugged his shoulders and walked out to his car. We rode back to his house in silence. He was remarried and had three stepdaughters that were younger than me so I knew this was going to be a pain.

When we got back to the house, I found out he lived right on the beach so I grabbed my bikini and walked along the shore line for a while. Then I jumped in the ocean and swam until I thought my arms were going to fall off. I floated as best I could until I realized that I swam too far and had no idea where I was. Aboat pulled up beside me and the man steering said,”I saw you swimming and I like your style. Would you ever consider swimming for the Olympic swim team?”

“You would have to talk to my Dad. I just got to Florida today.”

Then from in the background, a woman says,’Wade, pull her in before she drowns. She is not trading water well.”

Then he pulled me onto the boat and just stares at my body. At 17, I am a 38 D cup bra and I have hips that just cry out ot be grabbed as I am fucking.

After about an hour, Dad was out on the ocean in his boat looking for me and Wade flagged him down. They talked about me joining the Olympic swim team and my Dad said that he had to talk to me about it and he would get ahold of him later.

My Dad sat me down and we talked for a couple of hours and then he asked me how my grades were before my Mom died, and I said that I had a four point oh grade average and I planned on keeping them that high no matter what.

My Dad called Mr. Dalton and said that he would allow me on the condition that my grades stayed where they were and didn’t slip. So every day after school, I would do my homework and then swim as far as I could tread water and then swim back. I swam alittle farther out everyday.

My Dad’s wife stopped me one day and told me that my counselor called her from school. I stopped and rolled my eyes at her and said why is he so pissy because I don’t want to make friends. I graduate in three months then I have to go to Munich for the summer Olympics then I will worry about making friends. She then asked if I could take Tammy, the youngest with me. I said sure. She was eleven so she could understand about not shaking the row boat. I put her life jacket on and put her in the row boat and tied the boat around my waist and started swimming.

After about six miles out, I looked back at Tammy and she was laughing. We were surraounded by dolphins and she had held her hand out and petted one. I was so happy to see her smile and laugh.

I started to splash her with water and she was trying to splash back when she fell over board. Her life jacket would not let her sink so I swam over to her and put her in the boat just as someone or something grabbed my ankle. I was pulled under as far as the safety line from the boat would let me then I went farther down.

I pulled back to the surface as hard as I could until I heard a voice say that I was safe. “I don’t care about me, Tammy is only eleven so I have to be there for her.”

“I had her taken back to shore. She is going to be just fine.”, the voice said.

“She is going to be fine hell, she just saw me drowned and that is hard for anyone let alone an eleven year old little girl.”, I yelled as I spun around looking for whoever did this to me.

“Let me see you, sonofabitch, I want to see the face of the man that I am going to hate for all of eternity.”, I shouted, “Where the hell are you?”

“Mason, you are not dead and I will send you back if you want me too. I just have watched you swim for low these last few months and I have fallen in love with you and I want to fuck you so bad that I dream of you.”, The voice stated as a very handsome amn walked out of the shadows of the underwater cave that I had been taken too.

He stood about 6 feet 6 taned, toned body and a muscle structure that most men couldn’t buy. He stood before me nude with an erection that made my virgin pussy quiver.

I couldn’t help but drop my gaze to his cock. It was about 10 1/2 inches long and not fully erect.

“Why me?”, I meeklyasked as he pressed his body to mine. I could feel the heat eminating from every pour of his magnificant body.

He reached behind my neck and untied the top of my bikini and let it fall to the floor. He lowered his lips to my hard nipple and sucked on it. As he did, it felt like a million little tongues were carressing my nipples until they were harder than they ever had been.

Without even realizing it, I had brought my hand to his cock. It was hard but the skin was soft. He groaned onto my nipple as I stroked his cock.

He kissed my lips and my neck and all of the way to my waist. “Mason, I want you to be my queen. The only way that this can be done is if you give yourself to me freely. I can’t force you too.”, I cocked my head to the left and firmly stated,”I don’t even know your name. How can I be your queen?”

“My name is hard to pronounce in your language so I have my people call me Maydock.”,He said.

“What about my family? They are worried sick about me by now. I can’t just leave them hanging like they don’t matter to me because they do. What about Tammy? She is going to go crazy.”, I told him meaning every word that I said.

He then moved the bottoms of my bikini and slid two fingers into my pussy, only to find the virgin barrier that kept me from enjoying the finger fucking that I was getting. He gently laid me onto the ground and lowered himself into me. I could feel him sliding into my hymen. “Mason, I dont’ want to hurt you but this is going to hurt but then it will feel so good.”, He smoothed out my hair and with one hard thrust was past the barrier. I could feel the blood trickle down my ass crack and onto the ground. Then I started to enjoy the penetration. He was thrusting in and out of my with the rthymn of the waves crashing onto the shore line. Just as I was about to cum, I felt the water running along my sides and realized that we were back in the ocean.

He made love to me in a way that was both sexual and sensual. We both came at the same time. He held me on his cock and came inside of me.

Before I could say anything I was laying on the dock in my Dad’s backyard and Tammy was yelling for me. “Kid, will you stop yelling? I have the worst head ache.” “Mommy, Daddy, she is here now.”, Tammy yelled as she ran up to the house.

My Dad came running to me and picked my up and put me in the car. He immediately took me to the hospital. The doctors xrayed my lungs and saw that they were filled with sea water. He walked out to my Dad shaking his head and said,”Mr. Dillinger, your daughter should be dead.” Just then he pulled out the xrays and showed my Dad that I was full of sea water. Just then the nurse ran out, shouting, “Doctor, she is drowning!”

Everyone ran back into my room and saw that I was gasping for air and I looked at though I was drowning. No one knew what to do.

Just then a meek little voice said,” The man in the ocen said that she won’t survive long unless sheis in the water.” But no one seemed to listen. Tammy ran to the beach grabbed a bucket of water and brought it to me. She poured it over my face just before everyone started yelling at her.

“Kid, you just saved my life.”, I said out of all of the panic. My Dad looked at me and started crying, “Mason, what in the world is going on?”

After my Dad sat on the egde of my bed, I explain
ed it all to him as best as I could. Then I firmly stated, “I have to go back to Maydock or I will die. Having to explain this to my
Father was harder than I thought because I knew that I would never be able to see him up close again. “I love you Dad. I know that it isn’t your fault that Mom moved to Ohio after your divorce.” I placed my hand on his cheek and looked into his eyes. Just then I started to drowned again. Tammy came threw in a flash with a bucket of water. “Kid, I am going to miss you the most.”, I then put my arms around her and hugged her to me and kissed the top of her head.

Just then the orderly came in with a wheel chair. He looked so familiar but I couldn’t place the face. “Mason, Maydock sent me to get you, it is time to go home.”

He uncovered my body to find out that I had developed flippers, scales, gills, and a tail. He picked me up and put me in the wheel chair and my family walked with him as he walked me to the edge of the ocean. He looked at my Dad, and then at Tammy and said.”She was so worried about you that Maydock declared that if if you ever want her that you just call her name and she will be sent to you but she is not allowed out of the water for very long. She will die if she is out too long.”

With that he just into the ocean and his tail grew back immediately. I hugged my Dad, and his wife and Tammy and jumped into the ocean. I swam to Maydock and immediately began to suck his cock into my mouth.

He stopped me and said,” Mason, I love you and you are to be my queen.”

I buried his face in between my breasts and felt his tongue light on my nipple and he pulled the other one with force. We fucked in the water out of the water and in groups and just the two of us.

I could hear someone crying and realized that it was me because this was the happiest that I had been since my Mom died.

Part two is even better….

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