Supergirl’s Submission

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The battle had been epic. Kara Zor-El, better known as Supergirl stood in the wreckage of the robot army, dust and smoke billowing around her. Her costume was covered in dirt from the fight. She brushed her blonde hair from her eyes as she looked around for any more robots.

“Good,” she said, “I can get home and take a shower. Who knew fighting robots was such dirty work?” With that, Supergirl rose in to the air and began to fly home. As she flew over the trees, vines reached up and grabbed at her. Supergirl fought against them, snapping them easily with her super strength or burning them with her heat vision. Each attack was bringing her closer to the tree tops. Supergirl pushed into the air, but realised she was not able to. The vines were getting stronger or was she getting weaker? The vines pulled her through the branches of the trees, scratching her, hurting her.

“They shouldn’t be able to hurt me.” Supergirl said in disbelief. Then she realised the vines were glowing in the shadows of the branches.

“Kryptonite. The vines are…” Supergirl could fight no longer. The vines pulled her to the forest floor where Supergirl landed with a loud thud. Supergirl stood in the mud, struggling against the vines that held her.

“Only one person could be behind this, Poison Ivy, where are you Ivy?” Supergirl yelled. A voluptuous red head stepped out from behind a tree. Her skin was green and only a few leaves kept her from being completely nude. She smiled as she walked up to the helpless hero in her trap.

“Why are you doing this?” Supergirl demanded.

“You claim to be Earth’s champion, alien. Soon you will be, when you serve the plants.” Ivy replied.

“Never!” yelled Supergirl.

“I’m going to enjoy this.” Ivy whipped Supergirl’s legs with the vines in her hand. Kara cried out and dropped to her knees. Branches rose out of the ground around Supergirl’s muddy legs. Ivy walked slowly behind Supergirl and took the end of her cape in her hand, wrapping it around her arm before pulling it from her back.

“You won’t be needing that anymore.” Ivy flung the cape behind her where it caught in the branches of a tree. Ivy commanded the vines holding Supergirl’s arms to pull them out tight. Ivy whipped her again, across her back. The tight blue alien material ripped away with the vine, exposing her back in places.  Supergirl grimaced as she tried to endure the pain. Ivy whipped her again and again until she cried out. Ivy leaned in and kissed Kara’s neck.

“That’s good, let the forest hear your pain.” Ivy whispered. Supergirl struggled again. Ivy smiled and whipped her again. Supergirl stopped and looked up, helpless. Ivy dropped her vines and picked up a small branch. The wood in her hand became a sharp blade.

“That ‘S’ doesn’t belong here.” Ivy said, looking at Supergirl’s chest. Ivy took the wooden knife and put the blade inside the top of Supergirl’s costume. Ivy slowly brought the knife down to Supergirl’s belt, tearing the alien fabric, which peeled away from Supergirl’s pale, toned flesh. Ivy tore the tattered fabric away, exposing Supergirl’s breasts. They were round and pert, her pink nipples hard in the cool forest air. Ivy’s green hands cupped them, feeling their softness. Kara looked away as Ivy played with her breasts and kissed her neck.

“If you don’t want pleasure, we can go back to pain, Supergirl” Ivy said squeezing hard on the prone heroine’s nipple. Kara turned back to Ivy.

“Let me go. Please Ivy, I beg you.”

“The humans show no mercy, why should I?” Ivy stepped back and slapped Supergirl’s naked breasts, making them redden.

“On your feet.” Ivy commanded. The branches pushed Supergirl off her knees while the vines pulled her hands behind her back. Supergirl stood, scratched and dirty, all that was left of her costume was her red skirt and boots. Ivy walked around her, inspecting her handiwork. She stopped in front of Supergirl. Vines climbed Ivy’s legs, parting the leaves covering her crotch as the wrapped around her hips. The vines entwined in front forming a column. Supergirl knew what was coming, Ivy was making herself a strap-on cock. Ivy walked behind Supergirl, stroking her vine member as Supergirl looked on. Ivy placed her hand on Supergirl’s back, still red and sore from the whipping, making her lean forward. Ivy lifted Supergirl’s skirt, her red underwear was already moist and Ivy quickly cut it away to expose the wetness underneath. Ivy grabbed Supergirl’s pale bum in one hand and began to tease her glistening pussy lips with her vine dick. Kara whimpered, scared and aroused. Ivy grabbed her ass with her other hand and thrust her big green vine dick inside the helpless heroine. Supergirl gasped. Ivy pulled back, her vines covered in Kryptonian pussy juice. She thrust again and again. Supergirl moaned with pleasure.

“Do you want me to stop now?” Ivy teased.

“N-no. Keep going.” Came the reply. Ivy pounded away, harder and harder. Supergirl wriggled in her restraints as she enjoyed each thrust. Even with the branches’ support, Supergirl was struggling to stand. The fucking and the Kryptonite weakening her legs. Ivy pulled out, Kryptonian girl cum dripping from her hard, green vine dick. Ivy removed Supergirl’s skirt, revealing her toned ass and bald pussy. She then lowered her gently to the soft, grassy floor. Supergirl was on her back and still restrained. Ivy stood over her, the leaves that covered her fell away. Ivy’s breasts were much larger than Kara’s, soft but firm, her nipples large and a darker green than her skin.

Ivy parted Kara’s legs and lowered herself between them. They were soon face to face and Ivy brought her vine strap-on back to Supergirl’s wet, hairless, pussy. She gently slid inside her again. The young superhero’s athletic body quivered with pleasure as Ivy’s green curves rolled over her. Ivy’s breasts heaved with every thrust she took inside Kara’s kitty. Supergirl was panting with exhaustion, her orgasms draining her strength faster than the kryptonite.

Ivy moved beside Kara, the vine strap-on unwound from her. Ivy cradled Supergirl’s head in her arms and began stroking her blonde hair. The once mighty Supergirl was barely able to move. Her already pale skin was now nearly white.

“I can protect you from it, if you submit to me.” Ivy said, concern in her voice.

“Okay Ivy, you win. I surrender to you.” Came the croaky reply.

“Good. Just drink and your strength will return.” Ivy lifted her large breast to Kara’s face. The emerald green nipple was swollen and leaking a sweet sap. Kara’s lips were cracked and dry and she drank thirstily, sucking the intoxicating liquid from the bountiful boob. Ivy cooed as she enjoyed Kara’s tongue licking her tits. Supergirl’s sucks and licks became quicker and firmer as her strength returned. Her hands cupped Ivy’s breasts so she could drink deeper. She was so focused on her buxom prize that she hadn’t realised Ivy had released her bonds.

“That’s enough now.” Ivy said at last. Her breasts were sore from the attention. She leaned back to admire Kara’s body, naked save her red boots. The color had returned to her and she looked healthy again, her injuries healed. Kara floated off the ground and came down on her knees in front of Ivy.

“I’m your servant now, Mistress Ivy.” Ivy stood up in front of her. She cupped her Kara’s head in her hand and looked down into her eyes.

“Yes. Yes, you are.” Ivy lifted Kara to her feet. Leaves began to cover Ivy again, forming a dress. Vines wrapped around Kara forming a ring around her chest, they covered her nipples’ width around her and little more. Another formed a thong. A third wrapped around her neck, Kara’s tattered cape hung from it. Thorns sprouted from each of the vines, denting but not piercing her skin and threatening anyone who came to close, besides their creator. Ivy smiled and kissed Kara’s soft lips.

“You are Thorn now. By my side you’ll reclaim the Earth for the true rulers, the plants.” Ivy ran her hands down Thorn’s sides. Kara smiled.

“We’ll start in Gotham. I’ll enjoy watching you beat up Batman.” Thorn scooped Ivy up in her arms and flew into the sky. The Dark Knight didn’t stand a chance.







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