Airport security having fun

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carla was always shy, never really opened up and spoke to others about sex, she stood about 5 feet 8 inches tall had size dd breast the number size didn.t matter a she seldom wears a bra…

she had been in her station by a metal detector for about 2 1/2 hours when this sexy tan girl came through the metal detecor went of so she took the wand and wave the women starting from the head when she got down to the feet she looked up and saw the women want wearin and panties but had about 4 piecings the guy checking luggage said they had to take her to the back they sent carla with he womens luggage, carla did not know what was going on she ended up in an interrofation room with the women for about an hour with the suitcase before the women took he skirt off and walked over to the brief case and opened it carla had no idea what was about to happen as she had never been with a women, the women said “my name is star, i love to fuck straight women” she pulled out a strapon and slid it on then through carla an the table and ripped the security uniform off and shoved her tomgu in carlas mouth then slowly while kissing her shoven the 13 inch rubber vibrating cock in carlas tight baely used pussy til though whole thign fit like a glove and calra did not know why but she was likg it not knowing she was being watched about 6 of her new emploees through the one sided mirror star had carla screaming and moaning and the said my turn …

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