few changes in my marrage

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I have been married for 18 years and have experimented over the years but when my wife one night started playing with my ass things really changed I was giving her head when she started to change position to a 69 I though thats great she doesn’t like sucking my dick but maybe I did something right she started playing with my rock hard dick and fingering my ass she had never done this before but I go with the flow after about 2 minutes I felt lube being applied to my rosebud then I felt something larger then her finger being pushed into my ass it hurt and tried to get away but she used her legs like a vise on my head and held me in place and continued to slowely fuck my ass with something that felt like a god danm watermelon but it started to fell great and after about 5 min I was pushing back to get more of it in my ass then I exploded all over her chest then she released me and told me to suck her tits all covered in my own cum I said no and was pissed she told me to calm down I must have injoyed it for as hard as I came she had a point but I still wasn’t eating no cum fair enough she said but she wanted me to fuck her with a cock she could feel for a change and handed me a strapon and told me to put it on and take her it was huge about 1 1/2″ by 9″long compared to my 1″by 5″ long but if this is what she wanted ok and It made me hard just thinking about it so I strapped it on and fucked her hard I was surprised how easy she took it and she came 5 times before she begged me to stop I had never made her cum fucking her before thats when she told me that either she was leaving me for a real man or I we were going to change are relationship she told me that I would only get fucked in the ass by her strap on and I would fuck her with mine and if i did not agree she could find real men to fuck me I agreed after that orgasm I had but over the next 4 weeks she started dressing me in panties and making me eat my own cum but thats enother storie

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