Going solo

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So, I was feeling really horny this one night.

I wanted a real fuck, but this would have to do. I logged onto a sex blog and started reading… not sure how I would like it, I started feeling my tight wet pussy getting wet…desperate for that fuck.

I wanted more of these stories, they were making me really fucking horny and I wanted to go solo now. Reading on I slipped my hand down my black silk thong, and played gently with my throbbing clit, I wanted more, I needed more.

The story turned into a fantasy of me and my man, running through my head, causing my pussy to throb more.

I started rubbing my clit harder and faster,slipping my fingers inside my hot wet pussy, I felt myself building up and orgasm that I didn’t know I could create on my own.

I reached into my top draw for my rampant rabbit, I needed full satisfaction and i needed it now. Reading the story over and over I plunged the vibe deep into my throbbing pussy… I screamed loud as a wave of pure pleasure shook my whole body. I now treat that blog like a bible. I visit everyday 😉


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