Jennies sleepover fun.

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On friday night Jennies mum and dad were going out to stay at a friends house in bournmouth, so tell Jennie she may have a friend to sleep round on the friday night.
Obviously Jennie and lucy being best friends,she asks lucy to stay round..

On friday night as Jennies mum and dad pull out of the drive way and wave at the girls,Jennie slowly shuts door waving back.

Lucy shouts down at her from upstairs to hurry up as her bath was getting cold that she had made her.

Jennie runs up the stairs and told Lucy she would be about 10 minutes in the bath, she tells Lucy to help herself to what ever she wants.

Jennie steps into the bathroom and shuts the door.There is no lock as her dad has not fitted one yet.

She pulls her jumper over her head and lets it drop to the floor, she then starts un buttoning her top exsposing her 32 DD breasts. She then up zips her trousers wich fall straight to the floor.She pulls her nickers of and walks over to the bath.

As she sinks into the warm bath, she gets thoughts of what she could be doing to lucy as her parents weren’t in.But as she wasn’t with her she slips her hands down to her pussy and starts rubbing her clit.

She moaned quitely as she starts to excite herself..
Slipping one finger in and then back in repeating this at a very steady pace.

She brings her self close to orgasm so starts playing close attention to her clit again.
Rubbing it quickly and pressing hard.
She moaned a little to loud as she started to come as Lucy nocked on the door asking her if everything was okay.

Jennie quickly jumped out the bath and rapped a towel around herself.
She opended the door and told Lucy that she was fine.

As they walked back into Jennies room Jennie turned around shut the door behind her and locked it.

She then dropped her towel.
Lucy turned around and was very shocked to see what was going on.

She tried to get past Jennie and unlock the door but Jennie pushed her back over to the bed and led on her pressing her tits up against her.

She starts to undress Lucy and soon enough she is fully naked lying on Jennies bed.

Jennie moves down the bed and pushes Lucys legs open.
She moves her head up between her legs and starts licking her clit.
Lucy moans gently moving her hips at the speed of Jennies tongue.

Jennie starts getting faster and faster with her toungue untill Lucy is about to come,
As Jennie could sence this she bites Lucys clit sending her over the top exploding in an orgasm.
Lucy pulls Jennies head into her pussy forcing her to eat her more and more.Jennie keeps going untill Lucy can take no more and pushes her of.

Lucy then starts to finger Jennie while sucking her nipples.
It does not take much to make Jennie orgasm as she was so wet from almost being caught mastrubating in the bath.

The girls both lay there on Jennies bed and both think of what the night has awaiting for them.

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