Library Lust

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It was last Wednesday when it happened, when everything I thought I knew about sex came crashing down around me. I had an exam the following morning, and I decided to do some studying at the campus library. However, unbeknownst to me, the library was about to close. No sooner had I gotten myself settled in a chair with my books and papers spread out round me, then there was an announcement from the front desk that the doors were closing in ten minutes.
That dark-haired girl who has worked there for as long as I can remember came floating by on her long legs with her long tresses unfolding behind her carelessly. She was always impeccably dressed – that day, she wore a tight pink v-neck blouse and a knee-length black skirt that complemented her shapely calves and nice round bottom. I felt something – although whether it was lust or jealousy, I could not say.
I said to her “Excuse me, does the library usually close at five o’clock?”
“No,” she answered, leaning down close to my ear. “Usually we don’t close until ten in the evening, but tonight we’re having the carpets cleaned so we’ll have to clear the place out early.”
“I see,” I said. My nose had been assailed by a sweet fruity scent and my eyes were drawn to her v-neck sweater and the perfectly-formed cleavage now in view. Not wanting her to walk away just yet, I searched for something more to say. “Well, at least you get to go home a little early.”
“Actually, one of us has to stay and I lost the drawing of straws. It usually takes them a few hours to finish. I probably won’t be able to leave until ten anyway.”
“Well, that’s not much fun,” I said, fighting not to stare.
“You’re telling me. I’m not allowed to be on any of the carpeted areas, so I’ll have to stay in the break room the whole night,” she pouted. As she shifted positions, her blouse shifted and I could now see all the way down, and the fact that she was not wearing a bra was glaringly apparent. I wondered vaguely why on earth any woman would wear a tight rayon blouse with a v-neck without a bra. It was madness.
Suddenly, I became aware of a tingling between my legs. This was madness as well. Why should seeing another woman’s breasts give me such a rush? True, they were large, round, pert, and sported large aureolae with stiff suckable nipples in my full view. But she was a woman – I have always, always been into men. Besides, I’m happily married. This is wrong, wrong, wrong.
I don’t know what possessed me, but I then said, “Would you like some company while you wait for them to finish the carpet? Might be nice to have someone to talk to.”
My face felt hot while I waited an eternity for her answer.
“Sure, that would be nice,” she answered with a soft smile. I could have sworn that I caught a glint of suggestiveness in her gaze, but it was probably just my lustful imagination running away with me.
She introduced herself as Kathryn, I introduced myself as Lucy. She said she had seen me around and I answered likewise. I gathered up my things and followed her to a back hallway and through a door. We found ourselves in a kitchen-like room with a counter and cupboards, microwave, refrigerator, et cetera, and a large rectangular table in the middle.
We sat down at the table and sort of stared at each other. Again, unsure of why, I decided to tell her a secret.
“You know something, my husband thinks you’re really hot,” I said. “He’s always teasing that he’s going to leave me and run off with that dark-haired girl at the library if I’m not nice to him.”
She giggled, “Really? Is he the one I see you with sometimes? The one who plays rugby?”
“Yeah, that’s him.”
“He’s gorgeous!” she exclaimed.
“I know!”
“He thinks I’m hot, does he?” she asked, eyebrow raised.
“He absolutely does.”
She was quiet for a long moment. Then she asked, “And you?”
“What about me?”
She grinned at me sheepishly. “Do you think I’m hot?”
I gave a nervous chuckle, suddenly very aware again of the tingle in my pussy and increasingly noticeable moisture. Could she tell? Was I blushing? More importantly, was she feeling the same thing I was?
I gave myself licence to look her up and down. I spent some time lingering at the hem of her skirt and the gap it formed between her legs. She turned in her chair to face me, her knees apart. Her right hand slid down to the hem and pulled it toward her, exposing the lacy tops of her black stockings.
“How about now?” she asked me softly, showing me the insides of her thighs.
“Hot,” I whispered. “Very hot.”
My eyes drifted to her eyes and she smiled wantonly at me. She licked her lips and turned her attention back to her wayward hand. She continued to pull up the hem of her skirt, which then exposed her sheer black knickers which exposed a cleanly-shaven pussy. Her other hand snaked inside the fabric and began to rub in circles.
Turned-on as I was, I couldn’t help but look at her inquisitively. What in God’s name was she doing?
“I’ve been trying to think of a way to get you alone,” she confessed. “Every time I see you, I think I need to have you.”
I turned toward her and leaned forward. She leaned in toward me and our mouths met easily. My lips closed around hers and our tongues swirled around each other in a shy dance of lust. I was somewhat aware of her hand continuing to diddle her pussy, faster now. She sighed and sucked at my lips with abandon. I was longing to plunge my own fingers into my aching cunt, but I wasn’t sure yet of what I was doing….
We broke the kiss after a minute. She stood up and reached behind her back. I heard what sounded like a zipper, and then her skirt slipped down over her hips and hit the floor. She stepped out of hit, still clad in her high-heeled shoes, her black stockings with the lace tops and her see-through underpants. In one smooth motion, she pulled her tight pink top over her head, exposing the beautiful, hard-tipped tits I had seen a few moments before. They were breathtaking when uncovered. Round and bouncy, almost too good to be true.
She perched herself on the edge of the table and leaned back on her hands. “Now your turn,” she said to me, licking her lips.
I stood up, facing her. I began at the top and unbuttoned my white tailored blouse. I shyly wriggled out of it, letting it fall to the floor.
My own tits are a sight to behold, and Kathryn was sure to tell me so. She asked me to leave my lacy white bra on, and then to remove my low-slung blue jeans. I first kicked off my shoes, then acquiesced to her request. There I stood before her in my matching bra and knickers, and she motioned for me to get closer.
I took two steps toward her, and she pulled the white lace down from my left tit until the nipple stuck out, and she began to suck it as she kneaded the other breast. I couldn’t take the pressure anymore and slipped my hand down into my knickers and began to try to relieve the ache that had been building up in my wet pussy. It was practically gushing now, and my fingers slid over my clit and into my cunt rather easily. She moaned and so did I, then she switched sides.
Then, without warning, she stopped. She turned around on the table and lay down the long way, her head near the end. She motioned for me to come up to where her head was, and I did. She reached up with both hands and pushed my knickers down, then slipped a couple of fingers into my now-throbbing cunt.
“Mmmm,” she sighed. “Nice and juicy. You want my tongue in there?”
A wave of lust washed over me, and all I could do was grab her hand and try to push it in further, and moan “Uh-huh!”
“Climb up,” she instructed.
I shed my underpants and I got up on the table head-first, and before I knew what I had done, I was staring straight at Kathryn’s trimmed pussy and my dripping gash was positioned over her face. She planted her hands on my bottom, pulled my hips down toward her mouth and began eating my cunt earnestly, lustfully
moaning and sighing as she did.
I followed suit, pushing aside her sheer pants a
nd plunging my mouth into her wet cunt. I wanted to devour her. I pressed my tongue hard against her clit, then moved back and forth from side to side. I plunged two fingers into her juicy pit and moved them in circles. Now both moaning with desire and ecstasy, our bodies began to writhe against one another like two animals in heat.
Orgasm was rising within me, and I sensed that the same was true of Kathryn. Her tongue was darting across my clit at light-speed and I felt I would soon burst. Suddenly, her moans became urgent cries, muffled by my pussy in her face and her legs wrapped around my shoulders. Her lusty actions urged me on and I became absolutely desperate for release. At that moment, I wanted nothing more than to come hard, and release a torrent of cream all over Kathryn’s mouth as I felt her do the same to me. I began humping her face, uncaring of anything in the world except coming, coming, coming.
The cries turned to screams. I shoved four fingers into her gaping slit as far as they would go, at the same time taking her clit between my lips and beginning to suck. Her legs still wrapped around me, she pushed up and down noisily, looking for relief. Finally it came. Her body trembled, she let out a fantastic cry of joy and I felt her cunt muscles throbbing around my fingers as my face was flooded with her salty fluids and the room filled with her screams.
Still unsatisfied, I continued to fuck her face, her tongue probed my hungry hole and my clit looked for relief against her chin. Finally, and without any warning, she shoved one finger into my puckered asshole. This sent me screaming over the edge into orgasm. My pussy gushed, my body shook and Kathryn’s face took the brunt of my lust. We lustily lapped at each others pussies until it hurt and we could no longer endure it.
After getting dressed, Kathryn gave me the key to her flat and asked me to meet her there so we could continue our escapade. I readily agreed, and half an hour later, found myself in a strange woman’s bedroom lighting candles and undressing. She had said she would be home at approximately ten-thirty, and so, when the time came, I shed the robe I had borrowed from her, and sprawled out on her bed. I lay completely naked on my side, one leg bent, my head resting on my arm.
Kathryn stepped inside, and smiled. She shed her blouse and skirt once again and approached the bed, still wearing the stockings, but having ditched the black knickers. In her naked glory, she crossed the room slowly, taking off her earrings.
“You should know,” she said, “that I’ve invited a friend to join us.”
I was feeling so fucking horny, I didn’t care what the circumstances entailed. I just cooed with lust and agreed.
“But she’s going to be late, so we’ll have to make do without her for a bit,” Kathryn said, reaching into the top drawer of her dresser. She pulled out a foot-long, 2-inch thick, rounded-off white instrument and showed it to me. She flipped a switch and it began to buzz. “Do you think we can do that?”
In lieu of answering, I shifted to my back and spread my legs. I used my fingers to open my pussy lips for her, and she came toward me with the monster dildo. She climbed up on the bed and on top of me. Our tongues danced with each other, out in the open, swirling round and round. She moved down and began licking one of my tits. She slipped the vibrating toy into my wet opening, sending my body into a pre-orgasmic frenzy. As her mouth moved down, her hand was hard at work pumping the thing slowly in and out of me.
She whirled her tongue around my navel, licked her way down my abdomen until she reached my engorged pussy lips. She began shoving the fake dick in and out faster and harder as she tongued my clit. As I felt myself approaching orgasm again, I spread my legs, bent at the knees, as wide as they would go and grabbed my own tits. I pinched my nipples until I felt pain, and began to moan as the dildo pistoned my cunt. I pushed my hips up, looking for release.
I began to shout as the feelings grew more intense. “Do it! Oh, God, do it, Kathryn! Shove it in there! Fuck my cunt with that thing, baby, do it faster! Harder!” I begged her to do me as hard as she could and lick my clit as fast as her tongue would let her. Finally, after several minutes of dirty, slutty outbursts from me, I came in a gush. I screamed out, announcing my orgasm to my new friend, and held onto the headboard as the entire bed shook. It felt like hours that I was in the throes of a mind-blowing climax and finally, it subsided. I twitched as the vibrator continued to stimulate me, and it was too intense. She switched it off.
Again, Kathryn’s tongue found mine, and I could taste and smell my own juices on and around her mouth. I wanted to repay Kathryn with the same kind of intense pleasure she had shown me. She knew what she wanted and did not hesitate to show me.
She got up on her hands and knees as though she wanted to get fucked doggy-style. She looked back at me and smiled. She whispered, “Do it to me.”
I slipped the instrument into her sloppy pussy, and as she had done to me, I began with slow strokes. I stroked her bottom-cheeks and kissed them.
“Talk to me, Lucy,” she said. “I loved it before when you were talking dirty.”
Nervously, I began, “Mmm, your cunt is nice and wet, isn’t it? Can you feel it in there? You like that big thing fucking you, baby?”
She answered each with a moan of “mmm-hmmm.”
I reached around to the front and began to diddle her clit as I increased the pace on the dildo. “Your clit is so hard. You like it when I play with it? Want me to make you come with my finger?”
“Yeah baby, keep stroking my clit,” she begged. “Fuck my cunt and stroke my clit.”
I heard a noise behind me. A woman’s voice said, “My my, girls, aren’t we insatiable tonight?”
I stopped fucking Kathryn with the dildo momentarily to look at the red-haired woman now looming in the doorway. Tall and lithe, she wore a skin-tight red tee-shirt and a low-slung pair of khaki-coloured trousers that showed her stomach muscles. Kathryn begged me not to stop, and so I resumed.
The redhead said, “I have got to get in on this!” and quickly chucked her clothing and lay down on the bed in front of Kathryn with her legs spread, and up in the air. Kathryn wasted no time diving into the redhead’s shaven pussy. She lapped like a dog at her bowl, and immediately, the redhead began to moan.
I followed suit and dipped my head down to probe Kathryn’s asshole with my tongue. I gave everything I had to fucking her cunt then stuck my tongue into her tight back-door. Her hand flew to her crotch and she shamelessly heaved in orgasm as she humped her own hand for relief. This was all too much for the redhead, who seemed to cry out that she was coming at exactly the same moment.
Kathryn announced that she was out for a bit, that she had been fucked-out for the time being, and left me and our third friend to fend for ourselves.
The redhead introduced herself as Pamela. I introduced myself, and we gave each other a “hello” kiss.
Standing on our knees, we began to explore each other. We French kissed as though we had been starved of kisses for years. We sucked each others’ mouths ravenously and her hands squeezed my ample tits while mine found the wet warm folds between her legs.
We fell down on the bed and continued in our quest to know each others’ body. As our lust grew and our bodies twisted round, I found myself, for the second time that night, in the sixty-nine position with a woman. This time I was on my back and Pamela was straddling me. She pulled my legs up to bend at the knee as she unabashedly fed me her own eager pussy.
She ate my cunt expertly, moving her head quickly from side to side to provide maximum friction. I, in turn, vibrated my tongue on her clit and listened to her squeal. I looked to the side to find Katherine sitting in an armchair with her legs spread, watching me and Pamela fuck each others
‘ faces, rubbing her own clit with one hand and ramming
the vibrator in and out of her gaping wet hole with the other. I guessed she hadn’t been fucked-out after all!
Just as I had done earlier, Pamela reached the point where she was in such a paroxysm of lust, that she could no longer contain herself from humping my face. I tried to keep up with licking her pussy, but she was too far gone to care. Within 30 seconds, she was crying out and coming in my mouth, and my own climax was upon me. My pussy convulsed and my juices rolled out onto the bedspread just as I heard Kathryn say “Oh my God, I’m fucking coming again!” then stiffen as her body released the built-up tension.
Pamela rolled off me and the two of us just lay until we fell asleep.
When I awoke, Pamela was still sleeping beside me, naked and gorgeous, satiated and happy, but I could hear Kathryn in the kitchen. I put on my clothes and wandered in there to say goodbye.
“Thanks for a wonderful experience,” I said.
“You’re very welcome. I had hoped you would enjoy yourself.”
“I certainly did,” I assured her.
“You and Pamela? Do you do this sort of thing often?
“And a couple of other girls sometimes. Just takes the edge off. Some groups of friends get together to drink and bitch about men. We prefer to get drunk on sex and take out our aggression in that way.”
“Very healthy,” I conceded, then thanked her again.
We wrapped around each other in a juicy kiss goodnight, and I left her flat forever.
Kathryn and I still see each other sometimes in the library, and we always smile at each other knowingly, but we have never gotten together again for a fuck-fest. I have seen Pamela two or three times in passing, and we too, wink at each other and smile, but never have we said a word about our beautiful experience.

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