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I lie you naked face down on a bed with a blindfold so that you the appreciate the touch sensation more than the look.

I put a little of oil on your back and massage your shoulders trying to relieve you of the tension that you have as yet again you are being disrespectful to your husband.

Both my hands move down the front of your neck, you lift yourself up hoping that my hands will continue towards your tits but instead, they go along your arms massaging your biceps

My hands then massage the small of your back again you tense up hoping they will continue southwards. Instead I go back to massaging your upper back.

Again my hands go down the front of your neck, again you lift yourself up hoping that my hands will continue towards your tits, but this time they go down your sides to your waist.
You lift your hips off the bed to allow me access to your nether region. I ignore this and get more oil. I accidentally spill a good quantity just above your ass cheeks. I watch it ooze between your cheeks to your bum hole. I use the oil to massage your cheeks.

I then massage your thighs going slightly inside, you open your legs further so I can access your now dripping wet cunt, instead my hands run down your left leg slowly massaging every part.

I rub oil into your feet and massage these as well as your lower right leg. Then both hands move up both of your corresponding legs until I get to your arse cheeks.

My fingers massage your arse checks whilst my thumbs open and close your pussy lips.

I then go back to massaging your upper back sitting on top of you so you could fell my hard cock in the small of your back.
Both hands move down the front of your neck, you lift yourself up hoping that my hands will continue towards your tits. This time they do. I grope your tits with my oiled hands making them slippy. I do small circles round your nipples before squeezing your harden nipples between each thumb and finger.

You plead with me to fuck your dripping cunt. I place something hard into your pussy and take a photo of a banana stuffed up your cunt. I then get your smooth vibrator and push it into your now very oiled shit hole. I take a photo of these two objects sticking out of you. As I don’t want to force the vibrator too far in I get your left hand and get you to push the vibrator in and out of your arse. This I video. Whilst you are doing this I move up the bed remove your blind fold and let you suck my now very hard cock. This I also video, letting the camera scan down your body to where you are still fucking your arse.

You have now had enough of the massage. You pull the banana out and climb on top of my cock facing my feet. As you ride my cock I sit up and feel your tits again pulling at your nipples. I then use you vibrator as a dildo and continue to fuck your arse. All of this playing with your holes is driving you mad but you want to see my face. You get up off my cock and turn round to look at me. Then rather than ride my cock in your pussy you place it at the entrance to your bum and slowly lower yourself once you are happy that your, now well slipply, shit hole and my socking cock are ready, you ride. This tight hole is fantastic for my cock, but I realise it is not going to last long. So with one of my free hands I fuck your pussy with three fingers whilst the other hand rubs your clit.

With in moments you cum hard this tightens your arse muscles and makes me cum you carry on riding for a couple of strokes your bum sucking all the cum out of my balls.

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