Mystery Woman

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You wake up to find yourself alone naked in a forest with your hands behind your back and short length of rope binding your ankles together. It’s the late evening and it’s light enough for you to see but still a little dark. You stand up and look around there’s nothing but trees and bushes around. The rope on your ankles allows you to take small steps. You hear someone far behind you moving quickly towards you. You start to take small quick steps in your vain attempt to get away, you look over your should and you see the figure of a person running towards you. As move as fast as you can to get away you keep looking back and you can see the person getting closer and closer and you know they are going to catch you. Before you know this person I right behind you and in your panic you trip and fall. You roll over onto your back and look up to see a woman who looks no older than 20 standing in front of you. She has long dark hair, blue eyes and full lips. She has slim build with long smooth legs; nice perfectly rounded breasts without them being too large and a shaven pussy. You can’t help but stare at her body. She moves towards you, you try to scream but you can’t. You see she’s holding something. As she moves towards you, you instinctively shut your legs, she crouches down and places her hands on your knees and pulls your legs apart and she then slides her hands down the insides of both your legs keeping them open and moves her body in between them. As you lie there naked you feel completely open and exposed. You struggle and try to get away but find it hard to move with your hands and legs bound. The woman picks up the object she was holding before and you see it’s a long slender pink object. You can’t help but feel a little turned on. She moves the object in between your legs and slowly slides it in to you. You gasp as it enters you and you struggle against it. She starts to slowly move it in and out of you. You lie there wiggling around trying to get free but you can’t help but think how good it feels. Then you hear something click and the toy begins to vibrate gently in you. Your breathing becomes heavier and you stop struggling and decide to just lie back and enjoy it. You look at the woman and she smiles at you and turns the vibration up a setting and with this you take a very deep breath. She begins to work the toy in and out of you faster than before. You start to move your hips pushing back against her trying to get as much of the toy as you can. You hear another click and the vibration becomes much more intense and you start to moan softly. She starts to move the toy in and out of you as fast as she can. You start to really grind your hips round in rhythm with her sliding the toy in and out of you. Your body feels like it is going to explode with pleasure and you start to lift your hips up and you moan louder. You keep bucking your hips up and down each time they get higher and the amount of pleasure increases. It’s not long before your back arches and your body convulses in a leg shattering orgasm and you cry out with pleasure. You back collapses and the woman slides the toy out of you and unties your hands and legs before she gets up and walks away. She leaves you lying there naked, abused and panting for air but feeling very satisfied.

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