She Loves Her Wittle Wabbit

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Suzanne had a fetish for having fun alone. At the aerobics session, she’d been paired with the man she’d dreamed of scoring for nearly a year. The sweat, his rippling muscles, the music, smiles, dancing, phone number exchange, and brief conversation all added up to a soaking wet pussy.

She’d blushed as he stared at her rock hard nipples that were pushing at her tight shirt. He gave her a coy smile, pretending as though he wasn’t affected, even though she noticed the bulge in his pants had grown a little.

“I’m exhausted,” she said as she waved and walked away from him. “I have a long day at the office tomorrow,” she lied.

The fact was, she’d received her little box in the mail in the afternoon, and no man, no matter how charming or attractive, was going to get between her and her soon to be new best friend. He was a little purple rabbit made of soft material and sporting a little dong.

The minute she walked through her door, she was pulling off her shirt and leotard. She stepped into her shower and let the hot jets of water warm and caress her back, neck and shoulders. She rubbed her hands, filled with the scented lather of soap over her breasts, lightly massaging her nipples.

Straight from the shower it was on to the bed, where her little friend was waiting on the sheets, prewashed before she’d left for class, and a bottle of lube next to him. She lay back, taking a moment to rub the lube all over her pussy, and a dab on each nipple which each rose after the stimulation of the lube and cool air of her bedroom.

The final step was started when she leaned forward and took the straps from her new friend and slid one over each leg, easing him up until his small dong brushed against her pussy. She slid him in, pushed the button to start him and then adjusted his ears to buzz her clitoris.

“Oh, man,” she gasped. The fun was just beginning as she felt the tingling travelling through her body.


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