The Real Swingers

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Kylie could feel the weight of her hips pressing against the padded strap. Her feet were in the stirrups with her ankles cuffed to the suspension straps. Her wrists were tied off above her in the hand rings. Her pussy was Brad’s, and even if she wanted to stop, which she didn’t, she couldn’t.

Brad knelt between her legs as she hung from the swing. His first gentle probe with his tongue drove her wild with anticipation. She could feel his tongue darting along the lips of her pussy, flicking at her clitoris.

“Oh God, don’t stop,” she gasped.

Brad let out a short laugh and went back to work on her clitoris. His tongue worked in small circles right on the tip and as she began to tense up, he’d tease her by nudging into her pussy with it. Finally she screamed with delight as an orgasm surged through her.

In one motion he was on his feet and into her with his cock before she could catch her breath. He lightly gripped her breasts to stabilize the swing and fucked her in long, deliberate strokes. She came again almost immediately.

“You liking that, baby?” he asked.

“Yes,” she whispered, barely able to breathe.

He kept stroking his cock into her until she was quivering with anticipation of another orgasm. She could see his face growing tense, his muscles rippling as he enjoyed his own pleasure. Within a moment, they were both…

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