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The warm shower water slithered it’s way down my body, over my firm breasts, hard nipples, tight abs, and between my creamy, pink thighs. The heat made me quiver at first before making me ache to touch myself. After lathering my hands with the lilac scented shower gel, I let my slippery fingers run down my body languishing against the soft mounds of my breasts. As I squeezed each one, the nipples grew hard and ached for more. I pinched each nipple and massaged each of the large breasts, then brought one up to my lips and nibbled. Moments later, my right hand slid down and my leg spread slightly. I wanted, even needed to touch the sweet, pink bulb inside. My mound was slippery and wet and fun to play with. I slipped my finger inside the lips to my aching clit. It was hard already as I began to circle around it. My other hand continued to massage my breasts and pinch and pull my nipples. As I grew more excited, I sat on the side of the tub under the flowing water. I spread my quivering thighs open, and let the water run over my clit.
I looked down to watch my hand squeeze my pussy before dipping my finger deep inside myself. My hips moved slightly up and down meeting my disappearing fingers as I engaged more of them in the slippery fun. I loved watching me play with myself. It excited me all the more. My fingers came back into view and with my left hand
I opened the lips so I could see myself circle and wiggle my clit until I neared orgasm, then stopped and squeezed the mound. I didn’t want to cum yet. It felt too good to want to stop.
When I thought I could continue to play again without cumming too fast, I looked on the side of the tub where my little toy sat waiting to be used. I made it myself. It was an electric toothbrush that had great speed. I wrapped the end in a small nubby condom. The vibration of the toothbrush and the nubby part of the condom drove my clit insane. I picked up the toy and leaned back a little, spreading my legs as wide as I could, and then took the vibrating toothbrush and ran it over the lips of my pussy just to tease myself. I shook all over and moaned uncontrollably. It made me so horny that I knew I could have cum in only a few seconds, but I wanted to continue to hold off, so I could enjoy my favorite little pleasure toy. After spreading the lips of my pussy, I let the vibration run around my clit, dip inside me a ittle, then back around my clit.
A deep groan came from within my throat, and then I nearly yelled as the vibration made me shake wildly. I wanted to cum right away and yet, I wanted the sensation to last. Without thinking, I slipped it up inside my pussy as far as I could get it to go and moved it around in me, in circles, from side to side, in and out, anything I could think of to do with it. For a moment I jammed it hard into me and screamed in ecstasy. I could hear how wet I was even over the warm water that still ran over me.

“I need to cum,” I said. I took the vibrator out of myself and let it rest on my clit as hard as I could. My entire body shook like I was convulsing. “Cum!” And I obeyed myself. The wetness of my pussy flowed freely from inside me. I could feel the warmth of it running down to my ass. I set the homemade vibrator down and used my fingers to play in the wetness. It felt so good to rub it over my clit and down around my ass. And then I dipped my fingers deeply inside myself and brought the wetness up to my nipples and coated them before bringing one of the nipples to my lips and tasting it. I was so excited that I hardly ever wanted it to stop, and yet, the quivering eventually subsided and my clit went back to normal.
“Wow!” I moaned. I finished my shower and naked I went into my bedroom. Still horny, I sat on the side of the bed, spread my legs wide, grabbed my smooth, plastic vibrator from the side door, turned it on and slid it into my still wet pussy. Staring between my legs, I rammed the virbator in and out of myslef like I was being wildly fucked. My hips swung up and down to meet it. “More, I need more.” After a few more thrusts, I brought it out of myself to my clit and rested it right on the most excited part of myself. “Cum. Oh, please, cum again.” I needed it again more than ever. Once just wasn’t enough that day. In only a second, I started to wildly shake as my orgasm took over my mind and body. As I came back to reality, I slid the vibrator inside me and slowly moved it in and out just to bring myself back down.
At that point, I was so happy for my toys. I loved sex toys. They were more fun with someone else, but when I didn’t have another person to please me, at least I had my toys. With fifteen toys in my arsenal, I was never without a change of pace. It was almost an addiction for me. My partners loved my toys and loved to use them on me. They even loved watching me use them on myself.
Once I stopped shaking, I got dressed, went downstairs, and jumped on the Internet to see what was going on. I checked my e-mail, Facebook, bills, and then I went to look on my favorite sex toy site to see what they had that was new. To my joy, they now had HERC! A giant-sized dildo that looked like it would be extremely fun and exciting to cram deep inside myself. I wondered how much of it would fit into me, but I knew no matter what, it would sure be fun to try it. I clicked on the “add to cart” button, and then finished the order. I couldn’t wait until it arrived at my house. Before getting out of the site, I saw a page that caught my eye.
“Sell fun toys to your friends. Make extra money while pleasing others.” I continued to read and found out that I could sell these awesome, thrilling toys and make a little money while I did it. I thought about it, and I knew that I could make my marketing skills work for me. There had to be a way to make some big money selling something that I was addicted to. So I signed up to sell toys for the company, and put my marketing mind to work.
For my first party, I advertised to only friends and threw one of those stupid parties where people come to look at your items, buy a few and leave. I only sold three. It wasn’t until my parties became a little more wild that I sold a lot more.

My first thought was who would want to buy my toys. Everyone loves sex. Everyone has a potential to love my toys. So my second thought was what could I do to get them to buy from me? Then it dawned on me. Let them try them, there at the party, they would be able to try out the merchandise before they buy it.
My first wild party was actually all women. I advertised sexual demonstration of the toys. Twenty women showed up ready to try them out on themselves, me, and each other. I didn’t know how it would turn out, but I was willing to do a lot to make my business work.
I came to the party dressed in a bikini. I figured if I had to try out toys it would be the quickest way to undress. I laid out all the toys from giant dildos to edible panties. Once everyone quieted down I began to explain each one and turn them on
“Wow, I’d love to try that thing out,” she said, pointing to a very large dildo called, ‘Herc.’ “If I like it, I will buy it.”
It was one of my most expensive toys. I took the dildo and walked over to her, and the rest of the women cheered.
“Show us how it’s done,” one lady said.
I put some lube on the toy and set it down while I slid off her panties and spread her legs. At first I licked one of my fingers and put it between her soft pink thighs. I wanted to make sure she was good and wet for Herc. She watched me, but I received no rejections. She moaned as I played with her clit for a moment. The other women either watched contently or cheered us on. I stuck two fingers well up inside her to find that she was already soaked.
Herc was next to meet her sweet, little pussy. She spread her legs wide for me. I started out slow and only entered her a little at a time.
“Shove it in her,” someone said. “Make her take it all.”
She thrust her hips forward to take in more and then one of the other women joined me by playing with her breasts and pinching her nipple. She told my guinee pig, “Fuck the huge cock,” and the woman seemed only happy to do so. I shoved it into her as deep as I could. She moaned loudly and welcomed it. It was only a few thrusts into her wet canal, and she was cumming.
“I will take it,” she said, trembling wildly with Herc still in her.
“Can I try this one?” Some lady named Sue asked. It was a smooth plastic vibrator shaped like a cock without the detail.
“Absolutely,” I told her. Would you like me to show you a fun way to use it?”
“Yes, please,” she said, tearing off her clothes. She laid back and spread her legs and the other women watched. Sue had a sweet, pink, shaven pussy and the lips were already swollen with excitement.
“I’m going to turn this one on so it vibrates and bring it to your excited little clit like this,” I said. I circled her clit for a second as she squirmed with joy.
“Oh, my, more,” she moaned. I moved it slightly into the wet hole to make the vibrator wet, so I could slip it deep into her pussy then back out. I thrust it into her several times, before bringing it out to hold it against her clit. I knew it would only take a moment for her to cum.
“Make her cum hard,” a woman named Jan said, and I did. Sue yelled in orgasm as I reached up and pinched her nipple while she shook.
I looked over and the first woman was using Herc on the lady that helped me make her cum, and she was really enjoying it.
“Dana, I see you eying that smooth vibrator Sue had, but try this one. It not only excites your clit, but tingles your ass at the same time,” I told her.
“I’ll help her with that,” Robin said, and came over to her, got her up on her hands and knees, and started to work on her. I watched for a moment to see Robin rubbing the woman’s soft, excited mound, slapping her slightly, then moving her hand over her open pussy to play contently with her. I could see the glow of her wetness before Robin took the vibrator to thrust it into her, the little end at her ass. The woman being worked on played with her breasts, threw her head back and moaned loudly.
As the women with the toys enjoyed themselves, it became a feeding frenzy with the others. All the women picked their favorite toys and either used them on themselves or each other. It was such a great site. Each of the women moved the toys in and out of their pussies or over their clits. Moans and even yells came from all of them before the party was over. At the end of the night, I sold hundreds of dollars of toys. It was the most successful and exciting night I had ever had.
My next party I decided to invite couples. Once at the party they all stripped down to nothing but a smile. Each couple picked a toy or two or even three that they wanted to try out before buying. Some had cock rings and others had edible panties. They wanted me to get the party started.
I took off my bikini and got into my sex swing. I was laying back slightly in it with my legs spread wide.
I told Jake that he could use any of the toys on me that would excite him. He picked a vibrator with a rotating head. “How about this one? I bet I can make you cum with this baby.”
“Try to only drive me crazy, not cum,” I said. “Give more people a chance. His partner came over to me and pinched my nipples and put on nipple clamps. I didn’t think I would like them, but they were exciting. Jake turned on the vibrator, and at first moved it over my clit and in the hole for a moment than back over my clit. “Put it in me.”
Jake did just that letting the vibrations and rotation drive me to almost orgasm. Then stopped and pulled it out of me. I was sad until I saw what was next for me. The other couples watched contently. I saw that all the men were very erect with excitement.
John took some lickable lotion that gets warm on contact and put it on my clit. He kneeled between my legs and rubbed it around at first. The warmth really excited me. Then he used his tongue and started licking my pussy and teased my clit. I wanted to cum so bad I ached, but just as I started to shake, he stopped.
All of a sudden everyone started getting toys off the table that they wanted to try. It was the same feeding frenzy that I had seen at the other party. I looked at the ten people at the party and they were now pleasuring each other with toys. Some couples were in their own world and some watched others.
Judy, John’s partner came over to me with a little machine called the magic tongue and John grabbed one of the bigger dildos. John smiled as he shoved the dildo into my pussy. In and out it went into me while the swing moved to help thrust it. Then Judy held the swing so she could put the tongue on my clit. Within a few seconds I was screaming in orgasm. Then Judy and John left me to please each other.
Again the party sold a lot of toys, and everyone went home very satisfied.
Friday came and I threw another party. This time I wanted to teach the men of the couples to please their women in a different way. It was vibrator and ice night. I had buckets of ice out and our new smooth plastic vibrators that were about seven inches long and two and a half inches wide. They not only vibrated, they got cold with ice cubes that you put inside them. Plus the movement of the ice going up and down as the vibrator was thrusting in and out was even more of a turn on.
“Can I have a volunteer?” I asked, and David spoke up first.
“Take Janelle. I want to watch you turn her on,” he said. His cock was already hard.
Janelle walked over to me and sat in the convenient swing. David helped spread her legs for me and for everyone to watch. First, I took a piece of ice and moved it over her abs, then up over her firm large breasts and around her really hard nipples. Then I moved it down between her legs and slipped it up into her pussy. She jumped a little, but then she said, “Wow, that’s great.”
“David, lick her pussy,” I said. I must admit that it did really turn me on to see how excited I was able to make people.Their pleasure became my pleasure.
He went between her legs and licked and sucked all of the melting ice from her, as she moaned in pleasure.
I put two pieces of ice into the chilled vibrator, moved David out of the way. He was content in watching. I turned the cold vibrator on and slowly thrust it deep into her pussy. She was so wet that I could hear her sounds of pleasure. David moved the swing so each time it helped the vibrator moved harder and faster into her.
“Make me cum!” She yelled. I knew her clit was twice as hard with the ice in her. I slipped the vibrator out and held it to her clit and she screamed immediately in orgasm. David moved between her legs and stuck his hard cock in her. She shook in what looked like a continual orgasm until he thrust hard and came in her.
At that point the rest of the couples started to use the ice on their partners teasing them before using the cold vibrators in their pussies to make them cum. As I watched the toy party, I took a vibrator and sat on the couch to satisfy myself. I was so horny at that point that I ached to cum. One after another the women came before their men fucked them to another orgasm.
Needless to say all of my cold vibrators sold that night. I had finally found my niche in the marketing world, not to mention some exciting times and great toys. No one was ever dissatisfied at my toy parties, including me.

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