Cheating Girlfriend

It was so hot and humid that summer afternoon that the sweat would just pour from one’s body if you weren’t in the pool. My girlfriend Lindsay and I had been in the routine of going to the pool every day after our summer classes were over for the day. We’d always take a couple of beers, but on this particular afternoon, we had taken a full case of beer.

We arrived at the pool around 4:30 in the afternoon. My girlfriend was looking even more sexy than usual that afternoon for some reason. I found myself getting horny on the short walk from my apartment to the pool. She wore a white tank top t-shirt that was frayed on the bottom where she had cut and ripped to show about an inch of middrift over her bikini bathing suit. She wore a “beachy” kind of skirt made of thin material. As we arrived at the pool, we picked out two pool chairs to lay on and put our cooler between them.

I caught myself drooling as she smiled at me and took off her tank top and undid her skirt to reveal her sexy bikini, filled out perfectly by her large breasts and soft, sexy tanned skin. We both cracked open a beer after we jumped in. After about an hour of splashing around and drinking, I was feeling pretty drunk, and she was acting it.

We climbed out of the pool and took our places on our chairs to lay out in the sun for awhile before the sun went down. I looked at Lindsay next to me, her brown hair wet and her nipples were protruding from her perfect breasts. I guessed she was horny. “You want to go back inside and fuck or something? You look horny.”

“It’s okay, I’m fine, I want to enjoy the weather. Maybe we’ll fix it later.” The story of the summer. Maybe later. Maybe it was just me.

I must have fallen asleep because about 30 minutes later I woke up to her telling someone “Ok, see you soon” real secretively on her cell phone and hanging up.

“Who was that?” I asked curiously.

“Oh it was no one,” she replied.

“No, who was that, that was weird?” I persisted.

“Jeff it was just a friend from class, no big deal.” I could tell she was drunk as she fumbled with the phone and it cluttered the ground. I think she had continued drinking since I had fallen asleep. I decided not to pursue it anymore and just to crack another beer instead. I drank a few more beers.

I must have passed out because the next time I woke up, it was barely light outside and there was a guy standing over me – a really strong guy. He started to grab for my arms, so I jumped up, startled. I noticed he held a pair of handcuffs. “What the hell man?? What are you doing??”

“Fucking your girlfriend, just like I have been all summer.” Confused, I turned around to find a serious face on Lindsay, and at that point, the guy grabbed me and wrestled me to the ground. I knew that I stood no chance against this guy. He was about six feet tall, and his arms were bigger than my thighs. His chest was bulging and sported a six-pack – the guy was plain ripped. I had no chance to fight him. He grabbed my arms and pulled my arms behind my back. He slammed me against the chain linked fence surrounding the pool and handcuffed my arms behind my back to a pole.

I surmised that this was her friend from class whom she had been suspiciously “working on a project with” for 3 months, sometimes pulling an “all-nighter” studying for “tests” the next day. No wonder our sex life had steadily sucked more and more since the beginning of the summer. At that moment, I was drunk, angry as hell, hot and sticky as hell, and in a little pain from the struggle all at once. I couldn’t speak as I waited for what was going to happen. It was so hot and humid and I struggled to wipe the sweat from falling in my eyes so I could see.

He walked over to Lindsay and put his arms on her shoulders. He used a finger to brush away some hair on her face and began kissing her passionately. She put her arms around him and before I knew it, a shirt and a bikini top decorated the ground. They continued to kiss and he groped her bare breasts. I watched as she had stopped kissing his lips and was now kissing her way down his rock hard chest. Their bodies glistened in the heat and humidity. She licked her way down the bottom half of his stone chest as she pulled down his shorts with her hands.

That’s when I figured out why our sex life had gone to virtually 0. His cock was huge, and as she took it into her hands, she glanced at me with a devilish look. Our eyes locked for a half second and her eyes told me the whole story, as she turned back and swallowed his cock whole. He groaned and put his hand on her head, “That’s it baby, oh damn you give the best head ever.” She fondled his nutsack with one hand while holding his meat with the other, which had to have been at least eight, possibly nine inches, and very nearly double my girth. I hated him with everything in me. Not only for having a huge cock, fucking my girlfriend all summer, and fucking her now in front of me, but for getting from her what I could not all summer – awesome sex and even more incredible head.

Her lips sealed around his shaft, and her head bobbed up and down as she tried to take all of him in her mouth. She sucked and sucked and sucked with her mouth and teased his cock with her tongue. Her nipples were rock hard. After she had been sucking his cock for about 15 minutes, I could tell she was ready to wrap this thing up. She went for her signature knockout move – she pulled her mouth off his cock and began jerking him off. His cock was so lubed with her spit now that jerking him off at this point would make him explode – I knew from experience. As he groaned and got up on his tippy-toes, Lindsay put her mouth back on his cock and began sucking like crazy. He shot his load into her mouth and she drank heartily. He was so drained by the experience that he fell to the ground… served the fucking bastard right.

Amazingly, though, he wasn’t down for the count. He crawled to his knees, and pulled Lindsay down to the ground. He laid her down gently on her back, and removed her bikini bottom. She must have been soaking, because the instant his tongue flicked into her pussy, she let out a big groan. “Ohhhhh baby…” He continued to lick and tease her pussy with his tongue. I wondered what the hell he was doing to her, because Lindsay’s outstretched leg blocked my view of his face buried in her crotch. Whatever it was, Lindsay was absolutely loving it, and whatever it was, it was something I had never done. She moaned and groaned extremely loudly and grabbed his head with both hands, pushing it deeper, in between her sprawled legs. I wondered when someone would call the police and this whole thing would be over, but apparently whoever was seeing this besides me was liking it. After a good 10 minutes of this, Lindsay began to curl her toes. Finally, her back arched high off the ground as her orgasm ripped through her body like lightning.

I figured this was finally over even though they hadn’t fucked, but then I discovered reason #24 our sex life sucked. He was hard again. I couldn’t believe it. Only ten minutes after he had the orgasm of his life, he was ready to go again.

Lindsay reached for his niner, and guided it towards her hole. He slowly slid it into her, and as he did, Lindsay came off the ground again, wrapping her arms around him and letting out, “Holy FUCKING SHIT, FUCK MY BRAINS OUT YOU FUCKING COCK!!!” At least I knew it wasn’t love.

But fuck her he did. They must have gone on for an hour and a half, sweating and fucking, and they must have tried at least six positions. I discovered how flexible my girlfriend was, and how freaky. I fucking hated him and I hated her for doing this to me after all this time, but fuck her… Okay, that was taken care of. They fucked and fucked and she must have cummed over 20 times, which I didn’t think was possib
le until today.

When they were done, they were walking out the gate,
when the guy looked down at me. He noticed I had a raging hard-on even before I did. “Baby, I think you should suck his cock one more time. Poor fuck.”

“Why? God I can’t suck his dick after riding that.”

I interrupted, “Get away from me you bitch, I don’t want your slut-ass mouth on my cock.” She clocked me across the face and realized her lover’s reasoning – piss me off as much as possible.

She jerked off my pants while I called her every name in the book. While I was mad as hell, I couldn’t help being rock hard – she was hot as fuck and looked absolutely mesmerizing when she was fucking — I couldn’t help it.

Meanwhile she took my cock into her mouth and I shut up immediately. She proceeded to give me the best head she had ever given and then spit my own cum in my face. She clocked me one more time for calling her all those names. At this point, I was drunk, delirious from the head and the heat, and in almost a twilight zone. “Please fuck me,” I begged her.

“Fuck you,” she replied, and clocked me one more time for good measure. She got up, and her boy said, “That was your doorprize, you small cock.” He picked Lindsay up in his arms. Before walking off with her, he dropped the key to the handcuffs in my lap.

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    One of the worst stories I ever read… come on.. you think that you would let some1 sleep with another person and u dont no it … gawd.. give me a break!

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  2. Author of story

    Is the intelligence level out there really this low? I am so afraid for when this generation becomes adults.

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