Genie In My Bottle Ch. 02

“Giovanni! Wait up!” Marissa called the next day as she ran towards her friend. Gene walked at a slow place behind her.

Giovanni, a tall, lanky and dark curly hair guy turned around. He smiled sweetly at Marissa stopping to wait for her. Gene noticed a pretty petite black girl standing nearby smiling at them.

“Hey Marissa. Look there is Camille, she said she’d wait for me here,” Giovanni said as they entered the student lounge.

“Camille! Look who I found along the way,” Giovanni said loudly in a voice that sounded like he was going through puberty.

Camille waved at her friends and they all found a nice quiet spot outside to drink coffee. Gene listened to them as they chatted about class, family and other miscellaneous things. He noticed Camille’s pretty brown eyes focused on Giovanni. Giovanni however had his sights on Marissa. They laughed and shared a very intelligent conversation over poetry and writing. Camille seemed to be stuck on romantic poetry as so was Giovanni. Marissa had finally finished her essay on Frost’s Poem “Mending Wall.”

The three friends headed off for class and Gene followed silent as a mouse. He couldn’t help but notice Marissa’s mind in a far away place. Dylan. She’s thinking of Dylan.

Marissa smiled to herself abut what happened the previous night with Gene. It had been sexy as hell masturbating with him, but she knew he was not a “real” person. He was this imaginary man in her life and she couldn’t deal getting close to him, otherwise people would really think she’d lost her mind. She’d just have to concentrate on Dylan, the guy she’d been lusting for.

After class, Marissa headed off for the library and Gene walked besides her in silence. He looked as her two friends were walking away and Giovanni kept his big brown eyes on Marissa while Camille noticed with sad eyes.

“Hey you know, I think your friend Giovanni has got the hots for you,” Gene said confidently.

Marissa laughed. “Giovanni? No way. He’s just my friend. Nothing else.”

“Yeah well that may be who you see him as, but he sees you as the object of his desire, love.”

“Whatever Gene.”

“And to top it all off, I think Camille has the hots for Giovanni.”

Marissa stopped and looked around making sure no one was looking at her. “Look, Camille would never be interested in Giovanni. She dated a guy that looked like LL Cool J for crying out loud!”


“Never mind. I’m heading off to creative writing. You wanna come?”

“No. I think I’ll go home now. I’ll let you be free just for this afternoon.”

Marissa shrugged and walked away leaving Gene alone. He cheated though, he didn’t go home. Instead, he went to look for Giovanni and Camille. He wanted to learn more about Marissa’s friends. He sat and listened to their conversation as they drank milkshakes later on that day.

“So do you think if I ask Marissa to be my date at the science awards ceremony she’d say yes?” Giovanni asked Camille.

“Y-yeah I suppose so. Do you think she’d want to go?” Camille answered sarcastically.

“I don’t know. I hope so. I want to get the nerve to tell her how I feel about her, but Camille, she is so blind to see that. Even the little hints I give her. You know what I mean?”

Camille nodded and sighed. “Yup I know exactly what you mean. I know how you feel too.”

“She’s just so hung up on that Dylan bastard, that I don’t even stand a chance.”

Camille reached out to put her hand over his. Comforting him in a friendly way. “Don’t worry hopefully Marissa will soon see what a wonderful person you are.”

Giovanni blushed and moved his hand away leaving Camille feeling more hopeless than ever. Gene wondered how Camille could deal with loving Giovanni and not having him respond back. Or how she could even be friends with the girl that Giovanni admired so much. Camille was a strong and beautiful woman and Gene knew what he had to do.

Back at her apartment, Marissa lay in bed reading up on her history lesson. She heard Gene come in but he seemed very silent. She looked up at him and raised her eyebrows.

“Gene, you weren’t home this afternoon and you weren’t in your bottle. May I ask where you were?”

He grinned deviously. “I was going around the campus practicing my magic on cute girls.’

Marissa sighed. “Gene come on now.”

“Ok I was just checking out your friends Giovanni and Camille. They are really nice people. You’re lucky to have them as friends.”

Marissa agreed. “Yeah I know. But I can’t really talk to them much about Dylan. I can’t talk to them about a lot of things.”

“I’m sure if you open up to them they’ll love to hear what you have to say just as much as I do.”

“Oh Gene your too kind to me.”

He fell next to her on the bed and touched her soft face. “I have a plan for you Marissa. I can get Dylan Fulton to notice you and maybe even fall in love with you.”

She raised herself off the bed and stood up with a huge grin on her pretty face. “Really? Oh Gene you’re the best! Tell me please what your plan is!”

He shook his head. “No way. It’s a secret. You’ll see.”

Marissa pouted. “Oh Gene please!”

He laughed and again refused to tell her. “Just watch. Soon enough you’ll have Dylan crazy for you.”

****The next day Marissa was back in drama class and sure enough Dylan was sitting next to Ashley. Marissa noticed a few guys still looking Ashley up and down after having seen her boobs bust out when her top came down. Gene had attended class with Marissa once again and promised to behave himself.

Gene of course crossed his fingers and wanted to try more of his magic. Mr. Taylor was calling the students up to demonstrate different types of acting skills. He was choosing two students at random and with the help of Gene’s magic he automatically chose Marissa and Dylan.

Marissa felt her heart sink when Mr. Taylor called out her name. She got up feeling her legs wobbly and prayed she wouldn’t trip. She saw the look on Ashley’s face when Mr. Taylor called out her name instead of Ashley’s.

Marissa was already on the stage and felt all eyes on her. She was calm knowing Gene was there to protect her from embarrassing herself. Dylan finally made it up on the stage and just stood around never looking at Marissa.

“Ok now you two are going to do a quick scene that features no words. It sounds easy but it’s very hard to do in the acting world. In this scene you both are upset over a petty argument, but Dylan here is going to just walk up to you and start to dance with you. You’ll have to just pretend you are able to hear music OK?”

They both nodded in agreement and took their places. Marissa stood in the corner looking sad trying hard to pretend she’d had an argument with Dylan. It was tough since she had never spoken one world to him. Gene watched attentively making sure his plan would work.

Dylan walked over to Marissa and almost began to laugh. Mr. Taylor kept a stern face that made Dylan’s smile disappear. Dylan moved on to put his hand on Marissa’s slender arm. Marissa felt her heart racing and she slowly turned around to face him.

He put his arms around her and soon enough they were dancing to their own music in their own minds. For some reason Marissa had Fred Astaire’s “Cheek to Cheek” on her mind. She wondered what song was going through Dylan’s mind. At this point she didn’t care. She loved the way his strong arms felt holding her so close. They looked into each other’s eyes and she felt Dylan press his body closer to hers.

She was in total bliss for those few seconds they shared until she felt something hard touching her leg. He pressed harder on her leg and grunted very low as if he was trying to hide something. She looked down and Dylan had a huge hard on! She yelped and stepped bac
k while Mr. Taylor dropped his planner. The whole class stared and saw Dylan’s huge hard on wanting to almost get out of his pants. Laughter surrounded the room right away and Dylan quic
kly tried to cover his bonner. Marissa saw Ashley look furious and get up practically running out of class.

“Ashley!” Dylan called out running after her with his hand on his crotch covering his excitement.

Marissa looked at Dylan and frowned. Mr. Taylor was speechless and the class was still laughing and staring at Marissa. She panicked and grabbed her things and ran out of class just like Dylan and Ashley had. Gene ran after her finally being able to catch up to her in a quiet little spot near the janitor’s room.

“Marissa! Calm down.” Gene said putting his hands on her shoulders.

“Gene! How could you have done that to me? I’m so embarrassed.”

“Not as embarrassed as Dylan is.”

Marissa pulled away and sobbed softly. “Gene this is no game. I really want Dylan.”

Gene looked confused. “I know you do that’s why I did what I did. See, this way Ashley will know that he got turned on by you and they’ll probably fight tonight and maybe even break up.”

“No. Ashley Thompson will never leave Dylan. They are inseparable.”

“No this is only the beginning Ashley. This will sort of give you and Dylan something to talk about.”

Marissa stopped sobbing and laughed quietly. “I have to admit that is a brilliant idea Gene. Oh god but you really embarrassed me you jerk.”

Gene laughed and held her in his arms. She felt so small and fragile. He felt as if he wanted to protect her for the rest of his life. “I’m sorry. I’ll try to be more gentle next time.”

“Thank you Gene. I really appreciate you doing all this for me.”

“Well you deserve to get anything you want Marissa.”

They held each other for a long time until Marissa finally calmed down. She laughed softly with her head on his chest. He stroked her long brown hair feeling the silkiness of it in his fingers. He only wish he could touch her entire beautiful naked body. He wished she could be with him. That’s going to happen without magic. She must realize on her own how much you love her. Yes you do love her. Gene said to himself.

They both walked back to Marissa’s apartment in silence. Marissa did her homework and Gene was watching the some old 1930’s films that Marissa had. He understood why she loved these black and white movies. These movies portrayed true love. The way men and women ought to fall in love. The kisses were so passionate and the story lines were wonderful. He watched until his eyes felt heavy. Marissa was still sitting in the desk on the corner of the room studying. Gene drifted off into a sleep dreaming of his beautiful mistress.

* * *

Gene woke up the next day hearing nothing but silence. He’d overslept and figured Marissa hadn’t bothered to wake him up. He rolled over and realized he was on Marissa’s bed. Where in the world had she slept? He got up frantically looking for her. He saw the bathroom light on and the door slightly open. He pushed the door open slowly and found Marissa curling her long hair.

“Phew! There you are. I was worried for a minute,” Gene said relieved to find his love.

Marissa scoffed. “Gene no need to worry about me. It’s not like I have any stalkers wanting to kidnap or anything like that.”

Gene smirked. “Oh your cute when you’re trying to be sarcastic Marissa. Where did you sleep last night? I’m sorry I fell asleep on your bed.”

“It’s ok. I crashed on the couch. You looked too peaceful to wake up.”

“Aww you’re a real lady.” Gene said playfully but deep down he meant it.

She wrinkled her nose and stuck her tongue out at him like a seven year old would do. “This hair of mine is not behaving it’s self this morning! Look my curls keep falling apart!” Marissa whined.

Gene did a quick nod and suddenly Marissa’s eyes widen looking in the mirror seeing her dark hair in beautiful curly locks. “Gene! Oh Gene thank you! I love it!” She squealed turning to throw her arms around him.

Gene held her tightly and immediately felt his cock twitch. Damnit Marissa. You get me hard every time!

She admired herself in the mirror delicately touching the beautiful bouncy curls Gene had given her. “You are amazing Gene. Now can you do my makeup too?” She giggled.

Gene nodded and Marissa yelped. “Oh my god! No! This is hooker makeup Gene!” She stared into the mirror looking at the dark blue eye shadow and bright red lips.

Gene laughed. “Ok. OK. I’m sorry. Let me try again.”

Less than a second Marissa was relieved seeing her light natural looking makeup on her face. She wondered if Gene could provide her with a nice outfit to wear today just in case she ran into Dylan.

“Gene? Can you do my wardrobe next? I haven’t got one thing to wear!”

Gene narrowed his eyes at her. “You are having too much fun aren’t you darling?”

Marissa giggled and blushed. “Yes! This is just so cool!”

Gene closed his eyes for a minute thinking what he would like to see Marissa dressed in. He pictured a tight low cut v-neck black sweater and a short suede brown skirt to show off those beautiful sexy legs of hers. A pair of black clogs would finish the look. By the time he opened his eyes he saw Marissa dressed exactly how he’d fantasized.

“Oh Gene! I love this look. But don’t you think the skirt is too short?” She turned around showing him and he almost drooled all over her.

“Nah it’s not too short. You are trying to impress Dylan aren’t you? He’s gonna love you in that skirt.” Probably not as much as I do though Gene added silently.

Marissa rushed out the bathroom and headed off to her class. Gene decided to go along with her once again in hopes that she bump into Dylan so he could get this matchmaking deal started.

After English class Marissa hung out with Giovanni and Camille for a while before her creative writing class. Again, Gene noticed Camille loving Giovanni from afar and Giovanni loving Marissa the same way. Giovanni’s big brown eyes glared at Marissa’s long legs as she kept crossing her legs to get comfortable.

“So… Any luck getting Dylan to notice you?” Camille asked suddenly trying to get Giovanni’s eyes off Marissa’s legs.

“Nah but believe me he’s gonna notice me really soon.”

Giovanni looked up from his chemistry book. “Oh? And how do you know that?”

“I’ve got my secrets.”

Camille laughed looking at Giovanni’s jealous eyes. “Well what can she say? She’s in love.”

Giovanni ignored that comment and continued his reading. Marissa noticed Dylan passing by without Ashley for once. He was busy walking and opening his backpack as if he was desperately trying to find something in there. Gene stared closely and did his famous nod causing Dylan’s whole backpack to fall and letting his books fall out. Marissa knew Gene had done it but she froze. She just sat there looking as Dylan groaned in agony having to pick up his books. Papers were flying around everywhere and his books were spread out all over the ground.

“Get your butt up and help him for crying out loud!” Gene said nudging Marissa’s arm.

“OK!” She blurted.

Camille and Giovanni gave her a bizarre look.

Marissa got up and ran over to Dylan. She bent her knees and trying to gather some of the flying papers. He looked up and his face turned red from what had happened in drama class.

“T-thanks,” he said shyly as Marissa handed him some of his papers.

“You’re welcome,” She responded in a shaky voice. Then she just stood there staring into his soft gray eyes, feeling so mesmerized.

“Are you OK? Look I want to apologize for yesterday in drama. I-I well honestly I don’t know how to explain that but I hope we can put it in the past?”

Marissa felt her face flush. “Y-yes of course!”

He smiled at her and zipped up his backpack. “Well thanks again and I’ll see you in Drama.”

It took a while befor
e he took his eyes off her and then walked away slowly. Marissa took a deep breath and wanted to scream with happiness. Gene watched from afar knowing his magic would soon let Marissa have her dream guy. He only
wished he didn’t have to perform magic and that Dylan could really see what a wonderful person Marissa really was.

Camille knew Giovanni had his eyes glued on Marissa the entire time she was talked to Dylan and helped him gather his papers. She’d been used to dating guy that runaround on their girlfriend, mostly cute jock boys. It wasn’t until last semester when she’d met Giovanni in her environmental science class that she fell in love. He was witty, sweet and super smart. What girl wouldn’t want a guy like him?

Almost every night she’d found herself madly masturbating over Giovanni. His dark brown eyes looking at her naked body turned her on. She’d often imagine looking at his dark curly hair as he stuck his head between her legs licking her up and down.

“Camille? Are you OK?” Giovanni asked as Camille smiled to herself in a dream world of her own.

She quickly snapped out of her sexy thoughts and her eyes widened with an innocent look. “Y-yes. I’m fine. So what were we talking about?”

Giovanni gave her a strange look and continued his talk over his bio paper. The entire time Camille kept going back to her naughty fantasies.

Later on that night back in Marissa’s apartment, Gene was again lost in an old movie she had and smiled to himself as he watched it. It was “Rebel Without A Cause” and he kept admiring Natalie Wood since she had a hint of what Marissa looked like; the same dark brown hair and big brown eyes. Marissa was busy showering and came out with a huge towel wrapped around her head.

“Ooh you look sexy!” Gene said teasing Marissa.

She rolled her eyes and took the towel off letting her dark locks fall just under her shoulders. “Oh Gene did you see the way Dylan was around me today? He seemed so nervous! It was so adorable!”

Gene could see the fascination of Marissa’s pretty face as she brushed her long hair. The slightly opened blue robe kept his eyes focused on Marissa’s chest. He only wished he could disrobe her and make love to her the way she deserves to be made love to.

“Yeah he’s gonna fall for ya Marissa. I mean what guy wouldn’t?”

She just looked up in a daze biting her lower lip and smiling. “Oh Gene, you don’t know how long it’s been that I’ve wanted a boyfriend like Dylan.”

Gene turned off the television and stared puzzled at Marissa. “What do you mean?”

“Well, you know handsome, popular, so strong!”

Gene felt as if he was going to puke. “Ok so he’s good looking and fit and obviously good with the ladies. Now does he have intelligence?”

Marissa looked at Gene as if he were crazy. “Intelligence? Who cares! He’s hot! Girls like me don’t usually get guys like him.”

“So it’s all about just getting a hunky guy eh?”

Marissa chuckled. “Yeah I guess but I know he is probably really smart too.”

“Yeah right. Whatever you say love.”

Marissa kept brushing her long hair and something had caught Gene’s attention. It was a dark pinkish color that was under Marissa’s bed. He bent down to pick it up and pulled out a dildo from under the bed.

“Whoa! What is this?” He asked loudly.

Marissa turned around and had to do a double take. “Hey that’s private! Put it up!” She got up trying to take the dildo away from Gene.

He lifted it up high in the air as she tried to jump and get it. “I didn’t know you were this naughty. Can I see you play with it?”

“No way! Please give it to me.”

“Oh you want it? Ok.” He did his nod and suddenly Marissa was on her bed with her legs spread and the six-inch dildo buried in her pussy. Her robe was opened at the top letting her beautiful breasts pop out. She looked down and her eyes widened. Gene did another nod and the dildo started going back and forth slowly starting to fuck Marissa. Marissa’s little body squirmed viciously and her nipples hardened.

“Gene! Oh god! Stop please!” She moaned.

Gene had a satisfactory smile and stood in front of Marissa watching her get fucked. The dildo was stretching her tiny pussy open and he’d never seen anything more erotic. He made the dildo go faster now making Marissa’s bed shake.

“Ooooh fuck! Stop!” She wailed.

“You really wanna stop?” Gene asked playfully.

“Y-yes! Y-yes,” Marissa said in a trembling voice.

Gene nodded once again making the dildo stop completely. Marissa laid her head back trying to catch her breath and licking her lips. Her moans continued very softly and she opened her eyes and looked at Gene with fury. His cock was hard as a rock watching this brief and sexy encounter, but he feared she was really upset.

Marissa narrowed her eyes at him. “You better make this dildo fuck me right now! I need to cum Gene!” She whined.

“Your wish is my command mistress,” Gene rasped.

He made the dildo start to move fast again inside of Marissa’s tight cunt. Her clit was getting so swollen and slowly creeping out between the folds of her lips. Gene’s mouth was watering thinking of how good she must taste. The aroma of her pussy was already filling the room once again. It was that scent that Gene had first fallen in love with. He loved just standing there watching her get fucked and moan like a little girl.

“Hmmmmggggh! Oooh yes! Make it go faster Gene!” She screamed out.

Gene had to make her wishes come true so he made the dildo go super fast making it jab Marissa’s cunt fiercely. Marissa’s breasts were bouncing all over the place and her legs were shaking. Having this magic performed was so hot. Letting the dildo fuck her felt so much better than when she manually fucked herself.

She could only imagine Dylan’s cock ramming in and out of her pussy fast and having his cum leak inside of it. Her mind was racing with thoughts of Dylan but she opened her eyes and saw Gene rubbing his cock over his black pants. Their eyes met for a moment and Marissa felt as if she was about to cum. The fact that Gene was there looking at her and making her feel so good was a complete turn on. She bit her quivering lip and parted her lips.

“Gene! I’m c-cuming! Oh I’m gonna cum! Faster!”

Gene was speechless and squeezed his cock hard over his pants feeling his cum spurt out in long ropes of lust. “Cum for me Marissa. Oh baby you look so hot!”

“Ahhhooohhhhmmmmm!” She moaned falling back and tossing her head side to side as she oozed her juices out on the plastic toy. Her pussy clenched the toy so hard as she came.

“I’m cumming to Marissa! Oh fuck my cum is seeping out of my cock!”

Marissa and Gene came in unison. They stayed silent until they both could catch their breaths. Gene nodded very weakly letting the dildo fall out of Marissa’s pussy. He looked now at her open hole and couldn’t help but wonder how warm it was and would have love to have it pulsate on his tongue.

“Oh Gene you are too amazing! That was so good! Is it going to feel like that with a real guy?” Marissa asked looking up at him.

He shrugged. “I don’t know. I think a real guy won’t be able to go so fast though. But I’m sure it’ll feel a lot better.’

She smiled and closed her robe covering her breasts. She got up slowly and started to walk funny. Gene laughed softly and she giggled. “Look at me. I can’t even walk right.”

He did look at her and couldn’t take his eyes off her. Her face glowed and her smile never looked more beautiful. He was glad he’d been there to watch her get off and see her pussy open up for a plastic cock. Soon he could only hope it’d be his cock.

to be continued…

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    WOW this ARE AMAZING!!! GREAT!!! iv read your storys scine i been on here starten with jasmen (sp) and her brother the 3 parter, i love you stroys there the best!

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  3. Beginning, redundant. Ending, superb. Punctuation and grammar could be worse (sarcasm). If your intention was to entice the reader, you did a horrible job; I almost stopped reading it. Get to the point quicker next time. Emphasis on “short” stories, not a fuckin’ novel!

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