I have a crush on my brother – Part 3

“I have a crush on my brother” Vol 3.

Kyle twittered his eyelids

open as a blurry image of his

younger sister, Ami, started to


“Hey, I’m sorry I woke you up, I just

wanted to let you know Mom and

Dad will be home soon.” Ami announced.

Kyle arose from bed yawning,

and glared aimlessly at Ami. “Oh.. sure..”

he said in a raspy tone. “Don’t worry about

it..what time is it?”

“Umm..” Ami turned her head and glanced

at the clock on the wall. “Ten minutes until


Kyle stared up at her with a confused face.

“I slept that long? Wow..”

“Yeah, you were out!” Ami smiled. “Why
were you so tired?”

“No idea, just suddenly felt the

urge to take a nap..” as Kyle’s words trailed

off the image of his sister’s revealed body

popped into his mind as if they were

forgotten. He couldn’t believe he had

forgotten. His sister’s perfect teenage body..

right there infront of him revealed..he

couldn’t believe it.. it had to have been a


“Kyle, hellooooo anyone there?”

Ami said as she was waving her hands
infront of his face.

Kyle shook his head “Oh, yeah..

sure..” the images in his mind were clear,

and intimidating. Ami started to make here

way out of his room when Kyle suddenly

spoke out: “Hey wait.” Ami turned around

looked at him and said “Yeah what’s up?”

Kyle scratched his head and

glared at her for a moment and then he let

it out: “Why don’t you wear underwear?”

He wanted to punch himself. He didn’t want

it to come out that way, he couldn’t believe

what he had just said! Ami blushed and

looked at the ground. “W..wh..what? What

do you mean?” she studdered.

Kyle shook his head. “Nevermind,

forget it, Its nothing..” Ami walked over to

him and looked him in the eyes. “No…

its not..tell me please? I want to know.” she

pleaded. Kyle looked back at her and said

“Promise you won’t get mad?” Ami nodded.

“Well.. when you were asleep on the couch,

when I went to sit down I looked over at you

for a second and.. well.. you weren’t wearing

any underwear so I saw right up your night

gown.. that’s why I was curious..I’m sorry..

Ami was really blushing now. “O-

oh..okay..umm” she was nervous. “I dont

know.. it just seemed more comftrable

since I was going to be home all day..I dont

know..I’m sorry I didnt know that would


Kyle smiled and said “It’s okay

really.. sorry I looked its just, you know..

it caught my eye and..” his voice trailed off.

Ami eagerly asked “and what?”

“And well, I guess I liked it..I mean I cant

help myself.” Kyle said, embarrassed.

Ami sat there for a moment, not knowing

how to feel or think. Her lust for her brother

was getting stronger, so unbearable that she

suddenly blurted out: “Kyle its ok, ive been

thinking about you a lot lately…” She blushed

and turned around.

Kyle replied “Really, like how? It’s

okay.. i’ve been thinking about you a lot too.

Well.. you know, since the couch incident.”

She turned back around. “Well,

I mean Ive just been thinking, I’ve been

realizing how well…she paused…how cute

you are.. I’m sorry its just, I dont know..

Kyle responded “Really? Its ok.. dont be

sorry…I think youre well.. pretty too.”

Ami smiled at him. “Thanks , that means

a lot…” she suddenly thought of the dream

she had, and the kiss…the kiss that made

her heart race every time she remembed it..

the kiss she so much longed and hoped for.

“Kyle.. Kiss me.” Ami softly spoke.

Kyle looked up not knowing what to say..

“K-kiss you? What? Why?” he studdered.

“Please.. just kiss me, I need to know some-

thing. Kyle suddenly leaned in towards his

sister, moving in slowly, slowly, and

eventually he pressed his lips against

her’s.. his own sister..and released, giving

her the kiss she had so longed for.

A few moments passed and

they opened their eyes and looked at each

other. Ami said “Matt. I love you..thank

you..” Kyle still not sure of what had just

happened smiled and said “If you ever need

another one, just come find me.” Ami smiled

back and said “Okay sure” she giggled.

“Well.. i’m going to bed.. um, okay ill see

you in the morning” as she was exiting

Kyle’s room, he said “Hey, set your alarm

for 2:00 A.M and please come in here

then, I want to talk with you tonight..

we never sit down and talk.” Ami smiled and

said “I dont know, im pretty tired, but we’ll

see.” She trotted off down the hall twards her

bedroom. So cute, so innocent, and so

passionate, Kyle thought. He was sitting

there dumbfounded by the liplocking him

and his sister had just experienced. Mom

and Dad would be home soon. Kyle got

positioned in his bed again for sleep,

and turned to his side and replayed the

moment of the kiss over and over again

in his head.

“Please come Ami…”

-comments, suggestions, critisizm… all accepted!- Part 4 coming soon!

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  1. scfd31

    nice job keep going

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  2. cntrycritter29

    I enjoy your stories can’t wait until number 4

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  3. FuckMe,FuckYou, lets have a fuck party!

    cum(lol) on! let’s get to the fucking part! i need this kind of shit in my life. but i love it. i wish i had a bro. to fuck!

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  4. crush on my bro p3

    Hope you create a
    4 I can’t wait

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  5. crush on my bro

    you show a lot of potential. You write well. But you have no detail in your stories!!! slow down and take your time, you don’t have to finish them st fast. and get some more action in your stories, one kiss, or one glance at a pussy is not enough. more description and more events! but like i said, you show a lot of potential, I look forward to 4

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  6. Your stories are great

    i love your stories and ihope you continue on the same one but you need to work on the name mistakes if i where to call my guy a different mans name in the middle of hot love making or anything hed ask who the fuck they where (scuze my language)

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