Laura's Summer Job


All through the school year she had waited for the chance to apply for a summer job like this. She couldn’t believe she might actually be hired to work in an art gallery. It was a chance not only to learn about art, but to dress up everyday as well. Such a welcome change from the clothes she wore to school. She loved wearing skirts and heels, nylons and blouses, and of course, the lacey underthings that made her feel so feminine.

Arriving for her interview in a revealing yet tasteful blouse, complemented by a sassy short skirt and heels, Laura felt confident of her budding womanhood. Her legs had developed into two straight, slender pillars, atop of which sat a round, swelling, tight little behind. Her breasts weren’t large, but her nipples, like pencil erasers, jutted out proudly. Maybe mother was right. Maybe she should dress more conservatively. But the job was in a contemporary downtown art gallery, and casual, sassy attire seemed the right approach.

An attractive woman in her late forties greeted her. Dressed in a leather pantsuit, she had a knowing, worldly-wise manner. After filling out the usual paperwork, Laura was led up a narrow flight of stairs to small, windowless but comfortable office, accented by large leather Ottoman. The two women were joined there by a tall and pleasant looking man, perhaps fifty, dressed in slacks and a casual shirt. He was relaxed, tanned, and fit.

Laura sat on the Ottoman, and smiled.

“Laura, we’re the co-owners of the gallery”, said the woman. “I’m Kathy, and this is Steven.”

Laura sensed there was something unusual here. Not your typical job interview.

Kathy continued … “We’d like to be direct with you, Laura. We’re looking for a pretty young girl, like you, to pleasure us sexually while we carry on our work here at the gallery. You’ll be paid $20 an hour, plus bonuses. You won’t have to do much work, as such. Steven and I have strong sexual appetites, and we will use you for our pleasure – sometimes individually, sometimes together. We will treat you with respect and affection – but we will use you sexually. Do you understand?”

To her astonishment, Laura felt her panties suddenly dampen with excitement. She was shocked, excited, nervous – all at once. Words failed her. And then, Steven spoke.

“Laura, the job is yours, if you want it. Of course, we’ll need you to take off your clothes first – and you’ll need to do as we tell you – so that we can determine if you’ll satisfy us. You might call this an audition. Assuming you pass the audition, you’ll have a summer job – and money for school”.

Laura felt her head swimming, her nipples lengthening and growing hard, heat radiating around her hole. Finally, after calling upon all her resources to maintain her composure, she spoke, her voice cracking, “Tell me … what you’d … like me to do”.

Steven, who had been standing all the while, began loosening his belt. Kathy then moved to Laura, kissed her gently on the forehead, and helped her stand. “Come Laura”, Kathy whispered, “I want to introduce you to Steven”.

Kathy rubbed Laura’s shoulders reassuringly as she guided her closer to Steven. Laura stood facing Steven, who held his belt in his hand.

“Feel my belt”, Steven instructed. “Laura, you’ll come to know my belt very well this summer.” Laura was not sure what he was getting at. Steven continued. “Kathy and I will not only use you sexually. We will discipline you with my belt as well.”

Laura listened, wide-eyed, fearful and curious, as Steven continued. “Touch it. Feel the leather. That’s right.”

“We also have bonuses for you Laura,” Kathy added. “Both Steven and I enjoy spanking pretty girls like you, as do some of our patrons. Bonuses will be given for pleasing our important customers, and of course, for pleasing us”. Steven slapped the belt against his own palm. “Laura”, he instructed, “turn around now and take down your skirt.”

Although she could scarcely understand what was happening, Laura found herself giving into events. She did as Steven commanded, turning slowly, bending forward, loosening her blouse from the waistband of her skirt. Undoing her side zipper, she bent forward and wriggled her bottom. Her skirt dropped to her ankles. Laura looked at Kathy. Kathy smiled encouragingly at the young girl, nodding her approval of Laura’s growing obedience. Laura breathed deeply. Then, in one easy motion, she pulled down her panties, exposing her bare backside for Steven’s eyes.

Kathy stepped forward. “Very nice,” she commented, running hand over Laura’s smooth, young, white-as-snow bottom.

“Now, take off your top,” said Kathy. Laura straightened and turned around to face Steven. Unable to look at Steven, she dropped her eyes. Slowly, deliberately, she undid each button until her blouse fell freely to the floor. A lacy pushup bra held her young breasts in place.

Kathy moved behind Laura and removed the bra. Laura’s tender teenage breasts sprang forward, nipples erect. Steven smiled. He examined each nipple individually. Laura realized her breathing was becoming rapid – she was feeling a bit light headed. “Oh my!”, she exclaimed, clad only in thigh-high stockings and heels.

“Now for the audition,” Steven said. He and Kathy smiled at each other. Steven unzipped his trousers.

Kathy took Laura by the hand. She placed her on all fours on the Ottoman, facing Steven’s crotch. Steven’s handed his belt to Kathy. Kathy seated herself at Laura’s side.

“Look up, Laura”, Steven instructed. As Laura did so, Steven dropped his trousers. His cock fell forward, a swollen slab of male-meat, inches from Laura’s face.

“Suck that meat, Laura”, Kathy whispered in her ear. “Show me you know how to please a man”.

Laura opened her jaw to receive Steven’s cock. It was long and slender, quite beautiful, she thought – especially his moist pee-slit. She had little experience with cock sucking, but remembered the words of her best girlfriend. “Don’t think about it”, her friend had said. “That just gets in the way. Let the woman in you take over. We’ve been sucking cock since time began. Let go, taste it, inhale the smell of his balls. In no time, you’ll be cocksucking like a pro.”

Laura proceeded, first lapping at the dickhead with her tongue, then swirling her tongue around the entire knob, then, after a few minutes, bobbing up and down with abandon on his shaft.

Steven stroked her head gently. “What a pretty cunt you are, Laura.” “Yes, a pretty cunt indeed”, added Kathy, who was now prying Laura’s panties to one side, and carefully examining her pink teenage fuckhole.

“How does her hole look?”, Steven asked.
“Like peaches and cream”, Kathy replied with a sigh, dipping her middle finger into Laura’s cunt. “And Steven, wait until you taste this candy!”

By this time, Laura had lost all sense of propriety. With her hole being probed and graded, and a great slab of man-meat pulsing in her mouth, Laura felt the need to entered – in all her holes. Finally, she pulled her mouth off Steven, and spoke. “Steven, fuck me, please fuck me. Make me your cunt”.

Steven and Kathy roared with laughter. “Of course Steven will fuck you”, replied Kathy. “We’ll both fuck you. But first, Steven and I want more of your candy.”

Laura didn’t quite understand. She noticed that Kathy had pulled up a stool. She was wrapping Steven’s belt around her hand.

Steven now grasped both sides of Laura’s head, held her, and began methodically fucking her throat. And then, without warning, Laura felt a sharp, stinging lash across her backside. She was shocked.

“Don’t worry Laura”, Kathy reassured. “You’ll enjoy this too. Open your throat wide for Steven. I’m going to whip your bottom while you take Steven’s meat down your throat”.

The lashes reigned down upon Laura’s backside, leaving bright red stripes in their wake. Tears began rolling down Laura’s face. It hurt – but it felt good too. It felt right.

Kathy n
ow began undressing, slipping a finger between her legs to pleasure her own clit. With one hand she whipped Laura’s bottom. With another she strummed her button. Meanwhile, Steven kept slowly working his meat in and out of Laura’s throat.

“Check her hole again,” Steven said to Kathy. Kathy examined Laura’s cunt. “Yes, it’s flowing now”, replied Kathy. “But let’s see if we can’t get more juice”.

Laura didn’t understand. But it didn’t matter. She felt exhilarated. She felt alive.
“I know what we need”, Kathy announced, striding to a desk across the room. A moment later, Laura felt a sharp pain on each of her nipples. Kathy had clamped a wooden clothespin on each. Her tits swayed to and fro as Steven fucked her throat. In that moment, Laura felt something let go between her legs. Her wetness poured from her hole.

“Now Steven”, Kathy announced, “Laura has a beet-red bottom. You have your dick down her throat. There’s a good supply of candy ready for both of us. Shall we ‘lick the bowl’ together before I fuck her ass?”

Steven nodded. He repositioned himself behind Laura who was still on all fours, perched on the Ottoman. He teased her clit with his tongue, sucking it and nibbling gently. Laura groaned. She pushed her cunt into Steven’s face. Kathy joined Steven in licking Laura’s cunt and ass.

As Kathy coninued licking, Steven removed the clothespins from Laura’s nipples. Combined with being eaten by two mouths, the release of her nipples from their torture pushed Laura over the brink. She came in spasms. As uncontrollable cries escaped her lips, hot twat sap poured onto the tongues lapping her hole.

Steven and Kathy’s tongues met as they dank from Laura like two thirsty hikers drinking from a mountain stream. Steven then moved his mouth to Laura’s mouth, entwining his tongue with hers, letting her enjoy the taste of her own juice.

Laura hungered for more. Steven took the Ottoman, grabbed Laura’s hips, and lowered her onto his shaft in one fluid motion.

Steven let Laura ride his cock. Laura held onto his shoulders, writhing in ecstacy.

After what seemed like an eternity, Steven and Kathy again positioned Laura on all fours. Laura then gasped. She hadn’t noticed that Kathy had undressed, and was now wearing a strap-on cock. Kathy smiled. With an efficiency born of practice, she smeared Laura’s asshole with massage oil, pried the girl’s ass cheeks apart, and placed the head of the strap-on cock against Laura’s puckered little asshole. Slowly, the sweet brown bud opened, and the cock inched its way into Laura’s virgin ass.

At first, Laura found the pain excruciating. She whimpered. Steven nuzzled her head into his shoulder, calling her his cunt, the prettiest little cunt he could imagine, soothing her with promises that she could drink his cum all summer, which, Steven promised, would take away all the hurt.

With Kathy up Laura’s ass and Steven up Laura’s cunt, the threesome found their rhythm, merging into a primal oneness of fucking, groaning, and sweat.

And so they continued for another hour. Later, Laura’s holes were explored and probed for every pleasure. Steven fucked Laura’s ass doggie-style while Laura ate Kathy’s cunt. Laura sat on Steven’s face, facing Kathy, while Kathy rode Steven’s cock and kneaded Laura’s tits.

For a time, Laura was ball-gagged to muffle her screams of pleasure/pain while Kathy and Steven took turns lashing her backside with Steven’s belt, or chewing on her tasty pink tits.

Finally, after Laura had lost all sense of time and place, had come repeatedly, and was nearing exhaustion, it was time for Steven to come.

The pressure had built in Steven’s balls to an unusual intensity. This would be no ordinary squirt. Kathy positioned Laura on the floor, her back against the Ottoman, head back, mouth open. Steven leaned over Laura. Kathy greased her hand lightly with massage oil and took hold of Steven’s cock. She jerked it expertly.

“It’s time Kathy”, Steven announced. Kathy placed one hand behind Laura’s head, lifting it up, providing support. With her other hand, she accelerated the jerking of Steven’s engorged, pulsing, purple dick. Steven began moaning. Kathy moved Laura’s head within inches of the cock.

“Drink Laura, drink”, said Steven. With those words, thick ropes of hot, white, sticky dickjuice shot from Steven’s pee-slit into Laura’s open mouth. “Drink Steven’s milk”, added Kathy, “it’s the best thing you’ll ever drink”.

Laura could scarcely swallow quickly enough to keep up with the emission. Steven continued pumping semen down the young girl’s throat.

Finally, when Steven was spent, the three bodies collapsed. Curling up together, they stroked each other, kissing gently, sharing their special bond.

Finally, Laura found enough composure to ask the question, “Did I pass the audition?”
Kathy and Steven smiled at each other, and then broke into laughter. They answered Laura in unison, “When can you report for work?”


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