River Fun

It was the last day of school. I was a junior, well, upcoming senior. It was going to be the best summer I had ever had. I was determined to make it so. And to kick it all off, hanging out with my boyfriend, Dave, and some friends at the river.
We decided we would all go camping, and drinking, in the wilderness where we were bothering no one and had no one to interrupt us. It was Dave, John (Dave’s best friend), Briana (John’s girlfriend), Clint (John’s step-brother), Frank, Milo, Sean, and John’s dad for the first night.
We all had our share of the “jungle juice” John’s dad concocted for Dave and John’s graduation celebration. It was the usual Jack Daniel’s, Southern Comfort, Jim Bean, and other hard liquor stuff with Hawaiian Punch and fruits. We shared in shots of Butter Shots and Bailey’s. John and Briana ended up missing for a while and Dave and I excused ourselves to his car. The car was close to the crowd but we were too drunk to care. We stripped down and fogged up the windows with some of the most uninhibited sex we had ever had. I didn’t bother to muffle the moans and screams when he filled my tight pussy with his hard cock and fucked me until I could take no more. We rocked the car insanely when I straddled him for our second round, rocking my hips back and forth, up and down with him meeting my strokes with a pumping of his pelvis that drove me insane. My clit grinded against his dick and it added a whole level of extra sensation causing mind-blowing orgasm after orgasm to rip through my body leaving me completely numb after he emptied his load into me.
But that was just night one.
We awoke the next morning groggy and, surprisingly, without hangovers. We grouped together and had breakfast after which, Dave, Frank, Sean, Clint, John’s dad, and I piled into the RV to head into town for more food and essentials. Dave and I took the fold down bed above the driver’s and passenger’s seats and closed the curtain so that we could have our privacy. There wasn’t enough room to have sex so I settled for playing with his beautiful penis. Maybe it’s just me, but just seeing and touching his penis gets me ready to fuck faster than anything else. I unzipped his pants and pulled his hard cock out through his boxers. At first I just ran my fingers lightly up and down the length of it, teasing him. I proceeded to just squeeze the head and slightly jack him off. By that time, he and I both wanted more. I couldn’t resist lowering my head down and teasingly licking up and down his shaft and sweetly kissing the head. I wrapped my lips around the head and flicked my tongue all around it. I tasted the bitter pre-cum and knew I had him going; I was soaked myself. I lowered my head further down on his dick, creating suction to add to the sensation for him. I wrapped a couple fingers around the base of his penis so as to couple the blowing with a jacking off sensation. I pumped his lower penis while sucking, rapidly, up and down on his upper shaft all the while teasing the head with my tongue. After just a couple minutes he unloaded with a great sigh into my mouth. Afterwards, he gave me a kiss and whispered a very hot thank you into my ear which more than satisfied me… for the time being.
That night, after cycling through a lot more booze, we snuck off to his car once more. We reclined the passenger seat when I laid on my back and he mounted me. He ran the head of his cock up and down my already wet slit, teasing me. He pressed it against my clit, driving me wild. I begged for him to fuck me and he said he was waiting for me to ask for just that. He plunged his hard cock into me. I felt his balls slap against my ass. In and out he fucked, faster and harder by the second and I kept moaning and begging for more and more. After a few climaxes of my own he ordered me to flip over. He mounted me again, doggy style. I used the seat for leverage and met each of his strokes with my own. We grinded our sex organs together in a wild frenzy, moaning and screaming without a care in the world outside of getting each other off. I was on the verge of climax when he plunged in, stood motionless and let loose with one of the biggest loads to date, triggering my own orgasm. We collapsed together in a sweaty mass, kissing and hugging. We got ourselves together and went back to the group.
After rejoining the group, Dave remembered a previous party in which I had been kissed by a girl and made-out with her. Well, he took advantage of this and got Briana to kiss me. We kissed, once, softly. Then he talked me into licking her nipple. She undid her top, exposing a perfect set of breast with small nipples. I licked it quickly, still slightly uncomfortable about it.
Our guys decided we should all go down to John’s tent and have some fun. Both Briana and I lost our tops on the way down. Upon reaching the tent, Briana and I both got in and started to kiss, wildly, tired of our guys taking so long. We kissed and kissed and she lowered herself down my body and started to fondle, kiss, and lick on my breasts. It was amazing; being a girl, she knew exactly what felt good to her and she performed it on me. She licked and suckled my breast for a few moments. I said to hell with it and did the same to her. I sucked her nipple into my mouth and flicked it with my tongue. I licked around the areola and back across the nipple. She grabbed my face and kissed me passionately once more before our guys interrupted us. Her and John fucked while Dave went down on me; something I had never let him do before. He started off licking each lip, up and down. He stuck his tongue between my soaked, puffy lips and found my clit almost immediately. He teased and taunted my swollen clit, flicking and brushing it with his tongue and sucking it lightly between his lips. He continued this for a couple minutes bringing me to orgasm after orgasm. I decided he needed to be paid back for the treatment and I got up on my knees and took his cock into fully into my mouth, pumping up and down, time and again, until he shot his sticky load into my mouth. Briana piped up that she wanted to go down to the river and asked if I wanted to go too. I was all for it and John, Briana, Dave, and I made our way, completely naked, down to the river. Briana and I immediately fell to our knees in the shallow water, facing each other. Almost instantly we were making out. Kissing each other time and again. It was your typical outdoor porno scene, two girls making out in the wilderness. As she began to lick and kiss on my breasts again, I felt Dave come up behind me. He began to tease my clit; heightening my overall excitement. Adding in Briana playing with my boobs, her kissing me, and me fondling her, I was rocking home another orgasm in no time.
We were all cold, and tired after this. Dave and I curled up together on the table-turned-bed in the RV, ending our night.

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